Who do we have in our Circles on Google Plus that are on top of the SEO, social media and IT game?

    Here are a few of those whom the Paris911 Team follow on Google Plus.  These folks are exceedingly special due to their ability to remain transparent in a “space” where everyone wants to monetize everybody they can.

    You can see after a while they seem to be in business, real estate and SEO services for the betterment of their fellow man/woman.  When you can find someone like that that is able to make a living from the services they provide – you have struck gold.

    BEST SEO and IT in Google PlusHere are those we love to follow due to their dedication to SEO and Ranking – coupled with Social Media Standards and Strategy’s.

    I love this fella – Al Remetch – he really knows his stuff.  If you are looking for someone to help and guild you – Al Remetch is at the top of his game. Click here for Al Remetch’s Google Plus Page and to circle him.

    This next fellow – is Bill Gassett, you may find out that he is a real estate agent.  However, he is no “ordinary” real estate agent.  He sincerely understands the Social Media path ways to business.  click here for Bill Gassett’s Google Plus Page where he bleeds for his audience.

    More coming soon – Be Safe and thanks for reading…

    BTW – if you want to join with me on Google plus – Click here for Connor’s Google Plus Page and profile…

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