Where do we serve as Full Time Real Estate Consultants

    We get asked a lot via the telephone, text and email. We even get contacted via Twitter and facebook Local real estate agentswith the same question.

    “I want to buy a home in ________, do you work in that city?”

    “I’m thinking of selling my home in _________, can you help me?”

    or “In which areas do you do real estate?”

    We have served some our real estate clients far away from the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Here of some examples of where we have represented Real Estate buyers and sellers in Southern California.

    • San Jose – We sold three listings in the past. LOL – that was quite a drive 🙂
    • Lake Elsinore – We recently represented a buyer who was buying new construction
    • Riverside – We sold a couple’s home, see city below this entry, and represented them when buying in Riverside California
    • Aliso Viejo – This is where we sold the home for the couple that represented as Buyers in Riverside.
    • Ontario – Listed and sold a 3 bedroom town-home here for a client of ours plus represented several buyers over the years
    • Palmdale – Lots of clients – both sides, buyers and sellers
    • Lancaster – Same, a lot of transactions, both buyer and sellers
    • Ventura – Represented several sellers in this city, plus have buyers we take out weekly
    • Oxnard – Same as Ventura
    • Whittier – We have represented sellers and buyers therein
    • San Fernando Valley – Los Angeles – this is a very active area of our Client Consultation services and active seller and buyer representation for Real Estate
    • Santa Clarita Valley Cities – of course this is where we are Headquartered!
    • Don’t see the city you are interested in? This is not by any means a complete list. I wanted to show how far we will go for those who trust our real estate services!

    What ends up happening in most of the cases above, when we are representing sellers, we get calls and leads that are generated. It’s at that time, if the client is a good fit and visa versa, that we represent them with our sellers listing or help them to procure another!

    When we list a seller’s home, we also obtain buyers from our Social Media injection related to the listing we are selling. Our sphere of influence is touched and #HashTag searches reveal to us other interested sellers and buyers!

    Plus we have buyers, who we did not know, referred to us from those who have used our services locally when they see we list and sell homes in other areas than “Santa Clarita Valley” proper.

    As you can see, we get around in a good way 🙂 It’s not easy to represent a client in a city we are not familiar with. We are just honored by their trust and we do the due diligence to we are prepared to cover all of the bases as if we are local, tenured, knowledgeable, and experienced Local Realtors!

    Have we turned down a client who wanted to buy in another Southern California City? Absolutely, I know when I am not the one who can provide the best service due to location and area knowledge.

    However, in most cases, they want me on their side anyway. Even it that means a referral of a Realtor which I’m monitoring as if they worked directly for my Real Estate Team.

    See our Real Estate Buyer Guarantee Here.

    Find out what your home is worth today.

    I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX and I’m proud to be of service to our real estate clients when it comes to their real estate needs.

    As I stated, it is honoring to have those who are far away from the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, wanting to use our team because they have heard our reputation or consider us the best real estate experts that exist!

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