What is your home or any other worth now?

    Dead center home evaluationThis system will generate a preliminary value of your home that you want to know the value of.

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    However, the “superior” ability is when I get my hands on the data and work on the Fair Market Value for the property you had inquired about.

    I run the data for the past 180 days. I then take those results that I had received from the Multiple Listing Service, the Board of Realtors and verified with the Tax Assessors office and compare them.

    Track your Santa Clarita Home’s Value

    I am only looking for apples to apples comparisons of real estate – those which compare with yours closest.

    It is at that time I am going to need further information about your home, condo or townhome. I am going to need what you have done or not done to your residence so I may compare and contrast it with those which have sold.

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    I also do a competition comparison. What homes are currently “active” and for sale within close proximity or within the same “tract”. This comparison is valuable because you will know what homes have your’s beaten and which ones you have beat. We then work on a pricing strategy that benefits you. I also balance a strategy for marketing and advertising that will blow your competition out of the water!!!

    Why REMAX of Santa Clarita

    There are 4 other things that I have to do to prepare what your home is worth at today’s fair market value. I will explain to you when you reach out to me. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX and I’m Glad to be of service to you and yours!


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