I want to Sell a Home

    I want to sell my homeIncluding those of you who want to track your home’s value and to find out “just curiously” what your home is currently worth. Our property evaluation and pricing systems work for all forms of residential real estate. Condos – Townhomes – and Single Family Residences through Estate and Luxury homes.

    Before I get into the “I want to Sell a Home” content, I will also advise you the system we use is connected directly to the Multiple Listing Service and is not like Zillow and or Trulia. Their home valuation systems are not connected directly to the Boards of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.

    So hence all of the complaints about their real estate value approximations.

    I want to sell a Home

    First things first.


    We need to find out what you are wanting to do besides the basic selling of your home. Are you selling to move up? Are you able to sell and wait? Are you needing to sell at the same time buy a home? Are you downsizing? Are you needing to sell to relocate elsewhere? Are there children, special needs or elderly involved in the move? Do you need to sell your home for less than what you owe? Are you selling your home due to a life changing event such as Divorce, Disease, Job Loss or other reason? How about Pets – are they going to be part of the sales process and moving with you? 🙂 Maybe you are doing a 10-31 exchange or some other of type of tax sale deferment or exchange? etc…

    After we deduce what you are specifically intending, then we will develop a personal real estate gameplan for you, specifically tailored to your exact needs!

    Selling real estate as a professional Realtor is what we do. Selling real estate as a high pressure sales/con person is what we WILL NOT DO! We start from the very first meeting brainstorming from a point of experience which we have derived since 1998. We have personally represented clients in the real estate processes concerning Thousands of Homes and have written over 10,000 articles with specific emphasis on the home seller and best practices.

    Let me know when a good time to meet would be so we can get started fulfilling your real estate seller’s needs. We will be there for you as we have for thousands of other Real Estate Clients. See our Client Feedback for our CMA Resources Team of Connor MacIvor and Associates!

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