I want to buy a home

    Buying real estate is a process by which you will become a property owner.I want to buy a home

    It maybe you want to buy a condo style apartment, a Townhome, Single Family Home, Luxury Estate or other type of residential property.

    The steps necessary to buy real estate involve you first deciding if you want to buy it.  Then after making that decision it’s a good idea to speak with a Realtor who will refer you to a real estate lender. A Lender which the realtor has some control over…

    The lender type, which will be the best fit, will depend on your exact circumstances.

    It maybe you don’t have stellar A Level Credit. Your FICO score may be lower than allowable to finance real estate and homes through traditional channels.


    Maybe your debt to income ratio, the amount you have going out each month to bills versus the amount you have coming in, is too high.


    it could be that the time you have at your present job is less than 6 months.

    These are all reasons why your real estate advisor needs to align you with the best real estate lender for the job.

    After you become approved for a home loan, it will include a price range, we need to start searching for a property which fits your requirements. Your requirements will need to serve your price range and necessities desired. Bedroom amount, Bathroom amount, location, age, lot size, home size, community, neighborhood, functionality and proximity etc.

    Steps to homeownership

    First Step:  Contact me directly and we will set up a FREE and No Obligation Real Estate Buyer meeting held in my offices or at a location you desire.


    Second Step:  After I cover the A to Z of real estate, I will make the introduction to a real estate lender. We can meet with them in my office, via conference call, or you can go it alone. Rest assured, if you choose to go it alone, I will be waiting in the wings to answer any and all questions that may come up.


    If you feel as if the lender I have referred you to will not be able to serve your needs. Don’t fret – I have other qualified and trustworthy lenders at my fingertips for you to speak with.


    Third Step: I will apply myself to your task of home hunting. I will also give you resources to use online to search for homes. Not the listings that are hooks and tricks – Only the real estate listings that are really available and for sale.  I will personally investigate each of these listings then set up viewings with you and yours.

    All of these steps start with our private in person meeting. You will thank yourself for meeting with me and having me explain all of the steps necessary to become a homeowner!

    I’m Connor with HONOR and I’m glad to be of service to you and yours.  I want everyone I represent to refer me to everyone they know. In order to achieve this, I must be diligent, trustworthy, forthright and honorable in all my real estate dealings.

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