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    The SCVnest and Paris911 TeamWhen it comes to buying real estate, some want to do it themselves. At least some of the viewings of real estate listings without first connecting with a Realtor.

    I get that. Coming from an lucrative LAPD background, tying up is the last thing I wanted to do when I was buying my first home.

    But, eventually, I chose poorly in the agent I hired to represent me.

    That is another story.

    Today, you can view all of the Open Houses in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the rest of Southern California easily at our Open House Search link.

    When you go inside, and if you are set on getting your very own real estate consultant at some point, make sure you don’t give up too much of who you are.

    However, if you are visiting an open house and really like the agent that is hosting it, and you don’t have a Realtor, see what they offer and then give up who you are.. Don’t do it before – ask them if they have the following:

    Do they have a real estate buyer guarantee?

    Do they publish articles about the home buying process?

    Are they constantly providing online intel that will help you?

    What a “pre search” meeting to give you the tools necessary to be protected?

    That is something that the most savvy, experienced and knowledgable Realtors do with their clients.

    That is something we do with our clientele and make it a point to do before we see home number 1!


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