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    Santa Clarita Real estate by mobile phone

    I love a good mystery – but not when it comes to wanting to find something on-line and not being able too.  Like when you arrive on a website and get hit with pop up after pop up –

    Indeed…  Didn’t they know that was not what I was looking for?

    There is a lot of noise and confusion when it comes to searching for everything, especially Real Estate.  Here is what we have coined as a “Real Estate SuperPage”.  Paris and I had been thinking and in conversation with our team.  We deduced, “Some people like all of the information that we provide – we know that via our Feedback Resources… But some just want to do the Precision Real Estate Operation without having to filter through so much content.”

    Here is what you will find on this SuperPage by REMAX and Paris911: (keep scrolling down to see these three real estate resources)

    • The Best Unlocked Real Estate Search Tool – Every listing – Updated several times per hour – Specific searches for Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures – Zooming intostreet level – All of Southern California Covered in it’s entirety – The BEST Part? – It is Unlocked(That difference is worth stating twice!)
    • Foreclosure Radar in Real Estate – You will be able to be a “Real Estate Market Mind Reader” and know what properties are coming onto the Real Estate Listing Market in the coming months.  City names and zip codes work best in the Foreclosure Radar System.
    • True Home Values in about 30 minutes – Sellers love this tool because it compares apples to apples and is a local MLS Data and Board of Realtors Value Generator.  It utilizes the best and most technologically advanced software to crunch the numbers you have entered and generate a hefty interactive report.  Buyers love it as well when they are faced with the age old question of, “how much should I offer?”

    Searches for Real Estate from your Phone

      Interactive Real Estate Search with Google Interface: You will notice the benefits of registration being displayed over the Map – If you don’t see the value, at this time, click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner to search without restrictions of any kind!!!


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