Things you need to know first until we get to know each other better

    Top Real Estate Agent TeamRemember Jim Croce and his song, “You don’t mess around with Jim?” – If you missed it – you should google it. He has some rules that keep people safe and I have some similar as they apply to real estate. My rules don’t include things like Tugging on Superman’s Cape or Spitting into the wind, but they do a good job of protecting you and me from regret.

    New Housing – New Home Builders – New Construction

    Sign up for a New Home Tour!

    Never ever give your email address, name or phone number to anyone at a New Home Center or when viewing New Housing and New Construction! (If they insist – put my name down – Connor MacIvor,, 661.400.1720) This could be the new home rep asking for something as simple as adding you to an interest list.

    Even if they write down your name on a cocktail napkin, we are unable to proceed with representing you. BTW, have us as your Realtors with New Homes and New Construction does NOT cost you a thing and you don’t give up any benefits that the new home center is offering because you are using me as your Realtor. In fact, in every case we have been involved in, you gain Benefits because we are doing the negotiation!

    Open Houses

    Do not give up who you are when viewing open houses. If they insist, put my name down. Connor MacIvor, 661.400.1720 and

    The agent may say the seller is demanding to know who came to the open house to ask for feedback later. More likely, you are going to be added to a database and get spammed to death!

    Online Real Estate Search Websites

    If you are looking to search for homes, only use our Real Estate Search Sites. They are all enabled because we have 100% of the permissions in place to show the actual real estate listings for sale.

    Why Real Estate Syndication sites are bad!Top Rated Realtors

    If you must search on others, or if you are doing some googling, that’s fine. Just NEVER give up any of your personal or private information on those websites.

    Leave the questions to me. I will ask. If you see something on another site that you do not see on mine, it’s probably a “trick” listing, but send to it me so I may verify. Text it, email it or call me with it and I’ll hunt down what the “game” is…

    What does MLS stand for?

    Online home value websites – What is your home worth?

    If you are a seller or buyer, you may be curious about what a specific home is valued at. It maybe your own, a family members, a neighbors, or another.

    In any case – you may ask one of the online websites the question and give them the address.

    They are going to throw together one of their “online estimates” of value and it will not be correct.

    It will either be to high or low.

    Another thing that is cause for alarm will be if you are asked for any other personal information during the process of getting that a home is currently worth.  SPAM Alert, and I hate that.

    If you have that question – Let me prepare the Home Valuation Report! I use the actual MLS and County Data and it takes me a couple of hours to prepare, but it’s timely and accurate. Plus I’m no stranger to pricing real estate to sell 🙂

    Connor, what is my home or any home worth today in this market?

    Friends and Family – Experts in Real Estate

    This includes associates that you may not consider friends.

    It’s just like buying a car if you think about. You may never have seen, or at least not very often, the type of car you just bought on the road before you bought it. Now they are everywhere.

    Once you think about buying or selling a home, everyone becomes an expert. You will start getting “wanted” and “unwanted” advice from various sources in your sphere of influence.

    Some brag about catching the “big one”. Some tell you about how they basically stole the home they bought. Others will have other points of view to share, some true and some not.

    Every single scenario in real estate is different. Maybe your friend bought when the market was down, maybe they did it when it was high… Their Credit Score may have been better or worse than yours. It could be that the inventory when they were buying real estate was high or low…

    Remember this, if you speak with anyone about real estate and they raise any concerns for you, bring them all back to me so I may address them!

    Restricted Sale Listings and For Sale by Owner

    These come up very rarely. But they do spring up from time to time. There are very few “help you sell” companies that are left.

    This is because Sellers have realized they end up making more profit in the long run by hiring a Full Service Brokerage.

    Sometimes, these companies do a flat fee listing for a home seller and they hold it “exclusively”. That means they are the only brokerage that can represent the buyer!

    There are a several states that make this act illegal. It’s called dual agency. It happens to be legal in the state of California.

    However, some of our clients would not ever go or work with anyone other than my Realtors and or I.

    That is very honorable of them and we are Blessed to have clients like that.

    Deciding to use the agent representing the seller, when it is an “exclusive listing”, is going to have to be your call.

    FSBO – For Sale by Owner listings. Most will cooperate with me when I’m representing the buyer – so no worries here!

    New Credit Cards – Paying off Loans – Changing $$$

    Something else, if you are buying a home. Don’t change anything related to your current credit profile.

    Don’t pay down any cards, only make your “typical” payments.

    Don’t open any new lines of credit and don’t do anything that will have anyone run your credit!

    Ensure you ask us before doing anything having anything to do with your credit!!!

    If you don’t you may move from an area of being financeable to “Cannot Buy a Home because you can’t qualify for a Loan!”

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