review and testimonials of paris911 scvnestSites like Yelp and Zillow have a lot to say about reviewing real estate agents. Both of those systems can be a double edged sword for sure, cutting both ways.

    In some cases, some with an “interest” are able to game those websites giving fake reviews which can be positive and/or negative.

    Like I always tell my kids, I have seen a lot of movies which have had one star reviews, that I liked and really enjoyed. I did not think they were a waste of time. Yet, in the one star reviewers cases – those who took the time to review them, apparently did not find them enjoyable.

    I tell my kids to always make up their own mind when it comes to a particular service, product or provider. Life to meant to be enjoyed and “The experience” is part of that enjoyment.

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    I took the reviews from Zillow and Yelp and published them on this page. While they may not have the same “prettiness” as it related to the “layout”, you will see what those, who wanted to take the time to review us, had to say.

    Also, I did not only post the top rated or 5 star reviews. You can see that I wanted to be totally transparent when it came to what our clients, and some not our clients, thought about our Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles areas real estate services. (I did, however, take the time to share my rebuttals 🙂 )

    Within our systems, we pride ourselves on providing the best and most accurate real estate data related to the current real estate listings, the sold homes and the other intel a buyer or seller will need to stay safe throughout the real estate process.

    Make sure you reach out to me directly when you are ready for my help and let those around you know about us as well. Thanks for taking the time to view our real estate Testimonials Page and please be safe.

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