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    “Updated Recently – Floor Plans – see your Windermere, Chelsea, San Marino or Stratford Collection Original Handouts and floorplans are below – It’s Fun.”

    Welcome to the Summit Real Estate News Page.

    I promise that I live in the Summit (I’m on the bottom without a mustache today and without hair, I have no hair(on my head). I also promise that NONE of your personal information will not be traded, sold, given away, or spammed. (I have provided you a generic username and password below for you to login secretly)

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    We shop at the same stores and we pass each other on the streets and walking/running paths. I know there are also a ton of respectable Realtors who also call The Valencia Summit their home. They have good Taste as Well 🙂

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    This page was designed for a few reasons. I know that people always have questions and concerns about the value of the real estate which they own.

    They obtain value by looking to websites like Zillow and Trulia for answers. While these websites may have data, they make their money by selling your personal information to real estate agents willing to pay for it. In some cases they double, triple and quadruple book, sending your personal information in shotgun blast format to several real estate agents.

    Once you enter your address, even if you don’t give up any more information, you will have your information pertaining to your query sent to agents who are members of Zillow and Trulia! Also, home depot, lowes, moving companies and box stores.

    I can hear the phone ringing and incoming emails pinging. Then you have those agents who will be doorknocking as a way of introduction.

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    Save Yourselves. On this site, you will have to register to continue to search and click on my links. I will give you my login name and password. Then you really have nothing to fear. When you are ready – then you can reach out, my phone and email are at the top of every page.

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    If you need anything else – reach out.

    Reminder, as soon as they do become available, you will see them upon checking back.

    The Valencia Summit Specific Tract Listing and Sold Info:

    Valencia Summit Floorplans

    Valencia Park and the Valencia Summit Paseos

    These walking and running paths – Awesome. I wrote a recent article about the pathways in the Valencia Summit and hope it will be a good guide for those who have been considering walking/running/working out, for those who have just moved or are considering moving to the Summits.

    Read the Santa Clarita – Valencia Summit Paseos Article.

    The Windermere Collection at Valencia Summit

    Windermere… Valencia Company’s most luxurious, most prestigious collection of homes nestled high atop the Valencia Summit.

    Elegant. Stately. Sophisticated. Created to enhance your enjoyment of life’s pleasures. Distinctively designed for you and your lifestyle, for intimate moments with family and festive occasions among friends.

    The Windermere Collection offers five extraordinary floorplans. Spacious interiors reflect the skillful hand of designer and craftsman and include such appointments as state of the art kitchens for time-saving convenience, cozy master bedroom retreats with fireplaces and sumptuous master baths with private garden courts and designer tile accents.

    Superlative design extends to exteriors, which represent the finest in both contemporary elegance and traditional European Styling.

    The grandeur of these homes is matched only by the scenic splendor of the Valencia Summit’s lush parklands and by spectacular views of the oak-swept arroyos and the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Windermere… The home you have been waiting for. In Valencia.

    What I think about the Ring Video Doorbell.

    Also, I was a long time LAPD Cop. I love the Ring System. The doorbells and the cameras. I’m by no means a tech buy, weapons manipulation, yes – installing electrical components, not so much. I was able to do it without killing myself, install them I mean.

    After you do will be able to be a part of the Ring Neighborhoods and see the activity in the Summit and share incidents caught on the cameras.

    I have seen these for sale at about a 10% discount at Costco. Also, I believe that Cops can obtain some sort of online discount when they call in with verification.

    How about Nextdoor?

    Another service that is pinning down the local scene and neighborhoods is Nextdoor. I was invited via signing up for the ring video doorbell. I then had one of your nice neighbors also invite me. I gave in and actually like the system.

    I have noticed that political debates take place, maybe a little too often. But as my dad used to say, in opposition to my mom’s view, if you aren’t going to discuss religion and politics at the dinner table, when are you going to?

    However, there have been some very helpful public safety updates posted and discussions on how to make our Summit Neighborhoods safer. Notifications come faster via this system because the Board members are online. Example the pool heater being shut off for a while was noted and received. – Awesome stuff.

    There is also paid for ads that pop up, plus other advertisements of “endorsed” agents and businesses. I say this to warn that you may be spammed and this site may have a tracking component, as most do. It is a Secure system, but that does not prevent the owners from tracking, selling and recording your habits.

    This also has an option for you to remove your address.

    Removing your home from Google Maps

    I wrote this article a while back. Having been an LAPD cop, I know a thing or two about Burgulars, their habits, and crime. Now in the tech age, more and more are using systems to look at neighborhoods before embarking on a crime spree.

    We have not gotten to a place where the plan is more pronounced. Most criminals are quick to act when they see something they can obtain easily, with very little pre-planning.

    However, if you want to have your home’s picture removed from appearing on Google Maps, you are able.

    Here is the article: How to remove your home from Google Maps.

    I’m Connor MacIvor, I’m happy I am your neighbor and Look forward to seeing you around. If this has helped you in any way, please help me by sharing it with those in your sphere of influence.

    Finally – I do a real estate broadcast/podcast. I’m syndicated on iTunes and elsewhere online. The location of my real estate show is

    BTW – I did not put any “vendor” links at any of my suggestions. I know Ring has that option to be paid for every unit they sell via another person’s advertising attempts. I don’t operate that way.

    As stated we live in the Valencia Summit. I built this page to give our Summit clients and to be of great assistance with buyers wanting to focus on Valencia and the Valencia Summit. I have also given information on this page, that will keep those sellers in the Valencia Summit safe from being spammed when wanting to know what their Summit Home is worth at today’s real estate market value.

    The San Marinos in the Summit of Valencia

    There are four variations of homes within the Valencia Summit. They are those that have building codes which insist the exteriors are white with red tile roofs – the Mediterranean in elevation. Those are known as the San Marinos and are found on the Following Streets in the Valencia CA Summit. There are three distinct areas where the San Marinos are located throughout the summit – I’ll categorize them by areas 1, 2, and 3.

    San Marino Area 1 –

    Valencia Blvd to Goldcrest, north to Marsala Drive

    • Strambino Court – this is a culdesac street
    • Marsala Drive – this is a Horseshoe shaped street
    • Firenze Place – culdesac street
    • W. Sienna Drive – Enter this double culdesac street(Ivrea PlaceZ) from Goldcrest Drive
    • Ivrea Place – this is double culdesac street
    • Sorrento Court – culdesac street

    San Marino Area 2 –

    West Del Monte to Starkus Way

    • Starkus Way – the entrance to this area of the San Marinos
    • Paolino Place – “double culdesac” the largest street in this area
    • Palermo Way – culdesac street access from Paolino Place
    • Cordera Ct – Culdesac street enter off of Paolino Pl.

    San Marino Area 3 –

    The largest collection of San Marino Models – 6 entrance streets, all accessible from Arroyo Park Drive.

    • Tossano Drive – u shaped street accessing a few culdesac streets
    • Taranto Ave – Culdesac street enter from Tossano Drive
    • Coloretti Ct – small culdesac street
    • Aosta Ct – small culdesac street
    • Sardinia Ct – culdesac street

    Then the Culdesac’s accessible from Kirstengary Way:

    • Milano Lane
    • Parma Ct
    • Anzio Way
    • Bellis Drive

    View the San Marino Activity in the Valencia Summit

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