Start Here – What is the Deal with Real Estate Television?

    Adding Value – I hated it when we were looking homes prior to getting into the Business of Real Estate Representation.

    Today, the whole dynamic has changed, giving the consumer much more power then they had in the past.  Before, you had to see a sign or trust what you were reading in the paper or Real Estate Magazine.

    That left you at a huge disadvantage because the Realtor’s Information and Resources were exclusive as they were behind the curtain of secrecy.

    Due to the advent of the Internet and the revised Multiple Listing Service Rules and agreements, the past situation has started to empower the consumer.

    These Things of Which I speak involve you being able to view listings, homes for sale and rentals, everything that is currently on the Market for Sale in any City within Southern California, from the comfort of your computer or Mobile Phone.

    You needn’t worry about High Pressure being given to you when you are “just looking”.  In fact, the high pressure system is a definite thing of the past – you should not have to deal with that period.

    Within the MLS guidelines, we are allowed to advertise all listings that are on the Market for Sale within any one of the Multiple Listing Services.  As long as we are members in good standing and as long as we give proper tribute to the Brokers involved.

    • When we get calls from agents wanting more information on a specific listing, that their clients found in their absence, it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear.  I tell the agents, and maybe I’ve told you if you are an agent reading this page, look in the MLS – do your client justice by doing your own due dillagence.  Work hard for your client – They Deserve It!!!

    That goes over like a Fart in Church – but the fact of the matter is we are good at our Craft – We are also the epitome of being Transparent.

    If you are searching for Real Estate – You have come to the right place – it is time you took a breather and relaxed.

    If you have become frustrated with writing offers that don’t go anywhere you are not alone.

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