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    Best choice when buying a new homeWe also have the NHBB – New home buyer benefit.

    We have learned a long while ago that the new home builders will pay “willingly” seasoned agents to represent their clients with the new home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and beyond.

    They also don’t punish the new home buyer from using our New Santa Clarita housing team to represent them when it comes to buying a new home.

    They get the same “great deal” they could have gotten without us being by their side.

    However, we have the NHBB and an additional set of eyes on the New Santa Clarita home buying process, so our clients are kept very safe.

    We have also been able to get our clients in earlier when deals have fallen out of escrow and for other reasons due to our abilities at the new Santa Clarita home venues.

    There are benefits to a New Santa Clarita home buyer using our real estate team to procure new housing at the new housing centers and with the new home builders.

    It’s our method that has a Non Traditional approach to New Home Buyer representation.

    Please let me know when you are ready for a new home tour so our Seasoned New Home Realtor can be of the best assistance.

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