Should I short sale my Santa Clarita home

    Approved Santa Clarita short saleI’d say we have to figure it out together, if you should short sale your Santa Clarita real estate. There are many factors to look at when considering this question.

    Also, make sure your advisor isn’t advising you from a point where they are locked onto the commission to be earned. They should be clear and concise on their reasoning and it should be 100% about what’s your best option!

    Also, their reasoning should make sense on whether you should be short selling your Santa Clarita real estate, or not.

    A couple of questions that should be asked is do you have a hardship or are you short selling the home in a strategic manner.

    Hardships are described as death, divorce, disease, job loss or other related issues.

    Strategic Short Sales are those where the property may never obtain a good value to loan ratio. 

    There are other things to consider when approaching the “should I or shouldn’t I” short sale my home. We cover those in our Short Sale meetings in my offices between you and I.

    They are held in the strictest of confidentiality. I’ll be there for you as I have been for so many other of our clients that have wanted us to give them the intel on Short selling their Santa Clarita real estate and homes.

    Be safe – enjoy the read across all of our properties – including this one – and I’ll be here when you are ready!

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