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    Excellent Rating scvnest paris911You owe it to yourself to speak about Real Estate with a Professional Consultant. I’m Connor MacIvor, I’ll be your personal guide throughout the process – Let’s meet soon!!!

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    Paris and Connor just helped us close on a home in 26 days! We weren’t sure if we should purchase a home as the home prices just kept going up. We waited another few months and sure enough, the prices just kept creeping up.

    We finally said it was time to buy and gave Connor our criteria.  Connor was able to drill down the exact area and home we were looking for in just 3 days by searching all listings, not just the new ones and was able to find us a house that had been on the market for almost 6 months.

    Connor told us that the home was on the market for so long because it had been over priced and went stale and that most agents won’t show their buyers older listings or over priced listings because they are a waste of their time. But not Connor.

    He suggested we write an offer on the property and that he and Paris would talk to the listing agent to see if they could talk some sense into the sellers.

    The end result is that Connor and Paris made this deal work by speaking to the listing agent.  I really believe we got this house because of the reputation of Connor and Paris have in Santa Clarita.

    Had we chose some new agent or out of area agent, I don’t think we would be living in our home right now.

    And did I tell you they got us in in 26 days won a VA loan?  Near impossible.

    Tim B.

    I had worked with Connor for many years as a vendor and he’s just a great guy to work with. Then, I was in need of real estate assistance to short sell my condo, so I contacted Connor for info on what to do. During the first meeting everything that we needed to do was explained to us. When we had any questions during the process, we would email or call, and everyone involved would respond very quickly. The whole process was so quick and easy, we had many offers on the condo the first week of showing. A painless experience! Thanks Connor!

    Erik T.

    This is an absolutely AMAZING real estate team!!!! Paris and Connor are easy to work with, honest, fierce with negotiations buy/sell side, and just all in all a professional team!  They sold our T-home in Aliso Viejo about 6 months ago and assisted us in buying our new AMAZING home for less than list!  We ended up with several thousands in equity upon move-in!  THEY ARE JUST THAT GOOD!  I highly recommend them for all ur RE needs!

    We had a list of agents to interview as we prepared to sell our home.  Conner & Paris happened to fit on our calendar first.  We spent 30 minutes with Conner and cancelled the rest of our interviews and have never looked back!

    The reasons to do business with the Paris911 team:

    1) High integrity, straight-forward business style…..they treat you as if you were family and look out for your best interest constantly.  Communication and followup were never an issue, and I actually had to hustle to keep up with them!

    2)  Their experience allows them to provide solid advice and guidance…..Conner is so good that he gives market reports on the internet at a level that adds value for everyone in the buying/selling process,  including other agents!!!!

    3) They have a high-quality team of employees and related business partners that are top notch…..all of them are “best-in-class” and actually exceeded our expectations throughout our transaction.

    4)  Conner & Paris play at a level that allows them to have direct, personal relationships with the large banks, escrow companies, and all of the related service providers that they need to leverage.

    What sold me initially was the way they sell their own company…take a look at their web site; their marketing program is all “home-grown” and like nothing I have ever seen in the real estate industry….I wanted that level of salesmanship used to sell my house….and it worked flawlessly!

    Lastly, Conner and Paris are real people….they have kids, they are a family and their core-values matched ours, which made doing business with them an awesome experience.

    If this review sounds to good to be true, I had not met Conner until I walked into his office a few months ago….I am writing this review as a “thank you” to their whole team….I sincerely wish I could give he and his team 10-stars!!!

    Doug B.

    Review Santa Clarita real estateWe had the best experience with Connor and Paris.  I never had to worry about a thing.  They were professional, attentive, informative and always available.  The ONLY reason we were able to find/buy our house was because of Connor, I know for a fact no other agent would have been able to work this deal for us.  Do not hesitate to use them.

    (Sorry, I just have to say something about what “Oxana R”  wrote.  First of all, I find it insulting that someone would have the nerve to write such a bad review, when in the end they got what they wanted AND it seems like their agent went above and beyond the duties of an agent.  Second, in my opinion it seems like she is one of those people who would complain about everything and never be happy.  Lastly, it seems to me that maybe her husband is the issue and not the agent.  It seems to me the agent did  a great job.  The husband was the one who the agent worked with the most, and I’m guessing if the “ball was dropped” it was from him, and NOT the agent.  Maybe Oxana R and her husband need to have better communication!).

    Again, I will say this, if you use Paris and Connor you will not be disappointed.  In fact, you will be amazed at the level they hold their clients at, and the time and energy they put into you, as a client.  They are very easy to work with and it was a pleasure doing business with them.

    When it comes to finding a place to live, Connor is a life saver. I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for people like the Paris 911 team and all the incredible hard work that they put into each and every client.

    I’ve had the privilege of working with Connor on several projects and he is always top notch. Connor knows more about the housing market then is probably deemed legal; if he wrote a book about realty, it’d be so good you’d read it, even if you were homeless.

    When it comes to finding the right place to live, the Paris 911 team are always your best bet. The knowledge, expertise, and overall professionalism makes this group an unmatched force in the Santa Clarita Valley. Kudos to a great team.

    Debra C.


    I have never written a review about any business, however I feel compelled to write this one.
    First let me say Connor is very professional and he does his homework when it comes to selling and buying used homes. But if you are buying a new home don’t be misled into believing that he will assist you in getting a much better deal than you could get on your own. Also don’t believe that the agent he assigns you will be there to assist and advise you through the whole process. I was promised this only to find out the contrary.
    The agent took me to the sales office, made sure their name was credited for bringing me in and then disappeared for 6 months until escrowed closed and then collected their $15,000.00 commission!
    I sure could have used a helping hand when I think of all the stress I endured complying with all the demands from the lender. Never once did I hear from them to ask if I needed any help with anything.
    Also the agent did nothing to assist me in getting a better deal. On the contrary I had to find out on my own about move-in incentives.
    I’m sorry but I expected more and I was promised more especially from someone who also represented me as the selling agent as well.

    Oxana R.

    My Response:

    6/29/2013 I have been in a quandary as to if I should respond.  After figuring out who this might have been, I thought I’d clear the air…
    Connor and Paris,

    You know this is not true!  I spent quite a bit of time working with G and O (Mostly G) On making sure he understood the possible incentives for his new home.

    The agent even went out of her way to try to accommodate G with a builder incentive for closing costs because he believed he was not getting something that an earlier phase would receive.

    I found them a builder that would take a contingency….This is next to impossible!!!!

    You worked hard on the resale side of things to make sure they could stay “rent free” in there home until the new property was ready.

    I took copies of their loan info to the lender….at the sales office and followed up as the company changed to a different lender.  (G did not like the first lender)

    From that point it was in the hands of the builder to build their home and after the close of escrow I dropped by the new house and gave O a gift to welcome their family.

    I remember in my early days with the LAPD when talking with the worst of the worst.  Sometimes the bad guy’s story sounded right, and the victim’s story sounded wrong.  It was hard to determine who was telling the truth.

    In the end an old timer, LAPD PIII police officer that started the job before I was born, said, “MacIvor, there are three versions of truth in everything…  Yours, Theirs and God’s….”

    Thanks for the opportunity and I appreciate Yelp giving business owners the ability to respond.

    My wife & I owe the Paris 911 Team everything.  Almost 2 years later not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful to be a homeowner.  With a baby on the way there is no greater feeling than being able to do home improvement projects and know that you own a property that is all yours.  The Paris 911 team truly went above & beyond to get my wife & I in a house that we loved even under some tight circumstances & deadlines with FHA.  I know that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for them.  Even though we are very young we were treated extremely fairly and they didn’t write us off or ignore us like some other places did.  Everyone should have a chance to own a home and if you are like we were and dreaming of owning a home but wondering where to start they will make the process so easy, I promise you.

    Thanks Paris & Connor & Jamie !!!  =)

    Billy T.

    Paris and Connor are the BEST!  They have helped twice to find the perfect home.  They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, dependable, hardworking, funny and, especially Paris, won’t back down to anybody.  I love that!  I changed my mind a few times during the home buying process and they were very patient with me and explained all my options.  When escrow took longer than promised they immediately got in contact with the bank and we worked out a solution that allowed me to move into my house a week early!  I would absolutely recommend Paris 911 to anyone out there looking for awesome realtors.  They’re incredible!

    Luke W.

    The Paris911 Team is so conscientious, they will go beyond the call to make sure your home buying/selling process is as stress free and smooth as possible.  No question is irrelevant to them.  They love what they do and it shows.

    Bobby Winters

    Connor is the guy who will sit down and meet with you when you first come in and answer all of your questions.  He is extremely knowledgeable and honest about the real estate market and really cares about his customers.  He was honest with us when the market was not good and we needed to wait – instead of pressuring us to buy and telling us our time was running out like most other realtors.   Ask for Jamie for your buyers agent!  She is the best.. she is funny and extremely helpful and friendly.  We were always calling her and she would always answer us and keep us updated on what was going on.  Paris is the one who makes it happen – who will negotiate for you whatever you need with the banks or owners.  This is a great team and I would not be in escrow right now – in this market! – if it was not for them.  Jamie was always understanding of what we wanted but at the same time pushed us gently to open our minds to other areas/types of homes – and in the end that is what worked out and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now.  I will update when we close..!

    Brittany S.

    Who is this real estate team?  They are the ones I used the last seven times when buying and selling real estate. The latest time they came to San Jose. I knew it was far but connor insisted. I was happy. He showed me homes and the rest was history. Awesome.

    Mo G.

    Connor is awesome. He is always available to help me. There were two times I needed help and it wasn’t a billable situation. He was more than happy to help. When I asked  if I could pay for his time his exact response was. ” I was more than happy to help you. If you want just pay it forward”. I have never met anyone outside of the cloth that is a more giving helpful person.

    Steven P.

    There are those who excel and demonstrate an excellence that cannot be matched! Paris and Connor MacIvor of Paris911 Remax of Santa Clarita absolutely fit into that category of high-calibre client care!  In helping us to sell our starter home and find our dream home, we felt that we were their highest priority. Every call, email and text we sent to them was responded to immediately and all of our questions were answered; in fact, they often knew our questions before we asked.  Their trusted and stellar reputation helped to pave the way for the lenders to work with us, making the whole loan process smooth and effortless. We are, unquestionably, two of their biggest fans! –

    Jerald & Shannan Case

    Connor and Paris were fantastic.  I thought it was going to be easy.  We looked at 2 houses and bought.  I didn’t count on all the roadblocks.  Connor and Paris were there every step of the way, smoothing the way for us.  Thanks!

    Julie and Frank

    I have nothing but high praise for Paris & Connor. The only realtors you’ll need for any real estate transactions. As a first-time home buyer, my wife & I didn’t know what to expect, but they sure made it easy. We called several realtors on a Saturday afternoon but they were the only ones that took our call & met up with us on the same day. Who wants to hire a realtor that won’t even take your call on a weekend?

    Carl and Janice G.

    Paris & Connor will answer all your calls & emails at any time of the day. I actually prefer insomniac realtors than lazy ones. You tell them “jump”, they will say “how high?!” That is how devoted & hard working they are & always do their best to get what you want. They are very professional but at the same time very funny & easy to talk to as if you had known them for years.

    I highly recommend them to all my relatives, friends & yelpers. We sit here now in our new home after closing escrow a few days ago, very very very thankful to Paris & Connor for jumping every hurdle & being on our side. They are an awesome team! Trust us, you will not regret!

    Larry K.

    Selling a house in this market is really hard.  Expectations don’t always match the reality of the situation.  Compound that with the emotions of the counter intuitive act of staging your home to perfection for the goal of handing it over to a stranger, this can be a very complicated season of life.  We entered into this process with Paris and Connor already weary and worn from a market that was unfavorable and a previous agent who was had lost interest in selling our home.  We needed recalibration to right expectations using every means available to get our home sold.  But we also needed sensitivity to our fears, concerns and frustration.  What a team!  Paris911 carefully listened, assessed our situation and then designed a strategy to get the job done.  They were available each time we had a question or needed a concern addressed.  They creatively found avenues to market our home beyond the conventional realtor.  They understood how to balance the emotions of the situation and the logistics of getting it sold and were ready to speak hard truth in a gentle way.  We were so well taken care of throughout the process.  We are so grateful to have been placed in the professional and capable hands of this team and highly recommend anyone who needs to sell or buy a house to them.  Thank you, Paris and Connor, for walking us through this process and doing it with the utmost care and skill.

    May G.

    Both Joyce and I wish we would have met with Paris before buying our first home. That was before 1999 when she was a real estate agent. We are just glad we found her and Connor. They took the time to explain to us the entire process from beginning to end. The nicest thing that was exceedingly helpful were the stories that showed their knowledge and experience. We had three offers quickly on our home and only one had lender approval that was real. Paris wanted every buyer to be qualified by a lender she knew. This was the key to us being to stay in escrow and move back east! Thanks

    Joyce and Paul

    Really awesome people!!! Connor and Paris seem very knowledgable and friendly…I am very excited about working with them!! They are hopefully going to help us find our dream home!!

    Elizabeth A.

    We had such a great experience buying our first home together. Both Paris and Connor were receptive to our personal battles in life and were able to guide both Lisa and I down a sound path to homeownership. We love our neighbors and love where we live. Our life together is hard enough without adding our real estate agents judging us to the list. We will tell everyone we know about the Top Level Treatment we received!!!

    Lisa J.

    I can’t say enough good things about this team. They really took their time and helped me out with my first home purchase. They are both fabulous and are very knowledgeable at what they do and I could have been happier to found them. I know I can always count on them for my real estate needs! Thanks guys!

    Kathy J.

    Paris and Connor have the tenacity, knowledge and connections necessary to close even the most difficult of Real Estate transactions.

    My husband and I had many agents to choose from, and our decision paid off by selecting them to represent us.  Negotiation skills are a must and they have proven to be skilled at such.

    We highly recommend the Paris911 team and will select them for future representation as well.

    D. Brown

    It is almost a year since we purchased our first home with the help of Connor and Paris.  We love our house and neighborhood.  As I reflect back upon the stress of buying our house I appreciate how vital Connor was in educating us on the market and the risks and the loan process.  He held our hand through the mine field of home purchasing and helped make our dream house a reality.  Thank you again Connor for looking out for our best interests and for your guidance.

    Manoj H.

    I don’t even know where to start since our home hunting began 9 year back in 2003. I am on housing blogs, finance boards every single day looking for RE news and economic trend in general. And we did not buy into the mass home buying , kood-aid drinking hysteria during the mid 2000s. And after 9 years of searching (sometimes sporadic and sometimes fast paced), we still cannot believe we closed escrow last week and we own a home in Stevenson Ranch CA.

    Call it serendipity. It all started one lazy August Sunday afternoon. I was browsing for foreclosures and short sales data on Google in 91381 zip code as I couldn’t find them on or Guess what popped up in the Top 3 search results? Yes, it was SEO is at its best on I can tell you that as I am myself a software engineer and I know how SEO worths in depth and what it means to business. If you want visitor conversion rates high for your site you need to be on the top 3 organic search results.

    What caught my attention was the pre-foreclosure search form on Connor’s website. I entered my criteria and hit search and it gave me a few results. I then emailed Connor about details of these properties and he immediately replied back. I also ended up on his Linkedin connections by the end of the day 🙂

    Georgia F.

    Me and my wife met Connor at his office as is the custom and immediately liked him on Day 1. He is not your typical high pressure, pretentious realtor. He is patient, a good listener, no pressure and easy to get along with person. He is extremely polite, humble and gets back to your questions ASAP. Ditto goes with his wife Paris who is as gentle as Connor.

    The team’s strength lies in their experience with the local market and expertise in all kinds of sales including standard, short sales, foreclosures etc. Our purchase was a short sale with 2 lien holders. Getting it done was not an easy task. Connor and Paris were on our case like white on rice and we closed escrow in about 4 weeks of approvals from the 2 lien holders.

    They were also very helpful in recommending handyman, painters etc for our projects after close.

    I would highly recommend the team for all your RE needs. Kudos and 5 star ratings to the team !! We are moving in on dec 5 to our new home.

    Benetta W.

    I called Paris and Connor on December 29th, 2010.  It was a really dark time for me; my husband and I had decided to get a divorce and we didn’t know what to do about the house – neither one of us could afford it on our own.  Paris and Connor met with us on New Year’s Eve (a holiday and a Friday – their office was otherwise empty) and spent several hours explaining that we were underwater on the house and what our options were.  In the end, we decided to go with a short sale, but Paris explained everything that would happen and how Paris 911 would be there for us.  And they were.  The short sale took 13 months; there were two buyers that fell through because the bank took so long.  In the end, the house sold and everything worked out.  All through the process, Paris kept in touch with us and kept us informed of everything that was going on. I would not wish a short sale on anyone, because you never buy a house thinking that some day you will lose it, but if you do, I would without hesitation recommend Paris 911… honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

    Paris and Connor are an amazing team of real estate experts! They were quick and efficient with the short sale of my home and did an outstanding job with keeping me in the loop every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone seeking honesty and professionalism from a top notch real estate agent!

    Barry H.

    Wow, Connor with Honor is underestimating the professional, prompt ,extremely helpful and meticulous service my husband and I received from him. It is difficult to find such a person these days. I highly recommend Paris911 realtor services. My personal guarantee that Connor won’t disappoint. They made the process  of home buying a breeze. He literally found us the house of our dreams.

    Alfred V.

    I can not express how much gratitude I have for the Paris911 team!  While going through the process of selling my home, Connor and Paris kept me in the loop with every step of the way. With their guidance and reassurance, I was able to sell my home with ease and security. No matter the question or time of day, I was able to ask without having to worry about it being an inconvenience and it was always explained in layman’s terms. Connor and Paris’ real estate knowledge is above and beyond anyone I have ever worked with before. I will definitely be working with them again in the future!

    Maria H.

    I have had the privilege to work with Paris & Connor for their title needs. In working with them I have found them to be the perfect blend for their clients. Paris’ tenacity is exactly what her clients need to get the job done. Connor’s multi media approach to gain maximum exposure for his clients is bar none. These two are a powerhouse when it comes to selling real estate! I have found them to work nonstop with the same aggressive and enthusiastic effort from the beginning to the end of a transaction. This dynamic duo will stop at nothing to ensure the success of your real estate need!!

    George D.

    The Paris911 team is amazing. Paris and Conner are the best realtors I’ve met. Paris’ team helped me purchase my first home and short sell two homes (first home included). They completely walked me through the process and answered all my questions. They are truly in the business to satisfy their clients needs. They are patient and sympathetic. My husband and I will continue to use their team for any future real estate purchases and sales. Love u guys…

    The Vasquez family

    Never having been to the Santa Clarita Valley, I decided to research the area and real estate market.  For this, I used the assistance of Connor MacIvor and the Paris911 team.  Connor used his knowledge of the area to show me around and also kept me abreast of the local real estate conditions.  Him and I spent numerous days looking at properties.  Connor really had my best interest in mind as I got used to him saying “You don’t want this one” as we visited dozens of properties.  Paris McIvor was able to find me a property that was exactly what I was looking for and fell within my price range.  Both Paris and Connor knew what I was looking for and never tried to sell me any property simply for the sake of “selling it”.  I trust the Paris911 team and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a home in Santa Clarita Valley.

    Luis S.

    Paris, Connor and the entire Paris 911 team are as good as you are going to find. Anywhere.  From start to finish, they are with you the entire way. At no time did we feel alone in our decisions.  Any and all questions we had were answered, truthfully.  Professional, honest, reliable are just some of the more positive words we can think of to describe them.  Not only will we use them again, but highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy Realtor who makes what could be a very stressful time, easy and painless.


    Connor and Paris helped us find a house that was perfect for us. Not only that, they were able to close a short sale for us in less that sixty days!  It was a great experience working with them and I would recommended them to anyone in the Santa Clarita area that is looking to purchase a home. We were first time buyers and they made us feel comfortable and informed every step of the way! I am very grateful to them for all the time that they spent with us helping us find a home that would not only be within our budget but is in a great neighborhood. I am very grateful to them for all they did for us and couldn’t be happier!

    Don O.

    When you are looking for a true professional in real estate, the Paris911 team is the way to go. From start to finish they kept me and my wife completely informed about everything that was happening and helped guide us through the whole real estate process. Paris and Conner go up and above the call of duty. We cannot thank them enough for the incredible job they did in finding us our dream home.

    Thank you Paris, Conner and the 911 team

    Steve M.

    I called Paris911 and spoke with Connor MacIvor.  I was not buying or selling a home, I simply needed some help and information.  Mr. MacIvor was warm, gracious and knowledgeable, and immediately helpful.  He not only offered suggestions, but he asked for my telephone number and said he would also research my question and call me back.  Within minutes he called back – he called me back !! with a name and number, which turned out to be exactly what I needed and I was able to obtain the information I was initially seeking.  Mr. MacIvor simply took time to help a stranger on the phone.   I’m a homeowner in Florida, but if I ever move to California, I know who I’m calling.  In the mean time, I will refer anyone I meet to Connor MacIvor and Paris911, if they needs to purchase a home in his area.   Thank you Mr. MacIvor, you made my day!

    JRJ in Orlando, Florida

    We have know Paris and Conner ( the Paris911 Team) for many years. They have been our Realtors through 2 home sales. Unfortunately, we had to go through a “short sale”.  I can not tell you how grateful we were that we had Paris and Conner on our side.  They went over and beyond what would be expected from other Realtors.  I would highly recommend using the Paris911 team for all of your real estate needs.

    Jay L.

    As young homebuyers it is hard to find a realtor to take you seriously. I stumbled upon Paris and Connor, and they helped us look at close to 80 different houses, and two years of patience led us to our dream home. They truly want you to find the house that fits your needs, and that you can call home. Paris and Connor are more than realtors now, I can call them great friends. They are not afraid to work long hard hours for you to find your home. They are NOT the usual pushy realtors, it is a pleasure to have them give their honest human opinion as you look at so many houses. We faced a tough short sale and it was so comforting knowing that we had them on our team. Please consider them if you are buying or selling! You will be happy you did!

    The power duo of Paris and Connor is equivalent to that of yin and yang.  Their active partnership that will include you, will make buying or selling your property a breeze.  They both are “workaholics” that go above and beyond what you would expect from even the most professional realty agents.  I will continue to utilize the Paris911 team for all my realty needs.

    LOL…that looks like a paid advertisement, but it is most definitely not.  They are just that darn good.

    Elise R.

    This is the first time I’ve reviewed anyone or anything on Yelp. But I feel compelled to let any prospective home buyer or seller know about our experience with the Paris 911 team.  My wife and I choose the Paris 911 team to buy our first home. As new home buyers we had no clue as to what to do or where to start. We interviewed a few other realtors that will remain nameless only to walk away feeling belittled and confused. I feel blessed to have been referred to Paris and Connor by another realtor.  Conner made the process practically stressless. He was there night and day to answer our newbie home buyer questions.  His calm and professional demeanor was a breath of fresh air during what otherwise would have been an overwhelming process. Conner is a true gentleman. After months of searching for our dream home and with Connor’s help and guidance my wife and I found it. Now we had to start the paperwork process.  That’s when Pairs got involved. It only took a few minutes for me to realize that this was a tag team dream team. She sailed us through the paperwork process.  She answered our questions and explained the process to us. Conner and Paris are now my realtors for life (or at least until they retire) and I now count them as close friends.

    Roman R.

    I clicked a button to get a value for our home and Connor sent several pages of active listings, several months of comparable sales, and all kinds of other real estate related info in our area. We weren’t ready to list at the time but the work that he did was enough to sway our decision to work with them when we were ready. We’ve had the house listed less than two weeks and already have an offer. Great couple to work with; friendly, down to earth, thorough, and prompt ! With everything


    Paris and her team are simply the BEST !! They made purchasing our first home such a great experience. No one in the real estate business will work harder for you then Paris and her team. They were always available to answer questions at any time, and they have extensive knowledge of the local area. From beginning to end we were treated excellent and they worked like crazy to get us exactly what we wanted in a home. Paris and her team of professionals are the best around and I can’t recommend them enough !


    Paris and Connor always have the inside scoop on what is going on with the market and give you the details without having to ask. Other realtors expect you to come to them armed with what you want, and expect you to do all the work. Paris and Connor care more about the experience and your investment and dream versus making the sale. I cannot thank them enough for all the valuable information they have given us over the years. The advice to turn down an investment that would have turned sour is something I can never repay them for!


    There is nobody in Santa Clarita that works harder than Paris and Conner! They are constant pro’s that know what they are doing, know the area and will get you what ever you are looking or asking for. I strongly recommend them if you are looking to buy or sell your home!


    Always available to research and discussing issues that come up. They went out of there way to provide up to date information to allow us to find a home.


    Connor has sold/bought 3 homes for us in the last year. He is so professional, helpful, honest and so easy to deal with. He will go out of his way to get things done. He listened to us as to what our wants and needs were and found us a perfect home. He also sold our home in 1 week. His wife, Paris, is also a part of the fantastic ‘team”. Shes very good and explains in detail any question you ask of her. Shes intelligent, and is very calm and assuring during the escrow process. She too is also very honest, which is a very good quality. We’d recomment them to everyone.


    There are many Realtor’s out there. These guys are at the TOP! They helped me with all my real estate needs. I think anyone looking for s solid Agent to work with, look no further. I am very happy I used their services.


    Paris and Connor are fantastic! Highly recommend these two. They are very knowledgeable in their field, have great customer service, responsive, flexible, and overall look out for the good of the home buyer / seller. 🙂

    Always been the best to deal with. 100% professional and specialize in LE, FD real estate. They listed my short sale and immediately had the house prepared, ads created and listings submitted. Always on the ball! Rest assured Paris 911 will handle all of your real estate needs like the pros they are!


    Where does one start? Let’s see… Connor is hands down the most knowledgable real estate professional I know. However, its not just the knowledge that’s going to impress you with Connor, it’s the intangibles. The loyalty, the persistence, the sticktoitiveness, just to name a few. Connor and his team have years of experience in delivering only the BEST of results for all of their clients.

    How do you know I’m not a robot writing a review? Well, that’s easy. Would a robot use the word “sticktoitiveness” in a sentence? Highly doubtful. Connor and I have worked together for a number of years on different projects, and I’ve come to expect top notch results through and through. Connor under promises and over delivers, and that’s what sets him apart from the competition.

    If all of this hasn’t convinced you to pick up the phone and call him, just google real estate anywhere within a hundred miles of Valencia, CA. If his name doesn’t come up on page one I would be shocked. The effort that Connor puts into staying in front of his customers is unmatched in the Santa Clarita Valley. Why? Well, when you know what you’re offering is the best, wouldn’t you want everyone to know about it?

    The answer is ‘yes’. Yes you would.

    Connor is an incredible person and his knowledge about the industry mixed in with a great personality have kept him, and will continue to keep him (and his awesome wife Paris) as one the top of the Real Estate professional’s in the greater Santa Clarita Valley. Keep up the amazing work!


    Conner is a very dependable, and loyal real estate agent. He is a trustworthy person and is very patient and values the homebuyers opinions. In the end I did not go with Conner and rushed through my h1st time home buying experience and made the mistake going through another. Give him a chance and you will truly be satisfied overall.


    Paris MacIvor handled three transactions for my husband and I. The first transaction involved the sale of our first home. It was an emotional experience, but the professionalism of Paris not only eased our fears, but raised the bar for local home prices. We closed within 30 days after listing and received full asking price. Paris then helped us negotiate an amazing deal on our new dream home. When the housing market began to slip, her expertise saved us financially when she advised us to sell. Again, following her lead we sold within 30 days. Each sale and purchase of course had difficulties and stress, yet Paris absorbed most of it for us. She was our biggest advocate and watch dog. We have since moved out of state, but if we could have taken her with us, we would have. We trust the MacIvor team 100%.


    5 Stars +++. Through the years, the Paris 911 team has helped me and my family members buy and sell homes. We were complete rookies with absolutely no knowledge of anything to do with Real Estate and new to the area when we first met the Paris 911 team. Paris and Connor explained the process down to the smallest detail. Within a week of working with them I had total confidence in their service and ability to help us navigate this unfamiliar and confusing process. They explained the pros and cons of each of the communities in the Santa Clarita Valley included details about the school districts. Based on their understanding of community we narrowed our search down to a very specific area in the valley. I looked online for a month or two and went out with Connor to multiple open houses but it was Connor who came to us with what he thought was the prefect home for us, and he was right, it was picture-perfect. The negotiation and escrow was a breeze thanks to the MacIvor’s. Paris and Connor are our realtors for life!!


    After putting my house up for sale, Paris and Connor were the agents who brought clients to our home. I was very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and service that Paris demonstrated as she helped her clients with buying their dream home. It felt good to watch Paris work her magic and have such a caring attitude.

    I had an awesome experience with Paris, she took care of me even after I was already moved into my house she still found time to answer any question I had, and I had a lot of them. I recommend her to my friends all the time.


    We were very impressed with the service we received while buying our house. The team made things easy and they took on the stress for us. They are hard working, experienced, and caring. I highly recommend them if you are either buying or selling your home. You wont be disappointed.

    Paris 911

    While looking for a home I inquired about a listing with Paris 911 website. I asked to be contacted when available and within hours Connor Macivor was on the phone filling me in on the property. Unfortunately I realized the listing wasn’t for me but Connor reassured me that with his team he’d help me find that home. Today several months later because of work and travel I’m living the dream of being a home owner. I highly recommend Connor and his amazing team from realtor to the escrow group that signs you off into your home. It was great great experience both personally and professionally. Thank you Paris, Connor and team. B. Antonio Canyon Country, Ca.


    The Paris team are true professionals. They’re very knowledgable and willing to assist their clients. As a first time buyer I had no knowledge with the details of buying a home. They were patient and guided me through the process. They looked after my best interests at all times.


    Me and my wife met Connor at his office as is the custom and immediately liked him on Day 1. He is not your typical high pressure, pretentious realtor. He is patient, a good listener, no pressure and easy to get along with person. He is extremely polite, humble and gets back to your questions ASAP. Ditto goes with his wife Paris who is as gentle as Connor.

    The team’s strength lies in their experience with the local market and expertise in all kinds of sales including standard, short sales, foreclosures etc. Our purchase was a short sale with 2 lien holders. Getting it done was not an easy task. Connor and Paris were on our case like white on rice and we closed escrow in about 4 weeks of approvals from the 2 lien holders.

    They were also very helpful in recommending handyman, painters etc for our projects after close.

    I would highly recommend the team for all your RE needs. Kudos and 5 star ratings to the team !! We moved in on dec 5, 2012 to our new home.


    I couldn’t have picked better people for my first home buying experience. There was none of that car salesman mentality and they were straight forward the entire time. Paris and Connor are easy to talk to and easy to get a hold of. They can count on me to call them the next time I’m ready to buy a new house.


    When buying you’re first home it can be very exciting and very stressful. So I first met Paris and Connor they both helpful and very professional. I always felt very welcomed and comfortable every time I had to meet with them. Its been 5 years since my purchase and til this day I extremely grateful for the both of.them.helping me out in the purchase of my new home. I will be going back to them if I ever decide to sell or purchase another property.

    Debra C.

    When I moved to Santa Clarita for my job three years ago, I spent a lot of time investigating realtors and the market.

    What became immediately apparent was that the best source of information on property and the market in the SCV was the Paris 911 team. I diligently watched all (okay most) of Connor’s videos and learned all about the market and some of the unique quirks of California real estate (WTH is Mello Roos?).

    Before setting foot in California, I reached out to Connor and told him what I was looking for. From day 1, I had personal and professional service and regular communication from Paris, Connor and their team. We found exactly the home we were looking for and they walked us through the whole process.

    When, a year into living here, my wife thought it was a good idea to go solar, I again reached out to Connor to get his thoughts. He honestly laid out the pros and cons based on our situation.

    Several months ago, when I learned I was being transferred, I reached out to the Paris 911 team again to be our selling agent. Connor met with us on very short notice and developed a plan to market and sell our house. Within two week of going on the market, we had a buyer at the listing price. Paris and Connor then walked us through the escrow process leading up to the closing on the house yesterday.

    Paris and Connor are experts in the field and provide top notch service.

    Go to their site and check out their videos and info and when you are ready to buy, give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

    Steve M.

    Nothing but outstanding experiences with Paris and Connor.  They helped me from selling our home to buying, held my hand till the very end.  They are always upfront with you and looks out for your interests.  They were always there to answer any questions that we had.  They stayed up waay past “business hours” just to answer a dying question that came up late.  Talk about being dedicated to your job and devoted to your clients.  They treat you more than a client, like family.  Connor is great with kids if you need to bring them along!  If you get a chance, definitely have them represent you. Take my advice!

    Chu T.

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