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    Did you know when searching for Homes on sites like Zillow and Trulia, you aren’t seeing everything?  In addition, you are seeing “more than is currently listed!” They are in the information business – not housing data or home information. They are in the business of your personal information. They sell your information to agents willing to pay for it. On SCV661 – I will never. I want to be your Realtor, your personal real estate agent, personally 🙂

    Don’t be scammed into giving up your address when wanting to find out what your home or a piece of real estate is currently valued for. Use our system and get a complete report that has been generated by a person who selling real estate on a daily basis. We don’t play any games. We represent Sellers of Homes and Real Estate – We honor our Clients and our Career!

    Foreclosures, Bank Owned real estate and homes, Short Sales, Short pays, distressed real estate and home of any type, we have those listings. We worked in the sales of Assets of Citi Group during the last Foreclosure and Bank Owned cycle. We know the inner workings of the banks and use our knowledge to give our clients the home team advantage!

    Selling real estate, indeed something where what my dad said to me when he was amongst the living applies to real estate sales. “I’m too poor to buy cheap things…” Ultimately, you will get what you pay for and we can prove it from our Sales Track Record.

    First time or Veteran buyers – You need to be educated before jumping into any real estate market. We take our time with our home and real estate buyers so they are getting the best deal possible when wanting to make the largest investment of their lives. In addition, there is no hidden agenda, we want our buyers to know how to utilize any real estate market to get the BEST Advantage! We are only able to stay at the top 1% of Realtors with our clients referring us to their friends, family and others!

    Paris is for a Person – my Partner in Real estate since 1999. I am Connor – LAPD Cop for a long while, working various assignments – including Firearms/Tactics and Motors, hence I was the “911”. That is Paris911 in a nutshell and here are more articles about us and our SCV661 Team

    We put in the good with the bad. It is me being transparent. With any “bad reviews”, we are sure to reply and if we messed up, then I’m the first to admit it!!!

    This is an absolutely AMAZING real estate team!!!! Paris and Connor are easy to work with, honest, fierce with negotiations buy/sell side, and just all in all a professional team!  They sold our T-home in Aliso Viejo about 6 months ago and assisted us in buying our new AMAZING home for less than list!  We ended up with several thousands in equity upon move-in!  THEY ARE JUST THAT GOOD!  I highly recommend them for all ur RE needs!

    Paris and Connor just helped us close on a home in 26 days! We weren’t sure if we should purchase a home as the home prices just kept going up. We waited another few months and sure enough, the prices just kept creeping up.

    We finally said it was time to buy and gave Connor our criteria.  Connor was able to drill down the exact area and home we were looking for in just 3 days by searching all listings, not just the new ones and was able to find us a house that had been on the market for almost 6 months.

    Connor told us that the home was on the market for so long because it had been over priced and went stale and that most agents won’t show their buyers older listings or over priced listings because they are a waste of their time. But not Connor.

    He suggested we write an offer on the property and that he and Paris would talk to the listing agent to see if they could talk some sense into the sellers.

    The end result is that Connor and Paris made this deal work by speaking to the listing agent.  I really believe we got this house because of the reputation of Connor and Paris have in Santa Clarita.

    Had we chose some new agent or out of area agent, I don’t think we would be living in our home right now.

    And did I tell you they got us in in 26 days won a VA loan?  Near impossible.

    I had worked with Connor for many years as a vendor and he’s just a great guy to work with. Then, I was in need of real estate assistance to short sell my condo, so I contacted Connor for info on what to do. During the first meeting everything that we needed to do was explained to us. When we had any questions during the process, we would email or call, and everyone involved would respond very quickly. The whole process was so quick and easy, we had many offers on the condo the first week of showing. A painless experience! Thanks Connor!

    We had a list of agents to interview as we prepared to sell our home.  Conner & Paris happened to fit on our calendar first.  We spent 30 minutes with Conner and cancelled the rest of our interviews and have never looked back!

    The reasons to do business with the Paris911 team:

    1) High integrity, straight-forward business style…..they treat you as if you were family and look out for your best interest constantly.  Communication and followup were never an issue, and I actually had to hustle to keep up with them!

    2)  Their experience allows them to provide solid advice and guidance…..Conner is so good that he gives market reports on the internet at a level that adds value for everyone in the buying/selling process,  including other agents!!!!

    3) They have a high-quality team of employees and related business partners that are top notch…..all of them are “best-in-class” and actually exceeded our expectations throughout our transaction.

    4)  Conner & Paris play at a level that allows them to have direct, personal relationships with the large banks, escrow companies, and all of the related service providers that they need to leverage.

    What sold me initially was the way they sell their own company…take a look at their web site; their marketing program is all “home-grown” and like nothing I have ever seen in the real estate industry….I wanted that level of salesmanship used to sell my house….and it worked flawlessly!

    Lastly, Conner and Paris are real people….they have kids, they are a family and their core-values matched ours, which made doing business with them an awesome experience.

    If this review sounds to good to be true, I had not met Conner until I walked into his office a few months ago….I am writing this review as a “thank you” to their whole team….I sincerely wish I could give he and his team 10-stars!!!

    I know for a fact you have never regretted being prepared!  This is the same. Never approach real estate, buying or selling, without the proper preparation. We Prepare our Real Estate Clients and arm them with all the necessary tools in our Real Estate Consultation Meeting!

    Paris MacIvor Team Leader of MacIvor and Associates HQ’d at REMAX. Paris became a real estate consultant, representative and Realtor in 1999.

    After achieving a BS in Biopsychology – a short time with the LASD, in public service and in the property management fields, she became a Realtor after we were taken when we bought our first home!

    Paris’ mission is to make sure our clients are well protected on a 360 degree scale. She also is the seasoned negotiator within the real estate transaction.

    Paris MacIVOR CABRE: 01256647 – REMAX of Santa Clarita, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. 661.284.5430

    [/et_pb_team_member][et_pb_team_member admin_label=”Person” name=”Connor %22with honor%22 MacIvor 661-400-1720″ position=”Realtor” image_url=”” animation=”off” background_layout=”light” facebook_url=”” twitter_url=”” google_url=”” linkedin_url=”” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]

    When we bought our first home in 1996, our agent took us for a ride that almost cost Paris and I $20,000.00. I was an LAPD motor cop at the time and Paris was finishing up her degree from CSUN and working in property management.  It was horrible, to say the least. The first good “thing” to come out of it was that we made the agent make it right. Second, in 1998 and 1999 respectively – We became Realtors and protect and serve our real estate clientele!

    Please connect with me via my social media channels below.  I’d love you to see more of what I’m about, besides the holding hands and long walks on the beach thing…. 🙂

    Plus – it will help us to become closer so I may earn your trust and eventually your business.  I’m here to protect and serve all of your Real Estate Needs!!!

    Connor MacIVOR CABRE: 01238257 – REMAX of Valencia, 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. 661.284.5429


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