Schools and Santa Clarita / Southern California School Boundaries and Districts

    Number one Santa Clarita school resource for homesSearching for the Santa Clarita and Southern Schools, School Boundaries and School Districts?  Look no further. I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I’m your local Realtor who cares about your ultimate real estate outcome.

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    When it comes to looking to sell and move up, buy for the first time, or relocate where schools are a paramount driving force, this is the school and real estate search engine you should be using.

    If you are working on an iPhone or iPad – you will not be able to utilize this School Boundary and School District search engine.

    Go back to your laptop, desktop or android device where Flash can be used and you will be able to use this awesome School Search Engine for real estate.

    This system is brought to you by me and Home Junction. This Spatial Match search engine expands on what can be done within the online realm as it relates to real estate search. It’s expansive, responsive and offers a niche home search by lifestyle that is unequaled with online real estate search engines.

    Plus, one of the better benefits is the fact you won’t be spammed as a result of using our Home Search engine by School Boundaries and School Districts. I’m the only person, Connor T. MacIvor, that will see any of your personal information and whom you will be dealing with personally.

    Below, the engine has been loaded onto this page showing the current real estate listings with the school boundaries activated – The large disks with numbers inside of them – reflecting the current real estate inventory. Just hovering over one of the numbered disks will show you the city and corresponding zip code of the homes, condos and townhomes which are currently for sale.

    The smaller dots with the blue centers are the local Schools – both private and public elementary, middle and high schools have been selected. If you want additional information or to change the results – just click on the Lifestyle Tab on the right of the home search engine. It’s orange with the bicyclist on it.

    As far as the boundaries for Schools and the School District lines – you can change those within other areas by hovering over them to see which boundary they are identified as, plus to go the “Areas” button, the purple one, on the right of the screen to change the rendering.

    As with all real estate searches, verify with the school directly to ensure you are buying the real estate in the correct school district. When you click on the school within the area of the home which is for sale, you will get the phone number. Call and follow up with whom you spoke with on the phone. This would be the person who gave you the green light to proceed with the home purchase due to the home being within the school boundary you desire.

    I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I’m proud to be your Realtor! Let me know when you are ready for my assistance.

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