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    Buying a Single Family Home in Santa Clarita

    First, let me explain what a Single Family Residence qualifies as. A SFR, Single Family Residence or home is one that is standing alone.

    There are two types of SFR’s – those which are attached and those which are detached.

    Both do not have anyone living above or below the single family home. An attached single family home is going to have traditional front and back yards.

    What people consider Single Family Homes, for the most part, are the detached ones. Those which are stand alone in nature and do not share any walls.

    Most people consider Single Family homes as those having 4 plus walls, a traditional roof – either flat or pitched, a foundation, where the home is attached to – by means of a slab or raised foundation.

    Some of the items which a person doesn’t normally consider when looking for single family homes is that they may share fences. This becomes more apparent when the fence breaks and you need to contact your neighbor in order to get their permission/cooperation to fix it.

    SFR’s with Fenced Yards in Santa Clarita

    Most of the Single family homes in Santa Clarita Valley are stand alone with shared fences. Some of the single family homes in SCV also have HOA’s – home owners associations.

    Look at the Single Family homes with Homeowners Associations

    View Single Family Homes without Homeowners Associations

    Single family homes in Santa Clarita Valley California are most commonly considered to have private pools.

    View the Santa Clarita Single Family homes with private pools

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