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    A majority of the current real estate market is short sale in nature.  Those are properties where the owners are attempting to sell them at less than what’s owed to the banks.  In some cases – we are talking Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.  In fact, we have handled several that were over the Million Dollar mark – where we were successful in Negotiating with the banks involved to take 1/2 of the amount owed.Having a hard time buying a pre foreclosure - or any property for that matter

    That is where the real “money” is earned.  When we have to play the game, find the “right person” at the bank or banks.  Once they are found that is when the “new negotiation set” starts.  Most of the time, up until the time we find the “right person”, we have already bled out everyone we could, at the banks, for our Short Sale Sellers.

    It’s amazing what Chocolates and flowers to do get help with the Bank’s Short Sale Department.  We have seen both.  Remember when you were growing up?  That kid that just wined, wined and wined some more?  Most of the adults gave in at some point – remember?  That is a tactic that is under utilized with the banks and their short sale departments.  However, the “begging” needs to accompany “real life” justification as well.  (we are dealing with adults 🙂 )

    There are many “strategies” that we implement to assist our short sale clients.  Give us a call to find out how we can best help you.

    Here are the 7 most recent additions to the Santa Clarita Short Sale and Pre-foreclosure inventory.  Have a look.  If you are someone that has been contemplating a short sale – click here.

    If you know anyone that has been considering a short sale but wants more information about the process – click here.

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