Santa Clarita Rental Values for Investors and Landlords

    home prices, rental strategy in Santa ClaritaWe are not property managers. We don’t cloud our services by investing in the same circles as our clients.

    We, the SCVnest Team at REMAX of California, sell Rental and Leases for our Investor Clients!

    Search for all Rentals and Leases Actively for Rent!

    We are local Real Estate agents that are all about service and protection as it relates to real estate.

    When it comes to you, being an investor – aka landlord, having one rental property or a dozen, there are times to liquidate a rental or two and change up your investment strategy.

    Sometimes, that “Changing up” means finding out what your Santa Clarita Rental is worth.

    Looking at your property from my vantage point, as being the Realtor you hired to sell it, means taking into account more than just listing it as if it were “owner occupied”.

    What are the terms of the lease and what “restrictions” will that provide for you when it comes to selling it.

    How are your “tenants” going to handle the fact you are wanting to sell the home, condo or townhome they have been renting from you?

    Are your tenants going to allow showings of the home without you having to pull “legal” strings?

    We are very skilled at getting the tenants of the world to help you achieve your goal. Even if you have been using a property management company, a “breath of fresh air” is often welcomed.

    We also look at the property for “other investors” that may be interested in keeping the tenants in place and to not interrupt the flow of rental income.

    At the end of the day, it’s going to be the person(s) that will bring the most money to the table with the best type of financing!

    Property management companies, typically develop an adversarial relationship between themselves and the tenants.  This does not happen by any direct action or enforcement, it seems to just happen due to the pecking order and the relationships as they are.

    When you have a property management company and what them to sell your investment property, that usually creates issues you may not expect.

    Instead of hiring an “outside” party, sticking with the current property management company could also throw up unforeseen roadblocks between you and your getting your property sold.

    Think about it, you probably do not know your tenants very well, if at all. They have been in communication with the property management company. Heck, that is why you hired them. The property management company, while they are under contract with you, they have a “different” relationship with your tenants.

    Could it be that they are “giving the tenants” advice on the side, without your knowledge?

    Maybe they know, you are not going to use them to sell your property. They won’t be making that commission, and they may do whatever they can to make it difficult for you to sell the investment property.

    Hiring your own Realtor to sell an investment property is always a benefit for you.

    You see, I won’t have a “prospective renter” for the home you are wanting to sell. I don’t have any renters! We don’t do property management.

    I won’t have any “pocket buyer” including the tenants. I believe that any home should be advertised to the masses before any offers are reviewed and subsequently accepted.

    It maybe that the tenants are the ‘most qualified’ and willing to pay the most amount of $$$. While you take that under submission, the property should also hit the market in a grand advertising way, as we do with our sellers listings.

    There are a few property management companies that do not do seller representation. They only handle leasing and property management. At first glance, this makes you feel good. It would seem they don’t have any “interest” in the selling of your home, but they will have “agents to refer” you to!

    Those agents are going to be paying a referral fee to those from the property management company who are referring their services to you! That’s probably why they get so pushy when recommending agents!!!

    Therefore, the property management company really does have an interest in the sale of your Santa Clarita Rental property.

    I don’t mean to make any of these scenarios sound horrible. Many times they work out. I am saying that it is always best to hire your own real estate representative when it comes to selling a Santa Clarita – Valencia or a Southern California Rental property!

    All I care about is your safety and protection and getting the rental property sold to the most qualified buyer, using the best financing with the highest offering price!



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