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    How are you going to get the most money for your home and who will you be trusting to do that?

    Publication print and other forms of non Internet advertising are going by the wayside when we are seeing that the 90% of the buyers in the world are starting their search online. This means that real estate signs have not lost their effectiveness – they have remained the about the same – but they are no longer the best way to sell a home. The Internet passed them back in 2002.

    Today, the Internet as become the most powerful tool in the Paris911 Arsenal – in fact, we are seeing that when we blend social media, Face book and Twitter, with our Internet advertising – our sellers get more qualified buyers asking about their home for sale than with other listings in the market.

    We have tested both models – we have spoken with agents that have local listings as well – we have found that if they are on utilizing all of the internet – their sellers homes are falling short of the market.

    Here is a single approach to our Santa Clarita Real Estate Seller Representation Model – In fact, this is only talking about our building platform. 

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