Santa Clarita real estate market research parameters

    I use a specific real estate market analysis model that I have found my real estate sellers and home buyers love. It’s not overridden with conjecture and opinion. So many online real estate opinions are scripted to be the catalyst for some type of buying or selling decision on the behalf of a “Real Estate Expert”.

    To me – that is a bad use of a real estate license and website. 🙂

    When I talk about the Santa Clarita real estate market I have particular parameters that I use in the formulation of the market statistics.

    When you are ready, please reach out to me to be your guide. I know you have about a bazillion choices when it comes to real estate agents. I know I will be your very best choice within the Santa Clarita Valley real estate venue. I’m Connor MacIvor, contact me when ready.

    Here is the intel:

    Analysis Defined for the Santa Clarita real estate market

    • Cities defined. Most times I related specific city intel. Santa Clarita Valley is the overall area, my market updates are broken down into 6 cities within.
    • I then give intel related to the number of active listings broken down into specifics, designated as housing type. Some monthly reports talk about townhome activity in Valencia CA, for example.
    • Escrow Defined – there are two names in the MLS for homes that are within escrow. Those are justified and rendered as I announce their specific categories.
      • Active under contract – those properties which are still available for showing due to a potentially fickle offer being accepted.
      • Pending – this status is also explained during my Santa Clarita housing market update. This is a much more secure position that the home seller has with the offer they had accepted.
    • Closed / Sold – These are the number of real estate inventory that closed during the past month.
      • Closed at Higher – Those homes that sold for more than the list price.
      • Closed at Less – Those SCV homes that sold for less than the listing price.
    • Some of the “housecleaning” items pertain to those homes that were on the Santa Clarita real estate market for sale that did not make the distance – here are those types I talk about:
      • Expired – a home that did not sell within contractual time frames. Typical listing times for my home sellers are 6 months, which is a local Santa Clarita real estate industry norm.
      • Canceled – These are real estate listings that were canceled by the sellers, most often. Of course, a real estate agent could “cancel” a real estate listing but may run into trouble with the home seller, if the home seller is not in agreement.
      • Hold – the property has been put on HOLD. This could be something happened with the seller, maybe sick, maybe hospitalized, maybe on vacation and they don’t want the home shown in their absence – this status runs the imagination to infinity.
      • Withdrawn – a real estate listing that occupies a difference status – withdrawn pertains to a listing that was not canceled but removed without any of the negative connotations that “canceled” may indicate.

    There are many moving parts for any real estate market. When I address the current market statistics I also like to reference the month prior. Breaking down each city is also very important to grasp a full understanding.

    Real Estate is not an inexpensive venture. Anything that takes 30 years to pay off for more people, that’s expensive.

    Anything that you will be selling paying as much as 8% commission to sell, potentially making hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit, that’s expensive.

    Hire smart and be sure that I’m on your “interview” invite list. I will tell you this. One of the sales tactics that agents will use is to get you to sign the contract after the lock you down about not having any objections that would prevent you from signing the contract.

    They also add they’d be happy to call the other agents on your list so you don’t have to. Don’t give into pressure. I don’t ask you hire me and not interview anyone else. I only ask you to include me on the interview list so I may show you how much I think you are worth as a boss.

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