Santa Clarita real estate agents being reviewed on Yelp for Realtors

    Yelp.  Some cannot stand their review system, and some swear by it.

    I think it is generational. My generation wants to experience things for our selves and form our own opinion.

    It seems that my son’s generation won’t give anything a chance until they see what a stranger/strangers said about it.

    Including movies, restaurants, and service providers.

    I know that I have seen reviews of movies that were horrible, but I enjoyed the movie immensely.  I’m glad that I gave it a chance and did not rely on the reviews.

    It works the other way too – I have seen movies that won many awards, but thought they were horrible.

    Interesting the way that works.

    The same applies to some of the ON-line review websites.

    Some are built using the reviews they want to display and by not displaying all of the reviews that have been left on their platform for the public to form their own opinion.

    I suppose that some people need their mind made up for them.  I have not met very many of those people and just the thought of having someone think that way, no to mention a review website, does a great job at enraging folks.

    Yelp is one such company. They have something called “Filtered” reviews.  Those reviews that don’t make it to the front page, but are left, nonetheless, on their review site.  (I suppose that I should be happy they are left on their website and not deleted from existence…) 🙂

    filtered reviews on yelp
    local real estate agents

    To get to the “filtered” reviews, you have to find the small text that looks like this:  

    When the visitor to Yelp clicks on the link, they then get taken to a page with filtered results. There is also a video showing why these reviews did not make Yelp’s cut to be on the home page and factored into the business that had been reviewed.

    The reason I have posted this page is to keep the record straight about having our Santa Clarita real estate team reviewed so many times, when those reviews did not make the cut.

    BTW – We are happy to give prospective clients the phone numbers of those that left reviews on Yelp, where those reviews did not make yelp’s cut.

    Keeping in our Transparent ways, we want everyone to know that the reviews are totally real, not solicited, and by real people that had utilized the Top Santa Clarita real estate team at REMAX as their real estate provider…

    Below is an example of a screen shot of the first review that was placed on the Yelp Filtered Reviews Page:

    Real Review not being able to render on Yelp

    Yelp Review for Paris911 REMAX Real Estate team 5 star

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