Santa Clarita Open Houses

    If you are wanting to find and see all of the open houses being hosted in the Santa Clarita Valley you have come to the right place. Besides having all the current open houses posted, I will give you some things to watch out for so you don’t have any issues later on. If you are a homeowner and have come across this page because you are expecting your home to have sold during its open house, I have some information pertaining to your expectations.

    The first dozen Santa Clarita open houses

    To see them all – click on the “See More” button to the right of the title. You will then see the page populate with every single open house listings that are going to be held, or is in the process, within the Santa Clarita Valley.

    The cities will include, for your information, Acton, Agua Dulce, Canyon Country, Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia. Each of the open houses that are going to be hosted will be placed within the above listings.

    You will know that the agents themselves have to register their open houses with the Multiple Listing Service. That is how I have access and how some of the other websites are able to display them. However, my results are because I’m a Realtor. I’m authorized by the Board of Realtors to display all of the Santa Clarita Open houses. I have to maintain my membership as a Realtor in Good Standing with the National Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and the Southland Regional Association of Realtors. I have a very accurate system and if the agent is hosting the house open, you will see it at

    When visiting Santa Clarita open houses in person

    You may be driving around, if that is the case you can stop safely and use your mobile phone with it’s GPS, the global positioning system (local), engaged, then our Santa Clarita Open House site will return with those listings on a Map for you to view which are being held open.

    Click on the Map Below to see the current Santa Clarita open houses being held in the SCV cities.

    Map Search Santa Clarita open houses

    This Open Houses in Santa Clarita Map shows you where the current open houses are being held.

    When you arrive at the homes being held open, you are going to be approached and spoken to, that is if the agent or the lender isn’t already engaged with another. They may interrupt themselves to tell you to please register with your name and contact information which will be used to obtain feedback on how you liked the home for the seller.

    Don’t Do It! If you were working with me or working with another ultra capable real estate agent, my instruction would be that you don’t leave who you are anywhere – online or in person.

    The why is as follows. Registering is going to put your personal and private information within the hands of the person you are leaving it with. That person is a real estate agent and that real estate agent wants to be your real estate agent. Even if you already have a real estate agent, I bet you dollars to donuts that they will pursue you anyway. It’s unethical, but unfortunately┬áthe nature of the real estate business.

    If you register or give up who you are in any way at a new home or with a new home builder’s agent, you are giving up your right to have a FREE new home expert Realtor working on your side and not the new home builder’s side. If you do register you will be stuck having to work with the new home builders real estate agent.

    If you were going to go after someone with a lawsuit, there is no way that you’d want them to be able to hire your attorney, would you? You want your own attorney and they have their own. This gives you the advantage if your attorney is the best in the business.

    The same applies to real estate. I bet in 10 years, as I have stated before, Dual Agency – the ability for the seller’s agent on a real estate transaction is able to represent the home buyer within the same transaction, will be against the law in the State of California.

    There are a bunch of states where this is already illegal and Canada will join their ranks to prohibiting dual agency in 2019.

    Before it’s in legal writing and accepted into law, you want to hire your own agent and ensure they are being informed as to what open houses you are viewing so they can keep informed.

    As far as registering for the homeowner to be able to have their real estate agent or real estate representative follow up with you about how you liked or disliked their open house, that is something you should let your real estate agent do for you.

    If you don’t have a Santa Clarita real estate agent, and if you are visiting an open house, just say Connor and Paris represent you. Put down my phone number 661.400.1720 and all will be well. The agent will call me, I’ll contact you and the rest will be history. You will not be spammed or have your personal information sold or traded to anyone.

    Santa Clarita open houses which are already sold

    This one really chaps my hide. To have open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley which are already in escrow, having an accepted off on them but still being held open anyway. There can be “excuses” given as to why this is happening. Some would say they had the open house scheduled for the past week and want to go through with it because of all the effort put into it’s being advertised.

    If memory serves, it takes me about 1.5 minutes to advertise the open house so it’ll show up on all the real estate syndication websites, on, and on Santa Clarita, Open – To take it down is even faster. That is only an excuse and not something that is actually real.

    I’m of course speaking about the online channel related to Santa Clarita Open Houses – What about the mailers and door knocking. What a great opportunity to inform the neighborhood that you have sold another one! If that is too late, maybe you can reverse your course and re door knock the homes which you knocked on originally and let them know you “sold another one” and you can also sell theirs.

    Some will let the open house continue anyway and use the event to attempt to obtain more clients that will want to work with said agents. It is what it is if you are visiting an open house only to discover it’s in escrow, then you have a handle on how that may have occurred.

    Santa Clarita open houses which are not for sale

    There is another type of open house which is held in Santa Clarita at a home that is not on the “official” market for sale. These are quite rare because there are rules against this type of advertisement and marketing within the Board of Realtors code of ethics. However, not all real estate agents are Realtors, and this happens. The thing that you should do is inquire as to whether or not the home is really for sale. Find out if the home is really for sale. You will mostly run into these types of Santa Clarita open houses within the websites that are real estate syndication in nature.

    The website where a singular real estate agent can upload a home that they say is for sale, as a premarket listing or a coming soon listing.

    Those real estate syndication websites say that they “enforce” those types of listings, but how can they really? Do they drive around the Santa Clarita Valley neighborhoods hoping to stumble on one of these criminal types of open houses? No, maybe through other agent feedback, but most agents are not frequenting the open houses that are being listed as held open. They are going out to look at homes and real estate in preview mode alone, or with their real estate clients.

    If you are seeing an open house on the street as you are driving by that is not contained in the “official site” for Santa Clarita Open Houses, you may be walking into a trap. Ask the person who is hosting the open house why, why is the home not on the open house list? You may be surprised to see then draw a blank and maybe give some type of excuse like the seller did not want it to be on the “official” list.

    I love hearing about Santa Clarita open houses that are kept from the Board of Realtors – Call me when this happens with the address and time you visited with what you were told. I’ll do my follow up.

    The agents who host Santa Clarita Open Houses

    Who is the agent that is sitting in the open house? Maybe they are the “official” listing agent. Most often, they will not be. They are going to be some assistant, a buyers agent or another agent entirely. There are many a time when open houses are listed by out of area agents. Those agents want to have the home hosted open so they contact the local agents to see if there is any interest in doing so. Of course, most agents jump at these opportunities because it helps them get more real estate clients and it’s free. Just understand that when you go into an open house it’s not necessarily being held open by an agent that has any connection to the listing agent.

    There may also be a real estate lender on hand. Some agents set this up so that they have their preferred real estate lender present with them during the open house. This saves time if the agent hosting the open house finds one of those visiting the open house that has not been pre-approved for a home loan but is serious to start the process. To have a lender on hand that is able to inform, run the number and returns with an approval, or pre-approval, that a bit of fried gold.

    Santa Clarita open houses and the investigations

    During the open house being hosted, you may find a real estate agent that takes a shine and true interest in what you want to achieve as part of your real estate goals. Most open houses, less than 1%, actually sell during the open house and to a person that was viewing the open house.

    You may sit down with the real estate lender and they may get the numbers they will need to run your credit profile. To check on your FICO score and to get other documents from you like showing what funds you have for a down payment. Give you information on how you are able to obtain a gift to assist with your home purchase. They may also give you suggestions on how you can improve your credit profile simply in order to get a better interest rate.

    When I host an open house, I want to be as informative as possible. I’m here to inform and show those who are viewing the open house what they should be looking for when viewing real estate.

    I want to walk them throughout the home and talk about the “under sink” activity. I want to show them the HVAC unit and talk about that, is it newer, has it been serviced and what will it cost when it breaks down. What about the compressor for the Air Conditioner? What kind of shape is it in? Looking at the hot water heater, or the piping which may be visible, is it copper or some other type, was it replaced recently?

    What type of roof is on the home, what kind of shape is it in? Was there any inspection done recently or preventative maintenance that the homeowners routinely do to keep their home in tip-top shape?

    These are good for a home buyer to know and to look into when looking at a potential home they want to buy.

    The other things that I bring to the prospective home buyers attention when they are viewing Santa Clarita open houses are the neighborhood layout. Where are the homes located that will have the biggest impact on the home buyers home ownership? Why does this matter and why should a Santa Clarita home buyer care?

    Have you ever lived next to a neighbor that you could not stand? Maybe they were just mean because it was fun to be mean? Maybe it was a time from your youth when your dad, mom or sibling had issues with a next door neighbor? Doing research on this front for a Santa Clarita home buyer is important.

    There are issues when buying real estate when a home buyer is not directed by a knowledgeable and experienced real estate expert. After the contract is agreed on by all parties, and when escrow starts the home buyer needs to go to those “identified” homes and knock on their doors. They need to see what the reaction is by the occupant. They need to tell them, “Hey, we are buying the home next door, what can you tell us about what you like or dislike about living here?”

    This is what I want – I want my home buyers to always remember that I had their back. I am the only one that was watching out for them to the highest degree when they were using me to be their real estate representative.

    Home Sellers and Santa Clarita Open Houses

    If you are a home seller understand that every single listing agents, for the most part, will impress upon you the importance of having them conduct an open house. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I want to point out some things you may not know and leave the decision up to you.

    Open houses don’t sell homes, the internet does. The better placed your agents is online, the more likely your home is going to sell for more money, with better terms, and with better offers. Open houses only sell the home less than 1% of the time.

    Open houses allow your neighbors to view your home. You cannot stop who comes into your open house, nor can your agent. The first visitors are typically your neighbors.

    Open houses don’t care who wants to visit. Sometimes bad people enter open houses to steal or record to come back later to steal or to do harm.

    Open houses don’t care if those viewing your home have an agent, are pre-approved or if they are just viewing your open house for entertainment.

    Open houses are great for real estate agents to obtain new clients!

    I’m Connor and I am sorry if I have been too direct. It’s my nature. Be safe.

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