Santa Clarita homes with downstairs bedrooms

    We, at the Paris911 Team at REMAX, are the downstairs bedroom experts.  We have scrubbed all of the available listings in the Santa Clarita Cities for the homes that offer a downstairs bathroom and bedroom.

    For the purposes of this search and our Real Estate team working with those Buyers that are looking for residences with downstairs bedrooms, this portal has been put together to cover all of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    Some of these homes won’t have a closet in the room that has been denoted as a bedroom.  Some of the “intel” is a bit short of accurate, just due to some Realtors not giving it their best diligence.  However, I can ensure you we will get out to these properties and gather the intel for those of you that are interested.

    These types of homes are very attractive to the youth of today that are becoming responsible for taking care of their parents as they get older. The homes and residences with bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs are perfect.  Their parents, those they are taking care of don’t have to walk up the stairs.  Another plus is those residences that also have laundry downstairs, when someone is going to have to take care of their elderly parents.

    However, the “laundry being upstairs”, is always more attractive to our clients that are going to use the downstairs bedroom as an office.  What is your flavor?  How are you going to use that downstairs room?

    If you are looking for other areas in Southern California that have homes with downstairs bedrooms – click here.

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