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    Santa Clarita Popular Features home search: (links mentioned and described in narrative below)

    Santa Clarita Waterfront homes – Homes which face water – close and which have their property line in place with no obstruction from being in pole position when it comes to the particular body of water.

    New Construction homes in Santa Clarita Valley – These are homes which have just been built. Never owned by any person. Never lived in. Only new construction homes and new homes in the Santa Clarita Valley. As an aside – these are not all of them. These homes on the new construction link are only those in which the home builder wants them placed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service. If you want an exhaustive list – View New Santa Clarita Homes (dot) com.

    Santa Clarita homes with a Garage – Whether the garage is attached or detached, this link above will show you all the Santa Clarita City homes for sale that have a garage of some sort.

    Santa Clarita pool homes – This link (above) will show you all of the Santa Clarita homes for sale now with pools. Above Ground, Below Ground, Community, neighborhood or private pools will be part of the Santa Clarita listings on that Custom Search Page.

    Fireplace Homes in Santa Clarita Valley – This link (above) will show you all of the homes which are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley that have a fireplace. Gas, wood, new, old, any home, condo or town-home with a fireplace which is for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley will be at the above link.

    First Level – Main Level Master Bedrooms – This link (above) will give you all of the homes, condo’s and town-homes which are for sale that have a downstairs master bedroom in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. This references Master Bedrooms – those which contain a full or 3/4 bathroom and which have been built as part of the main home level.

    Remodeled homes in the Santa Clarita Valley – This list will be the homes in which the seller’s have indicated that they have been remodeled. Remodeled is considered quite elaborate, however – the variation of the “remodeling” is always called into question. Search “Remodeled” homes in the Santa Clarita Valley by clicking on the link at the start of this Santa Clarita real estate featured search article.

    Santa Clarita homes with Basements – A basement is a subterranean room. A room which typically has been built before the home construction started. Basements are typically shorter than normal space as will be contained on the first home level. Basements are used for storage of in case of natural disasters which involve wind which can destroy Earth Level Improvements (homes). We don’t see basements in the Santa Clarita Cities, for the most part. However, some Santa Clarita homes have basements – check out these listings if you want a basement equipped Santa Clarita Home.

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    If you want to see the “other search parameters” for Santa Clarita real estate and the real estate for sale in Greater Los Angeles (including southern California) – check this out – See the Featured Search for Real estate in So. Cal.

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