5 BEST Rental and Lease Tips and more suggestions from the real estate sage

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    Hi – I’m Connor with HONOR MacIvor and I’d imagine you are on this page because you have found me online as a rental resource?

    You may have found my name associated with rentals and leases in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    For the record. I want to help you to the best of my ability. I will run the recon on any rental or lease listing you send me with ZERO in expectation.

    My official title is “Realtor” and I represent real estate buyers and real estate sellers only. Tenants and Leasors – I leave that to the new agents or those who are working in property management.

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    However, I will tell you that I will be happy to help you get into touch with the leasing agent.

    If you are entering into the real estate realm, wanting to rent properties, here are some of my best tips.

    Watch out where you are searching for home rentals

    There are creeps out in the world that want to take your money.

    Giving cash deposits, when demanded to, can equate to you giving up your hard earned money for nothing.

    Not verifying who is who in the rental zoo, can also cause you issues. For example, what if the person who is saying they represent the homeowner is not who they say they are? What is the apparent rental is not even for rent? Maybe the rental is only for sale? Maybe the rental you are looking at is just an abandoned home or a vacant one with only spring and fall occupancy?

    If you are online, research who owns the website and then do your due diligence.

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    Cash is king and cash is also a problem

    If you are seeing that the person representing the landlord is only accepting cash deposits, that is an issue. Maybe it’s legit, but that is a weak “maybe” at best.

    Watch out for those who are only taking Cash Deposits.

    Non-MLS based rentals

    The MLS – Multiple Listing Service, owned by the Board of Realtors. There are rules to list homes in the MLS – such as the most current Santa Clarita MLS based rentals.

    When you encounter a company, a property management company, who is not willing to list their rentals for their landlords in the MLS, that is a sign to recognize. Maybe they really don’t have any realtors who are realtors and members of the MLS and Board of Realtors.

    However, if I were operating a property management company, I would make that mandatory!

    No access due to occupancy

    This is a good old ripe strategy to rip you off. This one is typically associated with cash deposits. Just be wary when someone says you cannot view the rental and that you need to give up money up front to ensure you are placed on the list.

    The List – usually does not exist, the same goes for the property they say is for rent.

    Selling your personal information

    I sell homes and represent buyers and sellers of homes. Anyone that goes to my SCVnest.com or any other website which I own and gives up any personal info, I keep that info private. I keep their information to me and me alone.

    Others? They sell your personal and private information to agents, lenders, grocery stores, big box stores, home improvement warehouses and more. Don’t be too quick to give up who you are without knowing where that information is going to go.

    Bottom line – I’m Connor and I don’t represent tenants, renters and those looking to lease residential real estate.

    However, I want to be of the best help I can. If you see a rental online, hit me up. I’ll recon it and give you the leasing agents information so you can contact them directly.

    “TRUMP” deposits and other monies

    Some landlords will want you to pay for your own credit report run. It should not break the bank. Maybe they will settle for you turning over a copy from one of the free credit reporting bureaus or even credit karma?

    How much are animals? Some landlords charge a premium for pets, do your due diligence and ensure it’s not something where they are taking unfair advantage of you as a renter.

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