Santa Clarita REMAX GatewayWe had a lot of choices when we became Santa Clarita business owners in Real Estate representation and consultation.

    The year was 1998 and we were already living, albeit for a short time, in the Santa Clarita Valley within the City of Newhall.

    The agent we used really took unfair advantage of us regarding what he was supposed to disclose and what he did not disclose. He knew way too much about the seller, who was also a realtor, he knew about the home and the plumbing issues which were hidden from Paris and I, he knew other items related to the home which he nor the seller disclosed to us.

    I will tell you that there are issues with a home seller maybe not disclosing things they forgot about, maybe they made an error and maybe they are lying and omitting information on purpose. I know that the later is extremely rare when it comes to home sellers. They are concerned about future implications related to lying to their prospective home buyer.

    RE/MAX was our choice due to their sheer power. I came from, what I consider, the most successful police department in the world. The Los Angeles Police Department. I was ready for my second chapter in life after concluding 17 years full time and with having an overlapping 5 additional years as a Full Line Reserve Police Officer, 22 years total service.

    Paris was my partner starting in 1999 and I’m glad she came aboard to be the full time end of our Santa Clarita real estate team. We started embracing the limited technology that existed at the time. The internet was not much to shake a stick at. However, as soon as the internet continued to develop, I grabbed ahold of it and made sure our sellers and buyers were well served by the systems I built within the online channels.

    REMAX of California – REMAX of Hawaii – REMAX International all are part of the same brokerage. REMAX maintains the lions portion of the real estate listings and buyer representation all over the world, including where we have been representing buyers and sellers of real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

    If you google REMAX of Santa ClaritaREMAX of Valencia, you will see that we, our local real estate brands – goSCV – SCVnest – Paris911, and others are at the top of the local Google and Bing business locations for business.

    This is not by mistake. This was completed via hard work and a lot of time dedicated to keeping ahead of the world wide web learning curve, which others “pass along to others”, to get it done. The issue I have always had with the online channels and others doing it for me was the fact that they were not me. They will never be Connor T. MacIvor, and they are not as experienced or knowledgeable about real estate. They don’t have my law enforcement background and they don’t have any of the other life experience I offer. When they do “internet advertising” for me and my brand, they always miss it.

    REMAX affords my clients the top in protection and security when buying or selling real estate. REMAX also is big enough to exhibit true power when it comes to brand and name recognition, which assists sellers in the selling of their homes and buyers in the procurement of real estate.

    REMAX is where I hang my hat when it comes to real estate consultation and representation services for my Santa Clarita and Southern California home buyers and sellers of real estate.

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