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    You will find a plethora of search results that correspond to REMAX of Valencia. However, I will tell you that not everything is as it seems.

    While you may have confidence you are searching or finding a real live REMAX of Valencia Realtor, you may be looking at a snapshot from the past. A past when the agent showing up on the search results pages was with REMAX of Valencia until they either were forced to leave or left on their own.

    Either way, looking at my real estate career that started in 1998, I am not sure why anyone would leave REMAX of Valencia willingly. If it were me, I’d go kicking and screaming 🙂

    I remember when I passed the state exam. I had the brokerage where our first real estate agent worked for, but he had taken full advantage of Paris and my youthful outlook and trust we had in him as our very first Realtor. This was not a good fit for me, so I went with a brokerage I was referred to that was one of those 100% commission types. This seemed great, but when I started to get real estate listings, I had no idea as to what I was doing.

    That broker, who was absent for the most part, offered me to team up with other agents to sell the homes I had listed, but that wasn’t going to work for me because I frankly did not like the ethical views of some of them.

    Paris, my partner in life and today in our REMAX of Valencia real estate business came along and joined with me less than a year later – that was not 1999.

    She and I made some minor course corrections working for other brokerages and she cut her teeth on real estate and her learning was astounding.  Pair that ability to learn quickly and completely with more common sense than God should have allowed, make her a shrewd negotiator for our clients and the reason why we have been so successful to date. Top 1% of Realtors, that’s us!

    The next step for us both is to move to a Brokerage that we would be able to grow into and grow with after that. There was only one choice because it was founded on a strong ethical background with agents who ascribed to the right client-centric philosophy.

    RE/MAX of Valencia was our choice. We interviewed back in the early 2000’s with other local Santa Clarita real estate brokerages but were not awestruck. When we interviewed with REMAX of Valencia, that was the fit we had been looking for.

    I believe my overlapping career with the LAPD contributed a lot to mine and Paris’ decision to go with REMAX. One of those reasons had to do with me viewing of LAPD as the best law enforcement organization in the world. I did work there at the time and am honorably retired today. Other real estate companies and brokerages do a good job, but REMAX became my LAPD. Not necessarily the largest, but “no one sells more real estate than REMAX.” That was the right choice looking back to the year 2000.

    During our tenure in real estate, other real estate companies and brokerages have come and gone to the Santa Clarita Valley. Some have stuck, but most of them have agents that jump ship when times get tough and when those brokerages lack the proper support for the agents who make up their company.

    It’s not uncommon to have real estate agents moving to where the next new and shiny thing is from a business perspective. Some of the moves of late to other real estate brokerages in the Santa Clarita – Valencia areas have been those who say they have built a better mousetrap. Partnerships, ownership opportunities, stock options and profit sharing are the new real estate buzzwords being thrown around by those playing real estate’s version of musical chairs.

    As stated at the beginning of this article, that is why some of those agents are showing up. When you think you are hiring a REMAX of Valencia real estate agent, make sure you look closer to what broker they actually work for.

    REMAX has reach

    REMAX was one of the first real estate brokerages that make the move to be worldwide. This did a great job creating a worldwide real estate network and referral base which contributes mightily to relocation services.

    While this may not be something that a home buyer or seller is looking for in a real estate brokerage, it helps our Santa Clarita buyers and sellers with getting what they want from their real estate transaction.

    For our REMAX of Valencia home buyers, they can trust that they will have access to more real estate inventory that is for sale and be covered in the way of out of state, landlord absent, pocket listings – if they are currently in the present market. REMAX was involved with distressed property certifications and most of us agent were trained in their discipline. Massive benefit for a home and real estate buyer.

    For the REMAX of Valencia home sellers, the marketing advantage of is huge. Further amplified by our system which is within the organic search results on most of Google’s page 1’s as it relates to home buyer’s real estate searches and inquiries. This gives our home seller’s real estate listings much more exposure than the set it and forget it methods touted by those “non-worldwide” agents who only rely on a simple MLS upload per their seller’s homes for sale.

    Coverage is important as is work ethic and a Savvy REMAX Agent pride of getting the job completed to their real estate client’s blissful satisfaction.

    REMAX of Valencia has additional DBA’s – Doing Business As – names. For your knowledge, a REMAX of Valencia agent is the same as a REMAX of Santa Clarita agent is the same as a REMAX Gateway agent.

    When you are choosing an agent stating they work directly at one of those three Santa Clarita real estate companies, you are hiring the same REMAX brokerage in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    REMAX of Valencia has a couple of different locations for their offices in the SCV cities.

    1. REMAX of Valencia – 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381 661-284-5429 (My office)
    2. REMAX of Valencia – 27720 Dickason Drive, Valencia CA, 91355 phone number 661-400-1720 (My mobile)

    I frequent both locations depending on my real estate clients needs. My main office is the REMAX of Valencia located at 25101 The Old Road. This location is where our offices are within the building. I use a meeting room at the Dickason location, which fits well for client meetings – have laptop will travel.

    Besides these locations, one being directly off of the 5 freeway – that is the Old Road location. I meet with people at lots of “offsite” locations. The REMAX of Valencia location that is on Dickason, it a bit inland from the 5 freeway. Both REMAX locations are more 5 Freeway Friendly than 14 freeway friendly, FYI.

    During the time we have been working under the REMAX of Valencia brokerage, the broker has changed once. At first, we joined with John and Alice O’Hare. They are currently our neighbors, but back a few years ago an agent named David Randall became the broker/owner of REMAX in Valencia.

    He too is a good broker, as were John and Alice. He had a somewhat different management style, which seems to agree with most of the agents, who themselves are independent contractors and like to be treated as such.

    As an LAPD cop, the backup was very important. To know when the Sh*t hits the fan, that you will have the world descend on you to be of assistance or help! When we were interviewing brokerages in the Santa Clarita Valley, REMAX of Valencia offered me what I would have wanted at the Police Department. They helped back us up and if other agents from other brokerages or other REMAX agents got out of hand, REMAX management and it’s broker was ready, willing and able to take them to task.

    That is a huge blessing and something that most agents, especially those without tenure, consider when interviewing real estate companies.

    The time of real estate agents being bored housewives has passed. This profession requires 100% effort and ability to grow. These men and women are professionals, depending on the company and brokerage, most of which have a client-centered approach to their real estate business model.

    NO Newbee’s

    This was strange at the time when I started in real estate. Word on the street was that REMAX was not in the habit of taking newly licensed real estate agents. They had certain standards that they had implemented with regard to their hiring practices.

    When we came aboard with REMAX of Valencia, that was found out to be very true. The agents who were with REMAX were not green. They had been seasoned elsewhere before being allowed to be part of the REMAX corporation.

    There was also a requirement pertaining to having more production than to just cover agent monthly expenses. There are many different brokerages where the money to be paid by the agent to the brokerage is less. Our monthly fees are expensive but with those “expenses” we are able to use the REMAX of Valencia brand, which is a business generator itself.

    I can attribute 20% of my real estate business to being because I am a REMAX of Valencia Realtor. This is also apparent in my online presence. There are a ton of people who want to hire a real estate agent who is searching by the company name of REMAX of Valencia.

    When they see that we are at the top of those Google Results, it’s a done deal, for the most part. I always tell people to interview multiple agents, most do not, but it’s wise. When you see the difference between a real estate agent that believes in their brand and brokerage, versus a real estate agent wondering if they would jump ship, you will know it.

    I’m proud to say I have been with REMAX since 2000. I became a licensed Real Estate agent back in 1998 and Paris did in 1999. Both of us joined REMAX of Valencia at the same time and our length of time under a single brokerage is very rare in the real estate profession.

    We could go elsewhere and have less to contribute to the real estate brokerage. However, we firmly believe that doing so would harm our real estate buyers and sellers. It would make them less successful on their real estate journey. It would give our real estate buyers less access. It would provide less to our home sellers related to exposure for the listings we are selling for them.

    There are many reasons to choose wisely when it comes to your next real estate agent and to pay attention to the brokerage they are affiliated with.

    With all of the potential lawsuits and threats of lawsuits, those choices are very important. I have been representing real estate clients almost as long as I was a full-time cop and a part-time Realtor.

    Real Estate is not too similar to being a cop. However, from the service and protective aspect, I see some similarities. People want to feel secure, they want to be protected from making bad decisions as much as they want to be protected from a carjacker with a gun who springs on you when you are stopped at a stop sign.

    I get that and we have given a lot of thought to our real estate “why” and how we treat our REMAX of Valencia clientele. We treat them as family – Family we like 🙂

    Be safe. When you are ready please reach out to Paris or I. We are all over social media, within the Google Search results pages and elsewhere. Both of us are prepared to serve you as you have never been served in real estate before, or ever will! You have my word – They don’t call me Connor with HONOR for no reason.

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