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    Paris MacIvor and her REMAX of Valencia Page has been on Google Maps for quite a while. You will see her website positioned at the top of the page with her contact phone number of 661-400-3680.

    Her, Paris MacIvor’s, office address of 25101 The Old Road, Valencia CA, 91381 is also posted on the map with a red marker indicating her office located off of the 5 freeway between the Calgrove and Lyons exists in Santa Clarita Valley on the west side of the 5 freeway next to The Old Road!

    REMAX of Valencia Paris MacivorOn the map page, you will be able to see some of the photos from homes she has sold along with other information concerning the Santa Clarita real estate and the Valencia housing markets.

    I have also taken the liberty to post up how Paris MacIvor REMAX of Valencia shows up on the Search inquiry page and search results on Google. To the left of the widget on the Google Search Page showing REMAX of Valencia Paris MacIvor, real estate agency, you will see other associated properties belonging to Paris Macivor.

    The original real estate brand website of Paris911, Paris911 reviews on Yelp with 15 reviews and a bunch of filtered ones.

    You will then see Paris MacIvor on the REMAX Website for REMAX international and California/Hawaii.

    Google will show Paris on “my maps” pertaining to her REMAX of Valencia real estate business with information such as her address of 25101 The Old Road and the Paris’ Phone number.

    Looking further down the Google Search Result Page for REMAX of Valencia and Paris MacIvor, you see our main real estate online property of

    Within the Google Backend for REMAX of Valencia Paris MacIvor – we see a majority of this Google Business’ traffic comes from “discovery”, meaning that people are searching online for REMAX of Valencia and coming to Paris’ business page on Google.

    A somewhat smaller percentage of those visiting the REMAX of Valencia page come from direct traffic Рwhere they know who Paris MacIvor is and those people search deliberately for her and REMAX of Valencia.

    Google Maps results were a larger portion of the traffic that we observed on this REMAX of Valencia page for Paris MacIvor – seeing the listing on a text results page for the search was a bit smaller related to the number of showings.

    It’s so important to keep abreast of the Google impact and how it contributes to our local real estate business in Valencia California.

    BTW – REMAX of Valencia, each office independently owned and operated, Paris MacIvor CABRE 01256647. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. 661-284-5430

    Benefits of being on Google Local

    There is no place on the Google local business placement for those who are the real estate syndication websites. Real estate syndication websites are those which display real estate which real estate brokerages allow populating their websites.

    One of the main issues is Real Estate syndications are not local. They are large websites with a business model of monetization from the sale of your personal and private information. Some of the places that sites like that sell your personal information to are:

    • Real Estate agents
    • Mortgage Lenders
    • Grocery stores
    • Home Improvement stores
    • Online vendor search engines
    • and other local businesses

    They can also use your private information to track you down so social media, then have Facebook ads appear to you in conjunction with your real estate search habits. That is because you searched on one of these Real Estate syndication websites.

    If you stick to Google Local when it comes to REMAX of Valencia, or your own personal vendor or service search, you will see that you are going to only be dealing with a real local real estate agent or service provider.

    Not one of those companies that resells people to the businesses willing to pay for it. They cannot get listed on google local places for business without a phone number (easy part), and a real physical address that can be verified by the USPS, United States Postal Service (harder).

    Paris and I are both very happy with the placement and feedback we get from our real estate clients pertaining the ease of finding us online when searching with Google.

    Before Google Places for the Local Realtors, the stream was much more watered down when someone was searching for a business online.

    That is because that is when the internet was newer and when Google was not as “all-seeing” as they are now. I do remember those days and those people that hired the “fringe” SEO people were at the top of the search engines. We also called those “fringe” programmers and SEO Experts by the title “Blackhat SEO” people.

    Versus, what Google tries to police as “Whitehat” tactics and strategies. This is what Google likes. They want those who are playing within their home and real estate search results pages to be the real deal. If you are on who is paying for placement, they want your ad and your follow through websites to be what you are advertising.

    If they are going to place a website high within the organic search results, that want those results to be the most accurate they are able to be. If someone wants to search Google for REMAX of Valencia but are getting results for the Echo Park petting zoo,  or Uni the cream covered Unicorn, someone has dropped the ball.

    I started in real estate back in 1998. We had dial-up modems and the now epic AOL connection to the online services. The chat was the first way someone could speak to another online, and from the new internet, bullies were born. They figured out that there was no consequence for their actions against others online.

    Until they were reported and until AOL shut down their account.

    Google is now alike in kind. They don’t want anyone gaming the online search results by repetition or some new code. They want those who are appearing online at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages, the SERP’S, to be there because that position was earned and they are truly a trusted and knowledgeable resource about REMAX of Valencia or whatever topic they are touting to be an expert of.

    When we conduct a search for a service provider or a particular product. I don’t look at the internet results as I once did. I’m more mature today and take a bit more time and decipher the ads, I look at the local Places then onto the organic search results on both page 1 and page 2.

    Google may think they know the best match for my inquiry, but I may not know exactly what I’m searching for in the first place, so I want to go through the first couple of pages of Google’s search engine results to hopefully find it.

    Most people click on the first ad on Google they see. This may not be your best option. It’s kind of like the video and movie review websites. Those who are saying that so many people voted for a particular movie and gave it a high rating. I have seen a lot of those “highly rated” movies that were horrible, in my eyes.

    The same applies to the online search results, maybe you are not searching for the exact thing that Google is providing their results for. You take a bit more time and you will find it and it will probably be the actual local expert in the field you want or the best product, better than the ads reference.

    Back when we started real estate, the FAX machine was new technology, that was 1998. The Fax machine was not trusted as being 100% trustable.

    An email wasn’t really a thing at that time and we knew the best way was to hand carry the offer which was written to the agent representing the home seller. If we were representing a home seller, the best way to receive an offer from another agent representing their buyer was to be available or to have an office with a receptionist who could receive the offer.

    With so many real estate brokerages attempting to be part of the “cloud” and have the NON-offices, those of us and the clients who want to interact with a real human being in a professional office setting, to verify they are who they want to hire, are going to miss out. That is why we are so happy to be a part of REMAX of Valencia and are willing to pay the extra fee’s to afford for our clients to have real offices were we are able to meet with them. True offices where we have access to any and all forms and the ability to show instant comps in a comfortable air-conditioned and heated setting. With a real parking lot that is not overcrowded, bathrooms, running water and a fancy coffee machine where you can order up what you’d like on my dime.

    REMAX of Valencia is on Google. I’m proud of that fact and I want it to be known. When attempting to buy or sell real estate, there is a lot of confusion within some of the online search engines and within their online results. Look for the local real estate agent. Find the local brokerage. Look for those agents who are adding value more than just collecting a pay check.

    I write thousands of words a day. Meaningful words. Words that both buyers and home sellers can use. Tips and Articles about the latest real estate scam and the everpresent push or withdrawl from the Santa Clarita – Valencia CA real estate market.

    I want our clients at REMAX of Valencia to know I have them covered. I know the hard questions to ask of the representative at all of the new home builder tracts when giving our clients a new home tour. I ask these questions so my clients are able to hear the responses and formulate a real estate action plan to either move forward with their new home purchase or to withdrawal and buy from the regular resale housing market.

    Both buyers and sellers can have confidence in the way that we help our clients achieve their goals. We are fact driven real estate agents at REMAX of Valencia. We give our clients all the facts so that their decisions are not based on conjecture, but based in reality.

    It may be that now is not the time to buy a home. Maybe, at this time, to sell would not be smart. Both buying and selling are very personal in nature. I want it to be known that we provide the facts and give enough intel for the formulation of the best real estate decisions possible.

    When you do a google search for REMAX of Valencia. Make sure you take the time to scour the Google results. Look for those agents who are going to be the best fit. Look at the videos, the images, and news related to your search. You will start to see common themes and threads throughout pertaining to particular real estate agents.

    I’m Connor and my better 1/2 in life and in the REMAX of Valencia CA business is Paris MacIvor. We will be here when you are ready to buy or sell a home. We will also be here for those people you know who are able to use our real estate services.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Also, please see us on Facebook and Twitter. We are on both and quite active with the sharing of the best REMAX of Valencia real estate articles and advice.

    Interview multiple agents, vet them properly. Google them and then go with who you consider the best fit for you and your housings. If something arises that you cannot live with, fire them and move along. Buying real estate is too expensive an endeavor to make mistakes.

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