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    Paris MacIvor and her REMAX of Valencia Page has been on Google Maps for quite a while. You will see her website positioned at the top of the page with her contact phone number of 661-400-3680.

    Her, Paris MacIvor’s, office address of 25101 The Old Road, Valencia CA, 91381 is also posted on the map with a red marker indicating her office location off of the 5 freeway between the Calgrove and Lyons exists in Santa Clarita Valley on the west side of the 5 freeway next to The Old Road!

    REMAX of Valencia Paris MacivorOn the map page you will be able to see some of the photos from homes she has sold along with other information concerning the Santa Clarita real estate and the Valencia housing markets.

    I have also taken the liberty to post up how Paris MacIvor REMAX of Valencia shows up on the Search inquiry page and search results on Google. To the left of the widget on the Google Search Page showing REMAX of Valencia Paris MacIvor, real estate agency, you will see other associated properties belonging to Paris Macivor.

    The original real estate brand website of Paris911, Paris911 reviews on Yelp with 15 reviews and a bunch of filtered ones.

    You will then see Paris MacIvor on the REMAX Website for REMAX international and California/Hawaii.

    Google will show Paris on “my maps” pertaining to her REMAX of Valencia real estate business with information such as her address of 25101 The Old Road and the Paris’ Phone number.

    Looking further down the Google Search Result Page for REMAX of Valencia and Paris MacIvor, you see our main real estate online property of

    Within the Google Back end for REMAX of Valencia Paris MacIvor – we see a majority of this Google Business’ traffic comes from “discovery”, meaning that people are searching online for REMAX of Valencia and coming to Paris’ business page on Google.

    A somewhat smaller┬ápercentage of those visiting the REMAX of Valencia page come from direct traffic – where they know who Paris MacIvor is and those people search deliberately for her and REMAX of Valencia.

    Google Maps results were a larger portion of the traffic that we observed on this REMAX of Valencia page for Paris MacIvor – seeing the listing on a text results page for search was a bit smaller related to the number of showings.

    It’s so important to keep abreast of the google impact and how it contributes to our local real estate business in Valencia California.

    BTW – REMAX of Valencia, each office independently owned and operated, Paris MacIvor CABRE 01256647. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. 661-284-5430

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