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    Being associated with the number one real estate website and real estate brokerage, REMAX of Santa Clarita is honoring. I want to give a glimpse of how we are able to use those facts to help our home sellers and buyers that trust my Team with REMAX of Santa Clarita.

    It’s more than a name

    REMAX of Santa Clarita carries the REMAX Brand. REMAX – Real Estate Maximum, was founded in 1973 in Denver Colorado by a couple of people named Gail and Dave Liniger. The specific date was January 30, 1973.

    Since that time Dave and Gail have done their best to build a company with agents who were above the crowd.

    Due to the worldwide exposure of REMAX, we see that accomplished their goal.

    Today, as of 2018, REMAX’s Dave and Gail compete against other types of real estate brokerages who are more cloud-based and “new” technologically driven.

    By no means do I mean that REMAX is behind the tech curve. They aren’t they are in front riding the new technology wave. However, they know what works and would rather have a deal on an old-fashioned handshake and face to face meeting than something that requires no “real” human interaction.

    You may not have yet had the pleasure, but when a real estate company implements quasi, not perfected artificial intelligence in a robo dialer, a system that calls your private number and pitches you to use the said company for real estate, you will realize that’s bad business.

    A real human being is better. To top that, a Real human being that’s also a local Real Estate expert is BEST!

    From close to our humble beginnings Paris and I have been with REMAX of California, Hawaii, and REMAX of Santa Clarita. We did not start at REMAX, another benefit of being with such an established and well known real estate brokerage is they can be stingy with who they hire. When we started back in 1998, REMAX was off limits to the brand new agents unless that agent was working for a Realtor as a real estate buyers agent.

    That, for the most part, still holds true today with the agent’s that REMAX of Santa Clarita is willing to being aboard.

    The agents are vetted by the broker and office manager viewing their personal performance, the absence of any complaint history, and that their license and Boards of Realtor memberships are in good standing, without blemish.

    I remember when was in the hiring process with the LAPD. They told us that we were all 1 out of 100. There were 99 applicants that went through the process that did not make for every one of us were confirmed as to be starting the Los Angeles Police Academy.

    Those odds became even better while in the Police Academy when recruits resigned because they could not pass or found out themselves they did not pack the gear to serve in the LAPD.

    REMAX of Santa Clarita, when we first came aboard, there was a Process in place related to being interviewed and having our backgrounds investigated. Maybe not to the extent of the Los Angeles Police Department’s background division, but to a point I had yet to experience with the other real estate brokerages I worked for prior.

    At that time Paris MacIvor was the full-time end of our REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate business. I was still a full-time cop with the LAPD, and happy to be!

    We worked for hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder giving our real estate clients the best real estate service imaginable.

    REMAX of Santa Clarita and the top agents, plus the others, became friends of ours. While we were competitors, we were also helpful – to a point.

    The professional nature within the REMAX building, at that time only one location at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381, was a blessing. Top professionals working to help Santa Clarita home sellers and Santa Clarita home buyers get what they want while being protected along their own personal real estate journey.

    The brokers, John and Alice O’Hare, were also very different than what you’d expect. John Himself was a Top Producing Realtor back in the day. He knew his business and was available to help. It’s like the Motor cop that promotes to Sergeant, he knows the ropes of being a regular breeches wearing bucket head motor cop.

    The nonmotor cops that promote and become motor supervisors, they lack the knowledge and background and have little incomprehension as to what it means to:
    Their acronym is N.R.D.W’s – I cannot tell you what that means – it’d be R rated.

    • Wear 40 pounds of gear
    • Work on a hot motorcycle in 120-degree weather while wearing kevlar, motor boots and double thick wool, long sleeved shirts
    • What it means to sit on a .38 as a back up for 10 hours a day
    • What it means to leave your foot down too long trapping it under the saddle bag
    • How citation enforcement riding is very different than partner style deuce hunting
    • How to talk a motor cop down from the roof of a donut shop 🙂
    • What it’s like to look like a large salt lick after sweating on your uniform for a 10-hour shift

    Back to John – he was the real deal so he knew how to sell real estate. He knew how to talk to people. He knew how to train agents and he knew the ropes of real estate. There was no better person to serve as the Broker and Owner for REMAX of Santa Clarita CA, than John and Alice O’Hare.

    REMAX is about access

    If you go to a concert and if you know someone or pay more, you get better access. You may even get to spend a few moments meeting your number one singer.

    Carrying the REMAX Brand opens doors for me when I call on behalf of my real estate buyers. I’ll call when we find a home they want to view and you can hear in the other agents voice a sign of confidence that I’m not with some hack firm or boutique brokerage. This is especially applicable when calling to show another REMAX Listing.

    When selling real estate under the brokerages generates calls from other REMAX agents who specialize in Relocation Services. They want to know about the listings that we have on a local level due to our high amount of industry, movie and otherwise, in the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles areas, we are able to guide them and help our home sellers out doing so.

    REMAX opens doors, no pun intended. I can call those whom I meet and when I make the introduction that, “I’m Connor with REMAX”, they have no doubt who I am or what my intention is.

    The brand is strong and gives a particular advantage to our REMAX home buyers and REMAX home sellers.

    Something else that is striking, when I go to conventions, it may be one with another company who is sponsoring me in hopes that I jump ship, it could be real estate conferences with agents from all over the world. Either way, when you introduce yourself as being with Ehoieurbg Real Estate you get a particular reaction. But, when I say I’m with REMAX, the person I’m speaking to has no doubt as to what or who that is. They get it and the follow-up question from another agent not with Remax typically is, “how do you like being with REMAX?”

    REMAX Listing sales and procurement

    In the real estate world, most real estate sellers are going to go with the offer that is most secure and which affords them the most money.

    That is an uncommon approach to real estate. But if everything is equal, the offer, the money, the terms and you have an offer from an agent from an “unknown” real estate company and the competing agent is from REMAX, there is often no competition 🙂

    The same goes for the home buyers’ angle. If they are writing offers on real estate and they are competing against other buyers represented by unknown companies, you know who the winner will probably go to!

    I have the benefit of working with a lot of Santa Clarita home sellers who verify my statements. They know REMAX, they don’t know some of the other, newer brokerages. It’s hard to compete with an idea and business model that launched back in 2003!

    In some markets, REMAX is not present. These are few and far between. But the market I’m speaking about is the affiliation between REMAX and the Santa Clarita Valley.

    REMAX of Santa Clarita, aka REMAX of Valencia, aka REMAX Gateway, is every present in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and is, and remains on top.

    REMAX if not for everyone. It’s not for all agents. We see some agent that think it’s too “expensive” from an agent’s point of view. The monthly fees, the commission split, the rent for the offices, the REMAX International fees, and the others. However, we are very willing to pay these fee’s because I know the placement of the REMAX of Santa Clarita Branding in our local housing and real estate market.

    I know that REMAX is top in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. REMAX sells more real estate than any other brokerage with fewer agents.

    Doing a simple Google Search of REMAX you will see our own Team Branding come up as we are very proud of our Brokerage affiliation. We confide in our home sellers and buyers that you can do no better than to be working with REMAX and to be working with Paris and I is just icing on the cake. 10″ icing 🙂

    REMAX por vida

    As of now. There is no better real estate brokerage that I have found. I read real estate news a couple of hours a day on Feedly. I know the other local real estate brokerages that are attempting to break into the market. I know they all swear they have built a better mousetrap. This is not the case.

    They may have some fancy Web 2.0 BS to pitch to you, but all in all, the sale is going to go to the brokerage that is most established and who do not embrace every new and shiny thing that comes about.

    With all of the technology, there is really nothing like an old-fashioned handshake, someone to sit you down in their office so you can make actual eye contact, explaining to you their own personal philosophy on real estate representation. Talking to you about what being a Realtor means to them and how that belief system and our core tenants are going to translate into helping you in the best possible way.

    Talking about the local housing market and whether you should be buying or not. Speaking about the housing market from a place of expertise and covering the market data with both home sellers and buyers so the best decisions are able to be made.

    We embrace the face to face. REMAX condones this and it’s part of the genre with REMAX of Santa Clarita.

    When you are ready, I’m Connor MacIvor. I write a lot of real estate content and articles online. I have been quoted in some major local real estate articles and in others that were on a nationwide scale. Being part of REMAX of Santa Clarita gives me voice. I’m here when you are ready. Please have a look at my Santa Clarita real estate blog under the resources tab at the top of this page. I write a lot about the local housing market and also have a syndicated radio show and podcast that I produce on a weekly basis.

    I’ll be here at REMAX of Santa Clarita, and I’ll leave the light on for you 🙂

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