REMAX of Santa Clarita presents the newest listings in the Valencia 1 Area

    Looking for real estate in Valencia California should not be too difficult. In fact, we try to make it easy for our clients, those that have come before you and those that will be working with our Paris911 Team after you have concluded your present business.

    REMAX of Valencia Real Estate agentsValencia 1, is known as the older part of Valencia CA.  However, don’t let “older” scare you off.  Most of these homes have been revamped, upgraded and added onto.  They are located on some of the most Prestigious streets in the Santa Clarita Valley. Akin to the streets of Boardwalk and Park Place! Valencia CA is located within the Santa Clarita Valley cities and is a city all of it’s own.  However, in most circumstances, one is not able to tell when they are moving from one of our cities to another…

    When you are looking for real estate data – the most important thing is knowing from where the source it.  Where is the information coming from?  How can you know it’s reliable, or can you?

    Actually, you can know where the real estate information is coming from and how reliable it is.  We talk at length about where we are obtaining our new real estate listings from and how we have ensured it’s accuracy.

    That is why when our clients are searching with our Valencia CA real estate systems they are assured that the information they are looking at is timely, from the source and only the most accurate.

    After viewing the listings on this page – if there are any currently available in the Valencia 1 Area, let us know if you wish to be set up on our Valencia CA real estate alerts.  You can do so by calling our top Santa Clarita real estate team or by texting the word “Alerts” to the phone number of 661-888-4424.  When you do you will be given a chance to enter your email address and a city of choice.  You don’t have to worry about being shy – if you want to get the alerts for more than one of the cities in Southern California – just enter them and I’ll get them set up for you.

    The Santa Clarita real estate alerts are straight from the source data, and you will be getting the updates and notification of new real estate listings before the local realtors.  You will also be way ahead of the Syndication Websites, those that start with the famous Z, T and R….

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