REMAX of Santa Clarita Housing Market

    REMAX of Santa Clarita OfficesBeing local real estate agents at REMAX of Santa Clarita affords us some advantages.

    That is why we chose this brokerage back in our humble beginnings, at least after we became seasoned at other real estate brokerages.

    I liked the fact, that at that time, REMAX did not take new Real Estate agents. At least REMAX of Santa Clarita did not.

    If you were brand new – you had to couple yourself with a seasoned REMAX Realtor to be trained for a certain period of time.

    REMAX of Santa Clarita also did not take those real estate agents that were part time in nature. They wanted only full time Realtors to be assigned under the REMAX of Santa Clarita Brand.

    When it came to those “full time” Santa Clarita Realtors that close one deal here and one deal there – they did not want this either. A Real Estate agent that was interested in working under the RE/MAX of SCV Brokerage had to prove a minimum transactional record for more than a single year.


    They wanted a track record and even called around to the previous offices that had been worked by the applying applicant Realtor to make sure they weren’t hiring a “problem” agent.

    Believe it or not, some of those problem agents slip through the cracks from time to time 🙂 – It does, however, seem to be less of a problem at this REMAX of Santa Clarita Office.

    I came from an LAPD background and while there, I was proud to protect and serve the citizens who were living in Los Angeles or those passing through.

    I have maintained the same philosophy when it comes to serving my clientele in real estate. I have a protective mindset and never want anyone I’m representing to come to any harm – monetarily, disclosure or otherwise.

    I hope you have enjoyed my REMAX of Santa Clarita banter showing a little about who I am and what I’m about. Especially, about our real estate offices and brokerage.

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