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    Santa Clarita RelocationWhen it comes to relocation you want to hire the Santa Clarita real estate agent who is connected. Connected to the local Movers who can accomplish long haul and shorter moves, have storage and high reviews by those who have utilized their companies.

    Those wishing to relocate to the Santa Clarita Valley should also consider working with a real estate Relocation specialist for Santa Clarita California. Furthermore, when relocating, make sure you are hiring a Relocation Realtor who has the backup from a Top Producing Real Estate Brokerage.

    Not interested in Santa Clarita California?

    As an aside – We handle relocations where Santa Clarita Valley is not in the picture. We often get calls from clients who want their relocations, home buying or selling to be handled in the most seamless way possible. We maintain a HUGE database of vetted Realtors who are specialists in their particular cities and states.

    We also ensure those agents stack up in top form when it comes to us referring them to assist one of those who have contacted us for their relocation needs!

    Connected – Santa Clarita Relocation

    Having the infrastructure to handle all aspects of your Santa Clarita Relocation. Including having access to a local agent on your point of origin if you need to sell a home. We only recommend the top Real Estate agents whom we have worked with in the past or have clients that give their highest recommendations.

    Top Relocation Company

    Within our Santa Clarita relocation business, we also know those agents which have top reviews related to buyer representation. Relocation does not only apply to your move to the Santa Clarita Valley(SCV). We also take care of our Santa Clarita sellers who need to move to other parts of the United States by our Buyer Agent recommendations.

    Moving is always stressful, that is why we only refer our SCV relocation clients to those movers who have top-notch ratings and have brick and mortar local operations. The last thing you want is to hire a Mover who was introduced to you by one of those online companies saying they are not who you propose them to be.

    Example: If you were to google Santa Clarita movers, you will come into contact with a large number of “mover lead generation” sites and phone numbers. There is very little accountability. When moving, having your vendors “accountable” is paramount.

    Santa Clarita relocation specialist

    This title did not just come about. Both Paris and I have been working with relocation clients in real estate, both buyers, and sellers, since 1998.

    The way in which we communicate with our relocation clients has become valuable. Starting with a Santa Clarita relocation phone number keeps us always within a phone call by our Relo Clientele. 661.400.1720 is where they call to get our assistance and Relocation Services.

    If you were to look into our backgrounds you will see that real estate is not the only chapter in our lives. I come from the LAPD(Los Angeles Police Department) and Paris has a background with the LASD (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department). Our backgrounds make us stronger relocation agents who pride themselves in the protection and service to our exclusive clientele.

    RE/MAX Relocation AgentsREMAX relocation

    While we have worked at different real estate brokerages in the beginning months, REMAX became our home. We are proud to offer our REMAX Relocation services and often touting how much better connected we are amongst the others in the real estate crowd.

    Besides being a world-recognized relocation and real estate brand, REMAX is the world leader in connectivity. We have tens of thousands of Realtors and “Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”

    Paris and I see our respective lives, the law enforcement agencies with which we worked, as being top in the world. We applied the same sense when wanting to team up with a real estate brokerage to best serve our Santa Clarita relocation clients.

    Contact Santa Clarita Relocation

    There are many ways in which you can reach out to us to get us started in the handling of your Santa Clarita Relocation. My personal cell phone for REMAX Relocation is 661-400-1720.

    Of course, we have our Santa Clarita Local phone number, 661.400.1720, which is routed directly to my cellular/office phone lines.

    My numbers, email and other points of contact follow me wherever I am in the world. If I’m with clients, I don’t usually pick up the phone, but I do call back at my next available moment.

    We have an office administrator, we have a secretary and other Relocation Staff in our “brick and mortar” offices within REMAX of Santa Clarita. However, I found over the years it’s more important I’m the receiver of the phone calls concerning any and all relocation needs. In this way, nothing gets lost in the conversation or message to ensure our relocation clients are served properly.

    Do you have a choice when doing a corporate move?

    This question comes up a lot when we get contacted by someone who is being “moved” by their employer who is using some type of corporate relocation company. It’s nice for the person being moved because the corporate relocation company is “guaranteeing” that all will work out. If it doesn’t they will cover the costs.

    Being in that “upper echelon” of society, by employment, is like flying first class. However, most of those in that space start their searching online way before they are contacted by the Human Relations Departments choice for Corporate Relocation.

    Some of the corporate relocation companies are better than others. Some are not very “personal” and can cause some stress and sleepless nights, but I digress.

    When these people to be relocated start their online search, most of them find me in the Santa Clarita Valley as a Realtor. There are email’s exchanged, searching done on (top local real estate website), and text messages about the community, local fare and what’s it like to live here.

    We get down to brass tacks and I even speak about the nightlife and what they can experience in various neighborhoods of the SCV (Santa Clarita Valley).

    This is time and work which has been offered to be of great assistance. During these various communications, a relationship of sorts usually develops. Especially if I’m a good fit and take the time to answer all the questions without being one of those pushy salespeople you hear so much about these days.

    Then it happens – the corporate relocation company reaches out to their corporate relocatee and they start discussing the listing of their current home process and the process involving buying a home where they will be relocating to.

    Some of the corporate relocatees that contact me are using the Santa Clarita Valley as a common commute point. One may be working in Bakersfield and the other in DownTown Los Angeles – Santa Clarita Valley would be a center point for those types of commuters.

    Some of those relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley see the mass transit as being important – the Metro Line and Bus Services from the SCV to areas up north – Edwards AFB and South to Los Angeles Harbor, and all points in between.

    Once the corporate relocation company reaches out, they typically say that they have a Top BEST and Super Duper real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley than handles all of their relocations. They throw in they are top rated and the bees knees when it comes to Realtors.

    However, you found a Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley, who is with REMAX relocation and whom you are very happy with.

    So, you tell them. You may get some pushback from the corporate relocation company. They have these agents on the line and they are committed to them. However, with a little of you pressing back, they will agree and let you have it your way. They will send the agent you selected to handle your relocation (one side or the other if you are relocating from or going to out of state), contracts stating that a large part of their commission will be distributed to the corporate relocation company and they will them disburse it from that point.

    If your agent agrees, then you are getting what you want, being able to hire the Best of the Best that Santa Clarita real estate has to offer 🙂

    I have never had it where the corporate relocation company denies a corporate relocatee their personal choice of Real Estate agent.

    Some of the local agents build their businesses on being corporate relocation agents. They are, in a way, paying for their leads. It works for them. I’d rather represent all types of clients and control where my most loyal home buyers and sellers come from, and that is from referrals because of great past work.

    Our other streams of real estate clients come from relocation companies who have worked with us in the past. From online advertising and from great real estate articles such as these where I help people stay safe and help them with any and all real estate questions.

    We have been representing real estate clients since 1998. The relocation end did not start until about 2007 when the real estate market started to fold and our phone started ringing with those leaving the state, etc., need to distress sell their homes.

    You do have a choice on who you use when doing a corporate move. As long as the agent you select is in agreement with the contractual documentation the relocation company sends to them and executes those documents, you are covered as if you are using the corporation relocation companies referral agent.

    Some agents aren’t as good as others. This is a fact of life that envelops all industries, service or otherwise. We have built out relocation business here at REMAX of Santa Clarita – Valencia by word of mouth. Once we handle one, we get others. It’s nice to feel wanted by the corporate relocation world.

    Read the Santa Clarita real estate blog

    If you are googling and have questions as to the current state of the Santa Clarita real estate market, all you have to do is google Santa Clarita real estate blog. You will see that comes up first. If you want an easy way to remember how to get there by URL – type in and you will be taken by vanity URL to our Santa Clarita blog.

    I write at least one article 6 times a week. I comment and give factual data regarding the local Santa Clarita housing and real estate market.

    I break down the numbers that reflect any future trends that are developing. I also give insight on who has the real estate advantage. Is the Santa Clarita – Valencia housing market a Seller’s or is the local real estate market in the Buyer’s Zone?

    What is the best way to find discount real estate? What questions should a person be asking a local Santa Clarita lender to get their best deal on interest rate and fees? Where should I buy a home to give me the most equity building capabilities during the next 5 years?

    These are questions and answers that people have, not only when wanting to relocate to the Santa Clarita cities. They have these questions when just living here locally, wanting to see if now is the time to move up, sideways or downsize.

    We have many excellent communities in the Santa Clarita Valley. You can find horse property located on acreage to super small one bedroom condos – plus everything else in between.

    I’m Connor MacIvor, I’m a REMAX Relocation Realtor and I’m proud to serve your relocation needs. I’ll be here for you when you are ready to make your next move.

    You can reach me at our toll-free number, or on my personal cell number which is at the top of this article. If you want to test the waters – go to the home page of my website and then enter any city you desire into the search box. I’m local and my website is connected to the Multiple Listing Service so you won’t miss a thing.

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