Real Estate agents apply here to be a part of our SCVnest – Paris911 Team

    Join our REMAX Team of agentsNow Hiring – please read:

    We are always looking for talent.

    Notice I did not say “new” talent. Because, if you have got it, you have got it!

    Talent in sales does not grow on trees. Neither does common sense – but that is another article!

    What We don’t want…

    It’s the high pressure and fast talking stuff that has the negative reputation amongst the public, which we do not want as part of our Team!

    If you are one of those types of real estate agents, please move along.

    If you are ego driven and have a chip, the size of the “Rock of Gibraltar”, on your shoulder, move along…

    If you are paycheck focused and not client centered, please move along…

    If you are moody and are one of those “down in the dumps” types of negative people that suck others down as if they are caught in the gravitational pull of a Black Hole – Don’t call us and we won’t call you!

    Tips to having a GREAT interview with us!

    However, if you are not – We’d love to speak to you about joining our RE/MAX Team – aka Paris911 – SCVnest.Top agents only

    Do yourself a favor and google both of those terms to read what we are about and how we operate with our real estate clients.(or scroll down to see our top online resources and brush up on us there!)

    Our Clients are the most important component in our Real Estate Business.

    Without our clients, we would not be in the business of real estate.

    We don’t take days off, we work long hours, and we haven’t had a “real vacation” in forever. (our buyer’s agents do – so don’t freak out šŸ˜‰ )

    Joining our Top and very Progressive Realty TeamĀ is a serious endeavor for any Realtor.

    While you may dream of hitting home runs and being your own boss, you can do that while being with our team.

    As it says on the Police Cars, “To protect and to serve”Ā – but our’s is about protecting and serving our real estate clients.

    If you know what you are doing, you won’t be micromanaged. If you don’t know what you are doing, they we won’t be hiring you.

    We are able to keep three full time buyer’s agents, plus ourselves, very busy showing homes, writing offers and closing escrows for new happy homeowners.

    BTW – I don’t care about your leads!

    We do not hire agents to represent our team because I’m looking to scrape them for leads and their database.

    Most teams are started on the “real estate company” concept which is, “Every person is good for about three leads – their own transaction, that of a family member and another for a close friend…” (as far as I’m concerned, that’s just plain ugly talk!)

    We are hiring Realtors in Santa Clarita - buyers agents

    If they have leads, that’s wonderful, but it’s not necessary!

    There is no other team or agent that has a higher organic presence within the Santa Clarita Realtor and Online markets.

    I have been building websites, writing tens of thousands of pages of content and building relationships with those who can make us stellar within the online channels for real estate. (see “some of our more famous properties – scroll down”)

    If you are looking to just represent real estate buyers and sellers, without having to worry about the cost of advertising.

    If you want to join a “well recognized” and “utilized” brand, then we are going to be a good fit.

    We are not about “names” on our jerseys.

    We want the client to be well taken care of and provided with the highest level of service and protection!

    We have closed over 1000 transactions since our start in real estate, 1998 and 1999 respectively.

    We have been one of the Top 10 Real Estate Teams at REMAX for over 10 years running!

    Paris – BTW, is my partner in business and in life and is the RE/MAX Paris911-SCVnest business leader!

    Your Burning out is a possibility

    I’m speaking from a position of experience – it has happened before.

    I need anyone, that is going to work with my team and I, to have theĀ intestinal fortitude to let me know when they are overwhelmed.

    I cannot have any client feel as if they are working with someone who is “too busy”, to be their best choice, for real estate consultant and representative, in the world!

    We have had buyers agents in the past, who said nothing. Hence, they were removed from our Real estate Team.Let me know you are burning out

    Being “overwhelmed” is not a bad thing. The way in which I am generating leads from our 3700+ past client database and at the rate I’m obtaining new leads, (60-70) every 30 days, – SCVnest and Paris911 could easily maintain a Team of 5 Full Time Buyer’s Agents.

    We continue to getĀ calls generated from Full Page Ad’s in Police and Law Enforcement Officer Publications where we have been advertising within for 11+ years!

    I get a large return, increase of web traffic and lead generations due to our monthly mailings to specific SCV areas and neighborhoods!

    I spend 12-16 hours a day on the computer writing content across several “highly trafficked” real estate websites.

    I have over 1300 YouTube Videos about real estate.

    I have a Local Real estate radio show that is simulcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! (BTW – the longest running Santa Clarita real estate radio show)

    I don’t take days off. I’m answering the phone when it rings, unless I’m with clients or sleeping! Those leads that call, get passed along to my Real Estate Team.

    BTW – I don’t cherry pick. Meaning, if we get a lead that wants to buy a 2.5 million dollar home in Westridge – it gets “round robined” to my team, if you are next – you get it!

    Paris is managing and I’m generating leads for our agents!

    Paris is a social media genius – We get tons of leads from her Facebook Account!(maybe you already know this?)

    If you don’t have a hard time speaking up, when you have too much business on your plate, we will be good on that level!

    BEST CRM – Client Relationship Management System

    I still take notes and scribe in a moleskine journal.

    I actually look outside of the car, when I’m passenger, and enjoy the view…

    Keeping our agents sharpHowever, there is no way anyone on our team can operate at our high level without the most advanced CRM available.

    It’s very expensive, but I pay for it because I know the benefit of the system we have in place.

    It will keep your leads, those I assign to you, at top of mind.

    It will be tied to a subdomain of SCVnest, so you have your very own “lead generating” website.Ā 

    Each lead that you obtain by sharing the domain name “” – (insert your first name in the blank), will go directly to you and no one else on our Team!

    We will also build you a home valuation and pricing page so you can share that with those whom you know, who may want to sell or see what their home is currently worth.

    We will also give you the BEST in real estate search engines, to offer those you meet as well.

    It updates directly from the MLS and every single lead will come directly to you when someone starts searching for homes that are for sale on it! (this system is so robust, I don’t setup any Matrix searches for clients any longer!)

    Like I said, if you have talent, all you have to do is make it through the interview and still desire to join our highly productive real estate team, if we agree on you being a good fit – you are in!

    A few of our onlineĀ real estate business propertiesBEST online real estate marketing

    As you can see, we have the systems in place, we can show you the “proof in the pudding” and if you are ready for a challenge, I’m ready to interview you to be our newest Team Member at REMAX of Valencia’s SCVnest-Paris911 Realtor Team!

    I’m a social media junkie – I know the correct formula in which to share and share other’s postings to keep on the top of mind in that sphere. This equates to more Leads for our Buyer’s agents.

    Each of these systems are not “set it and forget”. It takes 70+ hours a week to compete with Zillow and Trulia – I do it gladly to keep our local Brand on the Top of the SERP’s – Search engine results pages!

    You probably, by now, have figured out what to do next – call the number at the top of this page or email me your resume!

    I’ll be in touch. BTW, if you don’t hear or get an acknowledgement from me quickly – I did not receive – call me!





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