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    Top – First Santa Clarita real estate podcast and radio show:

    I am in the process of moving all my podcasts over from Soundcloud radio to Buzzsprout. I’ll keep you posted but you will see all the past episodes on either player for the time being.

    With all of the misinformation within the internet home buyers and sellers get confused and misled.

    Santa Clarita real estate radioWe clear all of those issues up within our Housing Radio real estate show. We talk about the issues that matter and make sure our clients are well protected when it comes to selling and buying Santa Clarita and Southern California real estate and homes.

    We have been producingĀ a real estate radio show and podcast since early 2007. Both Paris and I started our Santa Clarita Headquartered real estate business in 1998. During that time, we have consulted and represented thousands of real estate sellers and buyers. Our business was conducted locally and in other cities within Southern California.

    “Have real estate license – will travel!” Has been something we have become accustomed to. If there is an area we are not comfortable representing a real estate client in, we let the client know and refer them to a qualified and reputable real estate agent which has been vetted by my SCVnest and Associate Team at REMAX Gateway.

    Enjoy our Housing Radio show and please make sure you reach out to us when you are ready for us to consult and represent you with regard to any of your real estate and housing endeavors. I am only a phone call, text or email away. I promise to be with you as I have been for our fantastic real estate clientele.

    On our latest broadcast of the Santa Clarita real estate news and radio show, you will find out that we talk about the real estate topics that you most care about.

    We get to the bottom of the real estate markets in Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere in Southern California so you get a complete picture of what is happening to the housing market.

    Santa Clarita buyers market research

    Is this current real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley a home buyers market? That is going to be dependent on the levels of inventory and the current buyer drive. I get to the bottom of this question by looking at the Santa Clarita housing market data and publishing that same data alongside our latest real estate radio show. I get into the numbers of current inventory and the time it’s taking to move said inventory from being active on the market for sale to sold.

    This is the primary indicator of the Santa Clarita Valley being in a home buyers market. We present these facts on our Santa Clarita real estate radio show and most time outmuscle the local shows that are attempting to speak about real estate in a sugar coated fashion. If I want to hear about something, I want the nonbarred truth. I don’t need anything to be puffy and comfortable, I want it straight from the hip so I can make my best decisions on whether I’m going to go with it or delay.

    If we have housing market inventory that is tough to keep active, which is flying off of the shelves with prices continuing to gain we are not in a buyers market. We are knee deep in a Seller’s real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    However, to switch does not take much and sometimes time of year causes a quick change to the housing market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    As an example, August of 2018, I started to speak about the building of additional real estate inventory for sale. Where we were only in the 300’s with regard to active Santa Clarita real estate listings, in a few weeks we toppled 700 residential homes/condos/townhomes for sale in total numbers within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    It was not long before we started to see inventory standing longer and longer on the market. As of the time of this writing, this has not fully happened as of yet, the switch from a Seller’s market in the Santa Clarita Valley to a home buyers market that is in full swing. We are still in the transitional phase.

    Time of year is also spoken about on my Santa Clarita real estate radio show because of the potential impact it is able to have. Most times, as we approach the holidays the real estate market slows down to a snail’s pace.

    Some years we are in a total market upswing which makes the market during the holidays appear as if we are moving as fast as a traditional Santa Clarita real estate springtime.

    During the other times of the year, it’s very market dependent. The other economic factors that are responsible for the market advancing or retracting are the mortgage interest rates, the cost of money and the inflation/employment outlook as it is in that time.

    I discuss other aspects of real estate that will have their impact on a home buyer. I use stories that I have gathered since 1998 and find they are the best ways in which to convey thoughts and ideas. Some of these have to do with our buyer’s own experiences before the started working with us. I have also gleaned a lot of intel from the ways in which other agents operate and how they function with their clients and some of those nightmares.

    Due to the dynamic nature of the real estate market, there is always something to speak about and my Santa Clarita real estate radio show is the perfect platform.

    It’s AD Free. I pay for everything and do it as a service to both my home buyers and sellers. We discuss the topics that matter related to real estate in the cities in which we are most active.

    Santa Clarita home seller updates on

    Keeping individual property owners in the Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere that we service, up to date is critical. There are so many people that don’t want to sell in the least who are needing to keep updated as to what their home is worth and with their latest real estate activity that is happening on their block and in their neighborhood.

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    I only need your email and address to get you on the market update listings email. It’s property specific and cannot be obtained in the same format elsewhere. I build these recon emails directly from your source data. They correspond to your very home, it’s size, configuration, and location.

    You will only see information that is prevalent and updated every few minutes. You can also choose the frequency of updates. You can choose from Real Time and also you can choose once a week, once every month and also various days of the week in the AM/PM.

    I always make sure to keep my clients up to date when it comes to what homes have been listed for sale and for how much. I also inform them if there are foreclosure listings that are coming onto or have entered the market in their neighborhood. When a listing expires and does not sell during it’s contractual time frame and when a home has been in escrow, but falls out and re-enters the active for sale market, you are notified.

    On our real estate and housing radio show/podcast, I keep our home sellers up to date as far as what they need to be concerned with. What developments will be impacting them greater than others?


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