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    We have a system in place that shows the open houses near your location. Where ever you are located in Southern California, you are able to find the open houses being held near you.

    When you are asking online the question of where can I find open houses near me, you are visiting the number one resource site for the Santa Clarita Valley cities and the greater Los Angeles areas.

    First off, the permissions required for me, yours truly, Connor T. MacIvor, to have the current open house listings posted up on my SCVnest website will give you confidence.

    • I will also cover some of the games that are played by the agents hosting the open houses in Santa Clarita and elsewhere in Southern California.
    • Later in this article, I will quote the statistics about how many homes actually sell at open houses.
    • I will also give you insight into some of the issues you are going to find with open houses and why any forced registration should be avoided.
    • Finally, I also consider new homes that have model homes built that you are able to walk through is a version of an open house. There are specific reasons why you should not give up your identity when going through the new home models at any new construction and new home site. Also – There are reasons why even giving your name and email on an “interest” list, no matter how innocent it may be, could cost you a lot of money.

    Permissions for displaying Open Houses near you

    First off – you have to agree to allow your personal mobile device to have access to the GPS system and the interface that is applied by – When you do, then you are able to use your phone or mobile device to interact with your open houses near me system.

    That opens your phone up to be able to have access to the map. The map will show your location, then it will give you the open houses that are currently available on the day you are interested in visiting.

    One thing you need to also about the open house system is that it’s only as good as the data that is entered. You will find that most real estate agents don’t input the date of their open house until the day of. The day that their open house is going to happen, let’s give an example of Sunday. Sundays are very popular days for open houses to be held. It won’t be until the morning of Sunday when the agent will access their listing on the Multiple Listing Service, and make the open house notification.

    That open house information will then be propagated to the various open house websites, if you are accessing a local open house website, like Santa Clarita open houses, then you will see that update almost instantaneously.

    If you are viewing the website, although we are headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley, you will see that anywhere in Southern California, you will see that open house update almost instantaneously.

    As far as seeing that same update on the real estate syndication websites – that is not the case due to some not having a more direct connection, as you will see on SCVnest.

    Permissions. I have my open houses near me permissions supplied by being a licensed California State Real Estate agent, CALBRE 01238257. The next permission that I have, working from the core to the outer limits, I’m a member in good standing of the Southland Regional Association of Realtors. The SRAR. That makes me a Realtor and comes with a lot of rules that I am mandated to abide by.

    Of course, I was LAPD for a long time, rules and laws are not a problem for me. I will also say that there are two other permissions that are required for me to display the open house listings on my SCVnest system. The next level, working inside out, is I am a member in good standing of the California Association of Realtors.

    Another Realtor Trade organization, part of the Realtor network, is known as N.A.R. – lots of clever acronyms – NAR stands for the National Association of Realtors. All of my memberships give the proper permissions to display the most accurate open house listings.

    BTW – the real estate syndication websites are not actually “Realtor” ran or Realtor owned real estate websites. They are national lead generator websites that do their best to get you to give up who you are and then take your personal information and sell it to tons of people and businesses that are paying them a royalty for it.

    Open House Games – Not to be confused with the Reindeer type

    Open houses are mostly held open, at least in the prevailing trend, by agents with the same company, but by agents who are directly working for or under the listing agent.

    A listing agent is the one that takes a real estate listing. They are the person you are hiring. They are the individual you interviewed and they are the one that you have trusted to sell your home.

    Most listing agents have teams of their own. They have agents who are of the buyer agent type in their employ. We have such a configuration.

    However, I get several emails a day from other REMAX agents with requests to hold their home seller’s homes open for an open house. They don’t care that these other REMAX agents are not on their team. They only care to fulfill their home seller’s requests to host their home as open.

    This can be a bit concerning and if you are a home seller, should be told to you if this is going to be the case and if you are to have it held open. While there can be accountability with any agent hosting your home open because they are probably a realtor, it’s nothing like having the actual agent you hired or the agent that is in the direct employ of the agent that you hired to sell your home to host the open house.

    Other agents don’t care too much in the selling of the open house. They will not be as vested as your own agent in wanting to host the open house in order to sell the house being held open. Of course, it’s like if you own your own business or want to empress on your employees to treat your business as if it’s theirs, this is not the same as actually being the owner.

    If you are a home buyer, the agent’s name on the real estate sign may not be the agent who is holding the home open. They may not be able to answer the questions you will have because they do not have a listing contract enforced real estate relationship with the home seller.

    The agent may surprise you and not care about selling the home they are hosting open as much as making you their home buyer. They may do all sorts of things to accomplish their number one goal. This is a good differentiator between who the listing agent is and who the agent is hosting the open home.

    Here is the best thing you can do. Have your own agent. Don’t buy the first home you sell. Have a specific home agent that you have spent time with interviewing. This is the best place for you to be. If you want to venture out to open houses, that’s great. I encourage it. However, I would be very careful in giving up who you are, more about that later in Open House article.

    Open House statistics

    Do open houses sell from being hosted open? Not often.

    National Association of Realtors Statistics reports that approximately 1% of the homes being held open actually sell at the open house.

    Then you have the 6 degrees of separation thing. The number is probably a moderately higher reference to someone seeing the open house because it has been hosted open and telling someone, who tells someone, and this process repeats and the home sells as a result of that.

    I know, probably not. But I did want to be fair.

    Ultimately, open houses are held to attract home buyers to the agents who are hosting them.

    The seller demands you to register before viewing

    This is older than sliced bread. This tactic, now – the seller may want every single viewer that is going to enter their home to give up their personal information JIC something is missing later.

    That is the number 1 danger of hosting an open house for a home seller. If the home is vacant, not a big deal. If the home seller is living in the home at the time that the open house is being held, maybe bigger issues can happen.

    I have seen it where multiple viewers will be part of a team and enter the open house with the intention of stealing stuff. Routinely one of those who entered the occupied open house and will distract the agent hosting the open house.

    At this time, the others who are with this criminal will make their way into the other rooms, into medicine cabinets and elsewhere in the home in an attempt to take everything that they can take, that is not nailed down, that can be stolen without the knowledge of the agent hosting the open house.

    If there are items in the home that seems “interesting” that cannot be taken at the time of viewing due to size or complexity, these criminals will use the open house as a way to “case” the seller’s home.

    Things that your agent won’t tell you about the open house right? Maybe it’s because I was a cop for too long that I think this way and have seen the police reports after open houses have been held.

    As I see it if you give up who you are you are giving the agent hosting the open house permission to contact you or to add you to their list.

    New Homes and Open Houses registration

    New homes and new model homes are being viewed by a prospective home buyer, having you “sign in” is something that new home builder agents do frequently. They want you to give up who you are so that they don’t have to pay your agent to represent you at the new home builder community when that time comes.

    The rule is, as set forth by the new home builders, if the new home builder agent can identify you as visiting the open house without your agent on your first visit, you give up your right to have an agent represent you and be on your side 100% during the home buying process.

    Are the new home builders hiding something so they can take later advantage of you? I doubt that, but this is their rule, and they enforce it.

    If you go to a new home center or new builder community, you are not mandated to give up your identity. You may be teased into giving your name and email to get on a “future home release at a huge discount list”. Such a list does not exist, so don’t fall for anything when going on your own.

    I go with my clients to all the new homes and new builder communities so I can protect them, negotiate them and get discounts and upgrades for them in the process. I push hard and know the timelines that the home builders use in the pricing strategy of their new home phase releases.

    Santa Clarita open houses

    While you may be wanting to buy a home elsewhere in Southern California, that’s great. I have a real estate license and will travel for my housing clients.

    Of course, there are areas where I would not be of the best service to a home client. This is restricted to neighborhoods that I am unfamiliar with or which don’t have enough information that I can glean online from the Multiple Listing Service.

    However, those areas – depending on complexity, are rare for me. If you are out viewing open houses and do not have a Realtor. I’m Connor MacIvor and I’d be glad to be your professional real estate agent.

    When you go into open houses or search online for Santa Clarita open houses or those which are nearby to you, make sure you tell them that you are represented if you don’t want to tie up with the agent hosting the home open.

    This will do a great job at keeping the agent away and you will then be able to relax when viewing the home.

    If you are a home seller and are wondering if you should have your agent host open your home to the public, just remember that you need to establish who will be holding the open house and who will be responsible for any issues.

    I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I will be here for you when you are ready for assistance with open houses and finding open houses near you.

    For other related information make sure you do a google search for the number one Santa Clarita real estate blog. I am the top result as you will see in and I’m glad to be at your service.

    Number one is nice and I treat each and every one of my real estate clients as if they are number one also!

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