If you are ready for us to write an offer for you – read this

    Making an offer on real estateYou are ready to have us write an offer for you

    An “offer” on real estate is an attempt to purchase said real estate.

    Single Family Homes, Condos, Town-homes, etc.

    Only Executed Offers are Accepted

    Only Executed Offers, those which have been signed as accepted by the real estate seller and where we have received a copy, are the only offer which is considered “Accepted”.

    Until we have the offer back which has been signed “executed” by the home seller, the property isn’t yet yours.

    Trust me when I say we are on each and every offer we write, watching out for games being played and getting down to the bottom of anything relayed to us which delays the offering process on the Seller’s and Seller’s agent’s side.

    Names under which the home will be

    If you are buying a home using financing and you are the only one which will be on the loan then we need only your name.

    Typical name formats are those which are on your Driver’s License

    If there are other people who are going to be on the loan or want to be on title of the home, we will need their names too.

    1 – Action Item Names –  Text – Email, thereby Sending me your name(s) how you want them to appear – First and Last Name – If you want your middle name or initial to be included, let me know.

    Show me the real estate moneyProof of Funds

    I need a bank statement, usually something that can be accessed if you do online banking, showing money in an account or within multiple accounts, belonging to you, where the amount makes up your down payment.

    If you are using a gift -I’ll need that statement – you should have had a similar discussion with your real estate lender about how to make your “gift” qualify and legal.

    The statements can be those pertaining to exchanges, hedge funds, deferred compensation accounts, and other accounts which can be made liquid and contain money which can be used for a downpayment on real estate.

    2 – Action Item – Proof of Funds  Send me statements showing the amount you are going to offer in way of down payment. I need these documents in PDF format, or you can take a photo with your mobile device and text them to me, I will take care of the rest.

    Deposit check for real estateDeposit Check

    The deposit for real estate, is your money. It can be applied to the down payment or closing costs within the transaction. However, if you choose and have money allocated to come from elsewhere to cover the downpayment and closing costs, then your deposit will be returned to you.

    Deposits used to be 3% of the offering price. Today they are much less, 5-10k will do in most scenarios.

    3 – Action Item – Deposit Send me the copy of a check, made payable to “ESCROW”, in the amount we discussed, typically $5,000.00. Sign the check and send me a PDF copy or photograph. I’ll black out the account number and convert it to a PDF if you didn’t. After I let you know I have it – destroy it.

    This check will not be deposited or used. It’s a showing only. If you were to have your offer accepted, you will be required to take another check, cashier’s check, or wire funds to the specific escrow company handling the seller’s sale.

    Loan approval letter for real estatePre Approval Letter

    This will accompany the offer to the seller’s hired gun. Their agent. I like my approval letters, from my client’s real estate lenders, to be for the amount we are offering and no more.

    My philosophy is there is no need for the seller to know that my buyer is capable of offering more than we did.

    4 – Action Item – Pre Approval Letter Send me your pre approval letter in the amount of our offering. Call your lender, who should be available at times besides business hours, text them or email them – let them know we are writing an offer for you and that you need a pre approval letter for a specific amount ASAP. Email me the PDF.

    Love Letters in real estateLove Letters

    Love Letter – Don’t over do it – Read the article at the link below. The last thing we want to do is have the seller question their listing price because how you gushed over their home 🙂

    If you feel motivated, you may have us include a Love Letter addressed to the real estate sellers, or at least by their address. Read more on how to construct a love letter.

    “To the Owners of the home at 12345 Anywhere Street,”

    5 – Action Item 5 – Love Letter – Send me The Love Letter with Photo.

    real estate stops for no oneTime is of the Essence

    The hard cold truth about real estate, when viewed as pure business, is the fact real estate waits for no one.

    While you are getting everything together, you could be beat out by an offer which was complete being submitted before yours.

    As stated at the beginning of this Offer Page:

    Only Executed Offers, those which have been signed as accepted by the real estate seller and where we have received a copy, are the only offer which is considered “Accepted”. 

    In some cases the home sellers wait a while before accepting an offer, in some cases they don’t and accept the first offer in.

    Sometimes home sellers are on trips, unreachable by their agent. They could be sick and unavailable to review offers. They may have heard rumor other offers are coming, thereby not returning their agent’s calls to review your offer. Sometimes games are played to delay the process so other offers can be entertained.

    After you view the home and want to move forward, I’ll do my due diligence to check the listing price versus true fair market value.

    It’s up to you to get me the action items as soon as you can so I can get the offer written, packaged, sent to you for explanation – approval – and signatures, then get the offer submitted to the seller’s real estate agent without further delay.

    Of course – there are many reasons an offer is not accepted by the home seller. Two of the top are you are offering less money than other offers received and another offer has better/stronger financing.

    Less Money – Some will issue a “highest and best” counter offer

    Better Financing – You maybe using FHA at 3.5%, or VA with 0% down. Maybe you are conventional less than 20% down or 20% down. Sometimes people put more down providing for a “stronger” offer in the seller’s eyes.

    It’s not always the case More Money is accepted – it could be that the offering terms are stronger too. Such as would be the case if the home buyer shrunk time frames for inspection, final loan approval or escrow time frames.

    The God factor in real estateThe GOD Factor

    If the home you want to buy is meant to be, you will get it. If it’s not in your future, there will be no action you can take to get it. – That’s the God Factor as pertaining to real estate. This “I’m powerless” type of admission will help you cope with any and all real estate frustration and or stress.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I want you to know I’m really seriously committed to each of my real estate clients. They become family and I will protect them to the ends of the Earth. Be safe – let me know what you thought about this explanative blog article on SCVnest.

    Send our ScheduleaSeminar.com calendar to anyone you know who is considering real estate in anyway. I will take great care of them!

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