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    Latest new home builder Numbers for Santa Clarita Valley – Proposed developments!

    New Home and New Home Builder representativesNew Santa Clarita and Southern California homes and Homebuilder communities.

    We have posted up all of the New Home Centers where we give New Home Buyers our New Home Buyer Benefit. To utilize our NHBB – you need to contact me before you give up who you are at any new home center or new housing community. This includes exchanging of your email, cell phone, address or name with any new home builder community.

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    Every new home center should have this posted!

    You will see all of the areas within Southern California on this map that has new home builder communities. We are California Licensed Realtors, have a license will travel to represent you at any of the new home builder communities on the map above.

    All you have to do is make sure you don’t visit the new home center without us being by your side.

    • Do not sign anything without first calling me directly on my cellular phone. 661-400-1720
    • Do Not give up your name, without first calling me.
    • Even if they ask you to give up your name to have you placed on an interest list to be advised of new releases – that will cancel our ability to represent you with the process of buying a new home in Southern California.
    • Of course – these new home buyer rules also includes the new condos and new townhomes.

    New homes in the Santa Clarita Valley are all seen on our interactive New Santa Clarita Home map.

    Within our new construction and new home builder search interface – take note that you are searching on a secure encrypted website.

    Here are the items which our new home search engine for all of Southern California will reveal to you:

    • The number of New Homes which are currently available
    • The name of the New Home community
    • The name of the new home builder
    • Prices of the new homes
    • Square footage of the new homes – range presented
    • Numbers of Bedrooms – Bathrooms
    • About the new homes
    • Photos of the new homes
    • Features of the new homes
    • Directions to the new homes

    You can also share each link to the new homes on our interactive new home search map at the bottom on the right side.

    What to watch out for when buying new homes

    When we represent our clients with New Santa Clarita Valley or New homes anywhere, I want to ensure our clients get full disclosure.

    I ask a lot of questions in front of my clients to the new home builder’s representative. This is because I want my clients to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    There is a lot to consider when buying a new Santa Clarita home.

    What kinds of discounts are available from the home builder? What is the process to make an offer for less than the asking price with a New home builder?

    Are there mello roos or other special taxes of expenses that my new home buyers will be responsible for?

    These will include the special assessments – I want to know how much they are if they will ever run out and if they can be increased?

    Concerning the special assessment/mello roos – I want to know if they can be paid off early if a homeowner desires? What do the special assessments / mello roos pay for? Then I want the client to understand if the mello roos allow for an elementary school, let’s say and the home buyers have no intention of having kids, they still have to pay the mello roos like everyone else.

    Then it comes down to the additional expenses. Such as a Home Owners Association monthly or quarterly fee. How much is the HOA, what do they cover – like trash or insurance? Can those costs be increases and how much and how often?

    People that buy new homes and who are using me typically ask if any of these fees can be written off as part of their taxes? These are great questions and always are best to ask that service professional who knows about taxes and is familiar with the current tax code.

    I will tell you that the Mortgage Interested deduction is something that people love if they qualify per the parameters of the tax code.

    When buying real estate, every home buyer should ask their tax preparer about the Mortgage interest tax deduction and see how that will benefit you buying real estate when it comes to your taxes.

    Other new home concerns buyers need to ponder

    Within the new home communities in Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere, new homes are built in phases. It depends on the number of new homes that will be built and how large the area to be built on is to determine the numbers of phases there will be.

    For example, if a new home builder is building 100 homes in the Santa Clarita Valley within a geographically concise area (one location), they may break up the phases into lots of 10. Then have a total of 10 phases upon build out. Build out includes the active phases being built. The Model Homes are sold as part of that last phase or just after in a special promotional sale that new home builders love to have.

    As you can imagine, depending on the new home builders real estate market research, most subsequent phases get more expensive than the one sold prior. Depending on the real estate market, some new home builders have weekly pricing updates or bi-monthly, or monthly. It totally depends on the dynamic nature of the current real estate market.

    I have seen new home builders increase, like clockwork, the new home pricing sheets every Friday by $10,000.00 per home being sold and within a particular presently selling phase. By a new home, builder increasing the prices of the homes within a phase, and not wanting to do it at the next phase release, indicates a strong seller’s market with a high new home buyer drive.

    I have also seen their new home and new housing prices are stagnant. Where the new pricing strategy was released bi-monthly with no change to the current standing inventory or new phase releases. This would indicate a shift starting from a home seller’s market to a home buyer’s market. Before the home prices are discounted and reduced, the new home builder will start with adding extra incentives for the home buyers wanting to buy new homes.

    When I’m representing my new home buyers, I’m not scared of the new home representative. Even if I have had dealings with them in the past, I need to get the very best deal with my new home buyers. I will find out from them what the builders have done with past buyers that aren’t afraid of asking. Asking for discounts, to have the new home builder pay their closing costs. To have the new home builder include some upgrades where they normally would not. To pay some of the HOA payments for the new home buyer, etc..

    It’s important to ask, for if you do not ask, you will not receive. My new home buyers are surprised how often these requests are answered in the affirmative.

    Future questions which are owner related

    If you can take a moment, as I do with my clients, ask them where they are currently related to building out (finishing all the homes). I point out the map to my clients then I ask them to consider the area. Consider the streets that give access to the community. Ask them to consider the traffic changing when there are 300 additional cars in the neighborhood which the new home builder has completed.

    Look to the shopping centers where you may frequent, how are they now, how will they be with 1000 more people shopping at them? Looking at the area itself, where are the other new home builders building? Will they have an impact on your new home purchase in the future?

    What schools will the kids be going to? How are they rated? Even if you don’t have kids, this is important for future resale.

    Are there homes that are built near high-frequency power lines, how will that affect a future sale? What about the mello roos tax, if present, consider how that may affect future housing prices, impacting your future sale?

    Something else that you may want to consider will be excessive fire danger? Is your new home in a location that borders thick brush and land that has not been cleared in many years? That could impact your ability to get insurance on the property. That could also cause issues with future resale. If that land catches fire, there may be issues all around. It’s best to know up front, not having asked the question.

    When I go to the new home builder’s representative, aka their real estate agent, most know what they are about to be grilled about. I don’t want any new home buyer not having asked the right question that was forgotten or not asked due to inexperience.

    Lenders and Lending for New Homes

    Some of the new home builders offer special incentives to have a new home buyer use their own Lender to obtain the loan. The incentives typically come in the paying of the home buyer’s closings costs.

    While that may seem like a great deal, most new home builders have specific escrow companies, specific title companies and specific lenders that give the new home builders package deals. They are volume dependent and the discounts are heavy so the new home builder does not pay as much as a regular resale homeowner would.

    Therefore, when they say if you use our lender, we will pay your closing costs, this is not that big of a deal. Of course, this depends on the “deal” they are giving you at the time. If they are going to charge you more in interest rate than a lender would who is not paying your closing costs, it may not be worth it to go with the new home seller’s lender.

    In these cases, it pays to get a second opinion from another lender about what they are going to charge you to finance the new home purchase. Once you do, then look at the numbers and incentives that the new home builder’s lender is giving you and compare them both.

    I do this for my new home clients and we have a specific conversation concerning this. There are good deals and deals to walk away from when it comes to buying a new home.

    Blank considerations with new home purchases

    One more thing that I want to speak about here. Don’t get too enthralled by how the model homes are outfitted. They are going to be dialed up to the 9’s. This is because they are hoping to tempt you when you go to the new home builder center where you are going to pick out your options.

    All new home buyers have a date to go to the new home selection location. This is because, while you may not want any more upgrades that are already included, you have to pick out your colors.

    While there, you will see everything that you can upgrade in the home. Some of these items are exceptionally expensive. So much so, it’d be cheaper to have it changed out later. However, there are inconveniences that you will have to experience when having people doing construction in your home after move in.

    There are other reasons why a person may want to agree to select new home options. They say, depending on financial approval, you can finance them into your loan. When looking at putting the same on a Credit Card at a later date at 21.99% interest, versus having them placed onto your mortgage at 4.75% interest – It seems like a no-brainer.

    Just do yourself and your pocketbook a favor, don’t get carried away. I tell my clients that I would only “upgrade” items that would very difficult to do in the future. Here are some examples:

    • Hidden wiring within the walls, from a Wall, mounted TV to the lower outlet.
    • Arched interior doors
    • Larger kitchen island
    • Flooring – check the builder cost versus future installation
    • Ceiling fan wiring
    • Additional outlets
    • Additional lighting
    • Downstairs bedroom and full bath options (great for resale, if possible)
    • California Room’s – enclosed backyard areas like patios
    • Specific patterns of granite (if granite is included – some granite upgrades will be available)

    These are items that provide for better future value and resale amounts.

    When wanting to buy a new home, most people have their own “whys”. Maybe you have had it with resale homes. Maybe the idea of having a warranty on the home, all internal and external components for a while makes you happy. It could be the thought of starting new with others that are in the same boat within the neighborhood suits you.

    With all of these reasons to buy new homes, it will pay off to have a top negotiator on your corner to deal with the new home representative. Remember, as I have stated, the new home builders will compensate me to be on your side throughout the entire transaction. This starts with the very first viewing when I interrogate the new home builder’s representative in front of you.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I want to be your New Home real estate agent. Please let me know when you are ready and I’ll take great care of you 100%. Please share this article with those whom you know could use it and I’ll be here when you are ready to move forward with the viewing of New Santa Clarita Homes and new homes elsewhere in Southern California.

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