Monitor the Real estate you own if anywhere in Southern California

    One of the things that we demand is efficiency.  Any system that our Paris911 Team at REMAX, is going to implement must be Monitor the real estate you ownaccurate. It must glean only the factual and relevant information and the source must be the best (original).

    This home, real estate, condo – town-home, monitoring system does just that.  It is property specific.  So if you own a home in Valencia CA and want to keep tabs on it as far as how it’s doing with regard to present value, you can.  You will also see other homes in your neighborhood, on the same street in most cases, that have been listed for sale but do not have for sale signs. (btw – Valencia was only an example – this monitoring system works in all of Southern California)

    You will also be able to see if your neighbor was telling you the truth as it relates to what they sold their home for.

    Enjoy this MLS – multiple listing service and Board of Realtor’s based system.  We are REMAX of Valencia CA’s Paris911 Team and are glad to be of service.  Thanks!!!

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