This is the system that I put in place several years ago with a search engine that did not require registration. I spoke about it often. Today that system has proven to be owned by a real estate syndication company. Not – that was my website. The Search System that I paid for and employed on our site – this is where things went awry.

    I told myself that I would not ever violate my clients trust when it came to any facet of real estate. I would protect and serve my real estate clients no matter what.

    This includes when searching for real estate. To have found out that the system that I had been paying for was “silently” selling off the personal information to those willing to pay for it, was “criminal”, to say in the least.

    I have fired that company and now have our SCVnest site enabled with SSL encryption. Protecting our clients from all intrusion.

    Enjoy the search system. Although registration is required, I guarantee that any of your personal and private information will only be seen by me.

    I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX and I’m here to serve you in all ways regarding real estate.

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