Los Angeles police department and officer real estate services

    We have been protecting and serving the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department since 1998 with regard to their real estate needs.

    Buyers agents for LAPD officers. Representing the home sellers who work for the Los Angeles Police Department.

    We also have a kindness toward the new LAPD officer’s – the recruits and help them with their rental needs when they are relocating to Southern California.

    That is where I was back in 1990. I met a classmate with an extra room at his apartment on Vassar Ave. in Glendale that I was able to move into from where I was renting a room in El Monte. Glendale, about a block from Los Angeles, was much closer. That was Northeast Division no. 11, where I wheeled to after I made probation at North Hollywood Division, good ole number 15.

    I started the police academy back on October 9, 1990. I was a relocatee from New Mexico. I know what it is to have to find a rental property or room for rent. I was 21 years old and fresh off of the boat.

    By 1996 I was already married with my first son. That was the year that Paris and I bought our first home in the Santa Clarita Valley. We were renting a home in Burbank at the time at 926 W. Palm, from a man named Jack Schaeffer – he’s dead now, but was a nice man.

    The car wash that was close by was my eldest’s place to be. He loved watching the machines work, go figure. I suppose to a small kid those massive spinning machines give some excitement.

    We had a crazy person next door and one up the street that T’d into 926 W. Palm. The one on the street to the front of our home was a definite 5150. Burbank PD had been to his home a lot for him threatening to kill his mother. He always wore welders gloves and walked to the 7/11 at 4 pm every single day. He’d come back about 15 minutes later holding a Super big gulp with both hands and he walked to his home. “David, I’m sorry we never really connected :)”

    The drive to Santa Clarita Valley seemed so far from Los Angeles. Heck, we were lived in Burbank where we were about a 15-minute motorcycle drive from 9th and Figueroa. We didn’t even have to use the freeway, we were able to take Los Feliz and take that where we headed to the Pantry. If you have not been there, try and go. Interesting and the food isn’t bad either.

    I don’t have to tell you, maybe I do, but our first home buying experience was one that was the catalyst for us becoming Realtors. The agent screwed us and in true cop fashion I decided to beat him at his game, but do it honestly.

    That was 1998 and we have been going strong in Los Angeles Police Officer real estate representation ever since. We have encountered lenders that wanted to take us out of the real estate game because we were against their “expensive” lending policies. Just because they are cops, doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of them. I remember making that statement more than once with some self-professed LAPD real estate lenders and mortgage brokers. The same applied to the Credit Union, they are not the best to use in loans, so why would you go to them? If I weren’t the best in real estate, I would have the same advice for you.

    Yep, during our tenure in real estate, I have seen a lot of ugly coming from those who wanted us to refer them to our clients, where we refused because they were not good enough, were too expensive and also could not meet our client’s needs at the level that others could.

    We have lenders get upset today, other vendors, like home inspectors that are trying to break into the business, being the family of cops or who are cops. It’s against my code for me to start referring the new and others that are not able to give the best rates, with the best service and with the best products obtainable for my real estate clients who are Los Angeles Police Department, officers.

    This is our late Thin Blue Line ad publication for November 2018. It was our decision after over 14 years to pull out of the Blue Line. I remember not so long ago when we could not speak out minds because we were published in the blue line. There were some other, fellow advertisers, that did not like our brutal honesty about their loan products or real estate services. We said so in the ads and were chastised by the Los Angeles Police Union.

    I get it. I was a defense rep for a few years back in the 1990’s. I contemplated running for the League but decided I would have a HUGE conflict of interest if I was selling real estate and also a Union Representative. I declined the support and went to real estate full time in 2017.

    Ugly runs in all entities and service providers. Just be careful when choosing and get the best “ugly” you are able to find.

    BTW, mom said I had a face for radio 🙂 – there you go!

    This ad did tear me up. It seemed to be our last entry in our Starfleet Log. The final one. But then I thought for the cost of these ads, we could do something great with that money in the service of our LAPD officer. Give more during the special events, those at a divisional level. The Union gets plenty of money, I’m talking money for the rank and file where they will notice it.

    Stay tuned for those upcoming events. I’ll keep you posted on LAPD911.com – just register and you will be on the enlightened list.

    Cops have good credit – steady employment and don’t ask questions

    I remember back in the day when LAPRAAC hosted lending and officer real estate programs at the Police Academy. Maybe they were renting space for the events, but Paris was invited.

    I’ll never forget what a lender was telling her, not knowing she was married to a Motor Cop. “These cops, you can tell them anything and they will believe you and never question. They are easy sales…” Of course, if you know Paris, you know the next thing she said, in defense of all cops, the rest of the seminar was very uncomfortable between Paris and the Lender who invited her.

    BTW, the lender is dead, and if memory serves was the accepted lending resource by the LAPPL. If memory serves.

    I cannot tell you how many times I was screwed while buying a car. They saw I was a cop and that I did not ask very many questions. When we have anyone that wants to buy or sell real estate. I always inform them as if they are the smartest person in the room. I never assume and explain everything to prove that I’m not hiding anything. I give them questions to ask that they wouldn’t have known otherwise. I want everything to be known so they are able to make their best decisions. I was a copper once, and I know how many people tried to have their hands in my pockets. I vowed to never let that happen to anyone on my watch.

    I guess that is why it’s so hard for us to refer lenders to our clients. I have one that has taken years for me to trust. But that’s it. I have several calls a day and a lot of Linked In inquiries by lenders, but I am confident that the lender I refer to is the best in the business. I always get feedback from my LAPD real estate clients. If I hear any negative, I am quick to move along to someone else. My clients always come first, LAPD or otherwise.

    We built our systems to be SSL in nature. Secured for search. This ensures that any information passed along from you to me and visa versa is not able to be scalped or stolen and passed along in any way. If you look at the top of SCVnest.com you will see the lock in place that indicates a secure home search system.

    While I was a motor cop, after that and after I resigned from full-time LAPD service, I became a full line reserve for another 5 years. You’d be surprised how many people I worked with and who retire do this. At least I was. That earned me my CCW and an honorary retirement. That means no money, but I have the CCW. I get to qualify once a year. If you have not done that or are not retired yet, that is an adventure I assure you. The main staple of conversation is, “Hey did you know “so and so”, he died…” enjoy it and let me know if you have the same happen to you. It’s fun, seeing those with whom I had served. They all ask, how’s real estate, how are you doing, did you make the right decision not staying another 14 years until you could collect a retirement? I’m still not able to collect here at 49 years old. I signed up for Tier 5 and would have a few more years to go. I’m happy and Blessed to be the Chosen Real Estate agent for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol. Talk about honoring.

    Continuing on my real estate venture, we still host our real estate crash course aka real estate briefing in our real estate offices in the Santa Clarita Valley. We still show properties in the south bay communities and in areas out east. I still manage to drive where our clients need us to be their representatives and ensure that I remain knowledgeable in all areas of real estate including in all areas in Southern California so I can serve to the best of my ability.

    Watch out for scammers in real estate!

    Real Estate for LAPD officers is handled the same, but for those who have never donned the badge in a full-time capacity, they’d never know what Cops need, as is what everyone else needs that is buying or selling real estate. That is service and protection. To give the clients the best information possible on which to base their real estate decisions on. To convey the data so the most accurate real estate decisions can be based on. To inform the clients about the other parts of the real estate processes in order to hire smart and to get the best deals on those charges, this is paramount.

    Cops should be treated like everyone else. Everyone else should be treated like cops. Whether buying or selling a home, both need to be treated with honesty, integrity, and code. Never allowing any commission to get in the way of doing the most professional job a person can muster.

    What we have done with the development of our LAPD founded real estate business is we have kept our clients informed with a radio show that is hosted every Monday of each week. I record this show no matter where I am and talk about the latest in real estate numbers, stats, and the other changes and upcoming market updates that will impact home buying and ownership. Maybe there is a change where agents cannot represent both sides of a single transaction, as they can now. This is referred to as dual agency and it’s outlawed in some countries and many other states. In California, it’s legal, for now. But if that changed, it would impact how real estate is conducted. I would update our Housing Radio show with that information.

    In closing, I remember an agent by the last name of Atkins speaking with me asking how is it we can work with cops and LEO’s primarily. This was very close to our humble beginnings and SCVnest / Paris911 was unknown at that time. We have since expanded and I would venture to say that a majority of our clients are not LEO’s, just due to the sheer numbers of civilian folks that don’t work as police officers.

    However, the answer to his question for me was simple. I explained that I “get them”. At that time I was one, a full-time motor cop for the LAPD. I understand what they do on a daily basis. I understand how they think and what they want to know when it comes to dealing with anything in the real estate business.

    I know they want anyone they are hiring to represent them to the fullest extent of their capacity. They also want honesty. They want the agent to be so transparent there is no close second. They want their agent to say uncle is something is awry within the real estate transaction. They want to be put on notice if someone else in the real estate transaction is messing up or messing around. They want their agent’s “Code” to be this way even if it means sacrificing the real estate transaction and not getting paid.

    I always explain to my clients. Law Enforcement or not, as long as I have them, I’m golden and will be able to earn a living. Once I forget that and start focusing on the money to be made, I will lose everything, including my real estate business.

    Never, says me and since 1998, I have always held my clients very close to me, protecting and serving all of their real estate needs. Pick up the phone when you are ready. Reach out to me directly no matter where you live or where you are deciding to relocate to or from. I have an awesome network of active real estate agents who view Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Veterans in the same high regard when it comes to servicing their real estate needs.

    I’m Connor with HONOR and I’m proud to be at your service to protect and serve your real estate needs.

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