Looking to rent or lease real estate as a tenant?

    I can help you with information that will do a good job at keeping you safe.

    First things first, there are a lot of players in the rental and lease game, I am not one. I don’t do any rental property management or tenant representation.

    My business is representing only buyers and sellers from Condos, townhomes, condos to up to 4 units within the residential real estate business.

    However, if you are a prospective or current Tenant or a property owner that wants to rent out their home, stay tuned, I said I can help and I will.

    The Santa Clarita property management business has a lot to be desired. Most of the local companies have either horrible reviews or are agents hoping to turn a landlord into a home for sale or a tenant into a home buyer.

    They approach their property management business from this vantage point and don’t focus on the clients, only their wallet.



    Now, it would be unfair for me to say all are this way. Some are great and those are to whom we refer business.

    Santa Clarita property owners wanting to rent

    For landlords and those who are considering leasing or renting out property they own, your step is easy, just inquire with me, Connor, and I’ll send you the information concerning the Number One referred leasing and property management company in the Santa Clarita that has the honor of us being their advocate.

    They will explain their fee’s, their methods and show you that they don’t do any real estate re-sale representation.

    That is the key, they do no buyer or seller representation. That is good for you because you know they are going to do their best to market and advertise your property without saying no one wants to rent it so you should have them sell it.

    They will also bring you, renters and tenants, this is instead of converting them to home buyers thereby removing them from the renter world.

    As stated, those whom we refer our rental and property management business are companies that don’t represent home sellers and home buyers.

    If you are a Santa Clarita property owner and who wants to have a rental or rentals managed, call me and I’ll give you my opinion of the BEST in the Santa Clarita property management business.

    Tenants and Renters

    If you have arrived at this page, you probably wish to rent a home, condo or a town-home in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    You have probably read the horrible reviews that some of the local property management companies have had written about them.

    *ATTN SELLERS AND BUYERS:  Maybe you have figured out that some of those companies have rentals that are not advertised online within the multiple listing service. The MLS – Multiple Listing Service is the place where thousands of real estate agents are searching for rentals and property for lease for their clients.

    These are the MLS based rental properties in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. If you want to search other cities, all you have to do is cancel the cities listed above and enter the city you desire.

    You can also search for homes and real estate that is for rent within some of the other online systems. Just be wary, once you give up who you are, you are going to have your personal and private information sold to a bunch of various places. Including mortgage brokers, grocery stores added to mailing lists and more.

    When you are ready, I’m happy to be of the best assistance I can be. Why? Because when you are ready to buy or sell real estate, I’d love to be there for you and yours.

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