Keeping safe during the holidays and beyond

    This is being written by a trained observer.take your time and do not rush

    I was LAPD for a long time and I bring that experience to this SCVnest blog post.

    Rule 1 – Take your time

    Don’t be in a rush to run out, to answer the door, to get into your car, to exit your car, to pick up the phone…. Don’t be in a rush.

    Rule 2 – You are a paid observer

    Start to notice the little things, what car is on your street which you have not seen before, who is sitting in their car, is there a moving truck down the street, who’s walking down your street, who’s selling candy bars to pay for their high school trip? You honing your observation skills could equate to money saved by being able to have a bad guy apprehended before you are their next victim.

    Rule 3 – Write it down or take a photo

    Photos are work about one thousand words. Writing things down like descriptions, clothing, license plates, makes of cars, noticing traffic collision damage, etc, is priceless.

    Rule 4 – Talk with your neighbors

    Especially in California, this may be hard. We rarely know who our neighbors are. I am saying get outside of your comfort zone and meet your neighbors. Memorize their names and become “friends”. They will in turn, take better mental notes about what’s happening at your home and this will pay off in big ways should something bad happen!

    Rule 5 – Know the Law Enforcement “officer” working your neighborhood

    There is typically a senior lead officer, a patrol person, someone who is regularly assigned to your specific neighborhood. Find out who that is and make them give you their contact information. All cops have email addresses. Some Police officer, Deputy Sheriff’s and Highway Patrol people have LEO(law enforcement officer) issued cellular phones. Save it and spread the word.

    Rule 6 – Let someone know where you are at all times!

    If you are at the mall, let someone know. If you are showing homes, because you are a realtor, make sure someone knows your itinerary. At least, you can check in on facebook. It will help when people know your location, just in case something happens.

    Rule 7 – Don’t believe the bad guy

    If you get taken, held at gunpoint, or kidnapped – make sure you don’t fall for the perp’s line. Don’t believe them. Consider everything to be your end and you won’t stand for it. Don’t back down and do not give in to demands.

    The last thing you should believe is if the perp tells you to put your gun down and everything will be all right – it won’t be and then they will kill you. (classic scenario in the movies – and totally wrong!!!)

    These seven rules will keep you safe, they will assist you through the holiday season and keep you safe during the upcoming year.

    Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be here for you during your real estate ventures…


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