How to buy a Valencia home

    This Valencia is in California

    First things first. Which Valencia? I am a Top Realtor in Valencia California. Valencia California is located within the Santa Clarita Valley and is within Los Angeles County.

    Before I get into how to buy a Valencia home, I want to ensure you are not looking to know how to buy a home in the following cities named Valencia.

    Valencia Spain, Valencia Utah, Valencia Pennsylvania, Valencia New Mexico, Valencia Kansas, Valencia Arizona, or the other 40+ placed in the world named Valencia.

    If you are not local to California, or if you are, you may have heard of Six Flags Magic Mountain. That is located in Valencia California. Driving time from Valencia California to Downtown Los Angeles, without traffic, is approximately 35 minutes.

    If you don’t live in a large metro area, 35 minutes may sound like an eternity to you. I’ll tell you on a California Standard, a 35-minute commute is a gift.

    Now, if you are looking at the information regarding the “right” Valencia and you want the one located within Southern California, in the City of Santa Clarita, you are in the right place.

    For those of you looking to buy a home in the other “Valencias”, you will also be able to learn a few things from this article about how to buy a home.

    Today, our focus will be on Valencia CA and the buying of a home therein.

    Buying a Valencia home – Research

    There is a certain standard when it comes to starting research for real estate. Most want to start by doing it themselves. This includes those who want to buy a home in Valencia. They want to start the online inquiry and will hopefully find good truthful articles such as this one.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of not very well-meaning people in the world that want to mislead and rip you off for their own financial gain. This does not sit well with me and I fight against it at all costs.

    It could be my LAPD background. That is one for sure way of being molded to only want to protect and serve the real estate needs of others.

    When you start your research, look for the local real estate websites that are owned and operated by the local real estate agents.

    Within those websites, you are going to look for an agent that says it like it is and is not sales(e). One that does not make you want to shower after reading what they are writing about themselves.

    Monitoring the local real estate market here in Valencia is only going to give you the best results depending on your source data.

    We always compile our latest real estate information concerning the City of Valencia-based on the Sold, active and under contract data from the multiple listings service.

    Here are some examples of the most recent sold real estate listings and those which are currently under contract which we research for our Valencia CA home buyers.

    This market data and information helps all Valencia CA home buyers make the best real estate decisions and I am glad to do the research and pass it along to my home buyers.

    Step 1 in Buying a Valencia CA home, is by doing good research on the local housing market. You will also want to see where you are most comfortable living, the types of residences available and where those items which you will need are in proximity to the different neighborhoods.

    Valencia CA homes – Law Enforcement Research

    Valencia CA is a very safe city. So are most of the other “Valencias”. However, you will still not want to miss this step when it comes to getting the best answers to the question of How to Buy a Valencia home.

    I was an LAPD cop for a long time. We direct all of our home buyers in Valencia and the other Santa Clarita Valley cities to always call the local law enforcement entity to find out what issues, if any, exist within a particular block or on a particular street.

    I explain to our clients to call the local sheriff’s station located in Santa Clarita. They are the law enforcement agency within the SCV cities and Valencia. The city of Santa Clarita contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to be the local law enforcers in Valencia. Call them, give them an area or an address of a home that is located within a neighborhood you like and find out who you would speak with regarding if there are any crime related issues that occur.

    Of course, domestic violence exists everywhere. You are going to have family issues and maybe some neighbor issues. But areas that have a high incidence of break-ins, burglaries and stealing from motor vehicles, registered sex offenders etc, those are areas which you may not want to be a part of.

    There are also some excellent apps that can be downloaded that show the crime statistics for areas, the calls for service and the reports that have been taken. You can view them by a map on these various apps. Just be weary in giving up any of your personal and private information, if required.

    Giving up who you are should always be reserved for a location online where you know who is going to be seeing it. If that site purports they are local, as SCVnest is and if the owner, like me, states unequovically they are not going to ever allow your personal and private information to escape their protective custody, you are good to go!

    Run the Megan’s Law Database. You will be best served with regard to checking the Megan’s Law Database to see if there are any registered sex offenders located in a particular Valencia neighborhood you like.

    Valencia Home Buyer – Door knocking

    Not wanting to put the cart before the horse, I want to touch on something that usually takes place after you have an accepted offer on a home you want to buy. In Valencia, the offering process is typically the same as you’d expect in other cities in Southern California.

    Once that offer gets accepted on the Valencia CA home you want to buy, you are now going to have to complete the Home Inspection, Pest/Termite inspection, and the appraisal. I say “you” will complete them, however – you will be present when they are being completed and you will be responsible for paying those service providers.

    Before you spend any money and have the inspections conducted – make sure you do some door knocking. You want to knock on your closest Valencia neighbor’s doors with all who are going to be living with you in tow.

    If you are buying a Valencia townhome, you want the units in the cluster, your nearby neighbors and especially those neighbors that share walls with you.

    If you are buying a Valencia Condo, you want to knock on the neighbors above, below and in the front back and to the sides. You want to also door knock on the neighbor’s units that may share common pathways from the parking lots, garages, stairwells, etc.

    Buying a Valencia CA home will require you to door knock those homes to the sides, the ones to the rear and those across the street or in front. You want to especially door knock the neighbors that share property lines with your home.

    Eventually, you will find the neighbor that I like to refer to as the “Chatty Cathy”. She will tell you everything that she knows and may even make some stuff up. I’m sure all of your Valencia Door investigative knockings will have you meeting very nice people. At least they will become nice when they find out you are not a real estate agent ­čÖé

    You want to know things like how long they have lived in the neighborhood and how they like it. Is there anything you need to know that may concern you. Was there anything they found out after they moved in that they’d wish they had known before they moved in.

    How to buy a Valencia Home – Financing

    A good next step is to find out how much of a Valencia CA home you want to buy. Of course, I have the champagne taste also, so to make sure I really can afford it, I would contact a local real estate lender.

    They will inform you, after pulling your credit, examining your credit scores, your debts, your income and other lending guidelines, how much you can borrow to buy a home.

    They will also do well at explaining to you what different types of lending and loan programs are in existence in the present time.

    There may be grant programs, discount programs, and other lending programs that will help you buy a home at a better rate, with less down, or without other fees/charges that may be typical in other real estate markets.

    Avoid one point of temptation. That would be to inquire online or call the toll free number you see advertised in late night TV. The why is simple. You don’t know where the personal and private information you are leaving will end up. It may be sold to people who are paying for it because the infomercial you watched or the internet search result is a lead generator model.

    There is big money in information. When someone is searching for homes and real estate and leaves their personal information on a real estates syndication website like Zillow, Trulia, and others, they have their personal and private information sold to many different entities. Real estate agents, lenders, chain stores, local grocery stores, data mining companies and others.

    Stay Local – is that resource.

    A good lender may give you some intel over the phone but will remind you that you that a “real pre-approval” involves running all of your personal information through a computer program and getting what is called an actual “automated approval”. It is only at this time when you can rest assured you are qualified for the home loan.

    Here is something else regarding how to buy a Valencia home and the financing. If you are approved for a loan of $800,000.00, you may not want to spend that amount on buying a Valencia home. You will want to speak with those who are with you about what you really need versus what you want.

    Being mortgage poor is no fun and a real drag. While a Valencia lender may tell you a certain amount, it may be uncomfortable for you. Use common sense and look at your personal situation.

    Valencia Loans – Financing continued

    Local lenders will serve you better because they have real offices you can go to if something goes wrong. If they overpromise and underdeliver, you are not having to call a toll free number that is based in Ohio.

    You have a real office where you can respond to and visit in person with the lender that you have been in communication with.

    My Valencia CA home buyers often ask if they should be meeting with the lender in person. I always think that is a great rule. Always meet with all service providers in person and do not only do it over the phone. You can tell a lot about a Valencia CA home service provider by speaking with them in person. So do it!

    BTW, we are Top Valencia CA home buyer’s agents. When you are ready I will always vet the lender you want to work with, the one that you brought to the table. If you are absent a lender, I will make the introductions to the best Valencia home lenders that exist. Only those I’d use to obtain a home loan. Furthermore, only those Valencia CA home mortgage professionals that have been used by my previous Valencia CA home buyers that have had GREATLY positive feedback from their performance.

    How to buy a Valencia Home – The home search

    Foreclosures, bank owned listings, real estate owned, REO, short sales, short pays, and other distressed property types are good “hook” words. When you are ready to do a real estate search seriously, I will introduce you to SCVnest. It’s the system I own and I can show you any and all distressed homes and real estate if they are available.

    All property types will be listed that are currently for sale in Valencia. You will also be able to view the new construction and new builders housing within the Valencia CA city.

    If you venture out to view homes in person or during open houses, don’t sign anything when viewing. If you are viewing the New Valencia homes, don’t leave any personal information with the new home agent. Always make sure that you have me show the new homes and walk the new home models with you. If you do it without me and leave your name, even innocently, with the new home builders agent, you will not be able to have me run interference for you when buying a New Valencia Home.

    My Valencia CA home buyer representation does not cost you anything. I’m free for you. I get compensated by the home seller. On all listings, no matter who the listing brokerage is, they pay us to represent the home buyer that we are representing.

    When you are searching on any real estate website other than SCVnest, throw caution to the wind. Always ensure that you are seeing the real listings and also look to the site and see who the owner is and that will reveal to you many different things.

    We are Local. I’m Connor T. MacIvor and this has been a glimpse of How to Buy a Valencia home.

    Be safe, search well and when you are ready, I’ll be here to be your Realtor with regard to any and all Valencia CA real estate.

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