How much should I offer of the home, town-home or condo I want to buy

    It will depend largely on how bad you want it.  However, you may be willing to “over pay” for a home, despite the best efforts of your real estate agent, to stop you.  Fortunately, the bank that is loaning you the money won’t allow it.  Since the fall of the Sub Prime Lender back in 2007, we have watched as list prices have been shredded by the Appraisers that are representing the banks.

    Don’t neglect your Trusted Real estate adviser.  Make sure you are using a Local Real estate agent.  Make sure you are not working with someone that will throw you under the bus at the first chance.  How you can prevent these issues from befalling you is by Interviewing a Local Real estate profession in their offices.  Here are a list of questions to ask when you are interviewing Realtors – This will keep you safe…


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