How am I able to stick with a work out program and quit saying I'll start tomorrow

    getting through the dipThis is not something I have conquered as of yet. One day, maybe that day was yesterday, I will have.

    I’m pretty good at losing weight. In fact, when it comes to weight, I’m even better at gaining it 🙂

    The work out thing.  I have not gone without for years, maybe months in some cases, mostly weeks.

    I don’t think I ever saw my dad work out. My mother did not either.  Not even a committed daily brisk walk.

    I started lifting when I was 14.  I had some great mentors, but was still unable to put down the food.

    I was able to go from 280 to 230, at 6’1″ to get into the LAPD academy and while I was on the job – I went ballooned to 330(non uniformed assignment) and reduced back to 270-280ish (motor cop).

    BTW, there is a lot of motivation generated when being in the public view on a black and white police motorcycle. I never wanted to be “giggled at”.  I never wanted anyone saying, “Boy, I sure do feel sad for that police motorcycle…”

    Also, there were a lot of extra calories burned chasing Deuces and Speeders.  Also, with all my stuff on, the vest, the motor boots, the two guns, sam browne, the vest plate, I was carrying an additional 55 pounds, that’d help anyone lose weight 🙂

    Now Real Estate Full Time, that did not help the issue.

    Desk bound, still working out from time to time, but not nearly as many calories burned as when I was a Speeder Chasing Motor Cop for the LAPD.

    Now – 318lbs – down from an all time high of 344.  I feel better. Don’t be too happy for me, I was at 299 recently, I then slipped, as I have so many times before.

    I said to myself, “I’ll start tomorrow”…

    I’m 44 now, Born in 1969, and I’m sore. Two days ago I started my Combat Conditioning regime as I did, back in the day, to rehab my L5S1 and left knee, results of police motorcycle crashes.

    Looking back, which I don’t do with my business, I regret not sticking with the Hindu Squats, Back Bridging, and Hindu Pushups, daily.

    I’m back and you will see my routine abbreviated at the bottom of each post on our Santa Clarita real estate daily articles.

    I have photos of me before and current.  I’d kick myself out of bed 🙂

    HS – Hindu Squats

    HP – Hindu Pushups

    BB – Back Bridge

    DB – Deep Breathing (hold-in and hold-out)

    Start Date, FYI, 01/30/2014 – Update 02/11/2014

    Figured out that the daily test is when it comes to doing one of these exercises “non stop”.

    Example, when I started 20 Hindu Squats were almost impossible to do without stopping. I inched up from there.

    This AM I did 75 hindu squats without stopping.  Nice rhythm, good breathing, out down and in up.

    Increased as far as Hindu Pushups, today marks being able to do 30.

    This last Sunday I did 300 hindu squats, it took some time, but I banged them out. I then took Monday off – and the Saturday before. I thought that would have created havoc, but it did not. Tuesday is today, I did my routine as normal and my legs feel like they are going to explode – great feeling!

    If you feel like throwing some positive thoughts my way, I’d appreciate it.

    My Diet you ask???  No to low carb.  It works for me, it has in the past. My problem is when I have a cheat day. That is when the machine flys off of the tracks.

    “I just have to remember that when I say I’ll start tomorrow, Tomorrow may never come…” -Connor MacIvor

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