Personal Protection and Home Safety


    Air Show Van Nuys – Not really giving the USAF fighter pilot a citation.

    I was LAPD a long time, enough to honorably retire 1990-2013. I taught several courses over the years from the Drug Recognition Expert course, Firearms, Tactics, Shotgun, .45 Transition, Glock, Radar, Laser, and the IDAP – Impaired Driver Apprehension Program.

    We represent Buyers and Sellers with all of their real estate needs in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the other Southern California Cities.

    This playlist that I will develop over time will tie in with our Housing Radio real estate broadcasts and will give people tips on how to keep safe when out and about, plus what to do to best prepare their dwellings to be more “criminal proof”.

    Of course, there is nothing that will keep anyone 100% safe, but I will give my guidance and the guidance I have learned from others throughout my 23 year LAPD stint about best practices and common sense items to implement into your personal lives.

    If you have any ideas as to what I should speak about on future shows email me (top of the page) and I’ll develop a show around that giving you credit for the suggestion.


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