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    We put together all of the Top Homes for Sale in Canyon Country California on this page.  You will see two resources – First a map only displaying all of the Top Real Estate listings for Canyon Country.  You will also see a list of those real estate listing’s by time on the market for sale in Canyon Country California.Paris911 REMax real estate search

    We pride ourselves and our REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate team to be on the cutting edge of real estate technology.  We also do our best to keep all of our systems cleaned and polished to those using them to search get the most accurate results.  It is always a problem when our clients are search off of the Paris911 dot com systems and run into listings that appear to be fully available, only to find out they have been sold in days, weeks or months past.

    Then comes the question of, “why would a real estate site have homes for sale the appear to be “active and for sale” but they have been sold in the past?”

    Those websites are built to obtain leads for real estate agents that pay the websites fees.  That is why they are in existence and that is why they are so well plugged with data by hundreds of “tech hands”.  Literally.  They hire hundreds of people and pay them well to constantly upload data and to write content.  Heck, that sound like a pretty profitable business. 🙂  That is why we tell everyone to keep to the local search engines.  They are going to be updated more often.  They are going to be more accurate in rendering.  They are also not going to place your personal information in jeopardy.

    Be Safe and let us know how and when we can help you when you are ready!

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