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    hiring a real estate agentWith all of the intel online – there are not many pages in a real estate agent’s website that are straightforward, such as this one.

    Hire Me – You can hire me to represent you with your purchase and or sale of real estate.

    As a real estate buyer, you don’t pay for my fee. I get compensated by the real estate seller, no matter who. At new homes – the builder compensates me to represent my real estate clients.

    With real estate resale – those sellers pay me to bring my qualified buyers to their home.

    In fact, in most cases, a real estate seller would rather have their real estate agent 100% on their own side and the buyer to have their own realtor. (kind of like a gladiator fight 🙂 )

    As a real estate seller, you do pay my fee. You also pay for the agent who will bring the buyer to the table. If I bring the buyer, I will get paid more. Maybe not a full double sided commission, but more than if I just represent you. (BTW, this is called Dual Agency – when the same agent represents the real estate buyer on the same real estate transaction and I’m not a fan – that scenario is hard to balance and can be a nightmare for the seller and buyer)

    I was a cop for a long time

    I don’t like the sales game. I don’t like to ‘tempt’ people into spending hundreds of thousand of dollars. I like the upfront and honest approach. I like to teach, educate and explain. I don’t want anyone taking my word for it – I want them to understand me and ask all the questions in the world.

    I want to communicate with my clients. I want to speak with them – not at them! I will be available for you via your preferred method of communication, even by mailing letters if that if what you want.

    I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to internet technology. I want my clients to have access to the actual multiple listings service (mls) databases without having to worry about being spammed and taken advantage of.

    In being a geek – I also want my prospective sellers to be able to gather intel on what their homes are worth without having to go to the unreliable real estate syndication website. Therefore, the data I pull is the actual listing data derived directly from the mls systems. The real estate syndication websites don’t have my level of access, they don’t have any access for that matter!

    I don’t beat around the bush

    My upfront approach helps me deal with the home buyers and sellers I represent. I tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat real estate happenings.

    So hence my real estate radio show where I speak about the issues that come up in a daily operation within our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia.

    To hire me – all you have to do is pick up the phone, text, email or mail me and we will schedule an appointment to meet. If we gel – then the rest will be happy buyer and happy seller history.  The tagline will be Real Estate Seller Loved their Realtor…” and or “Real Estate Buyer Loved their Realtor…”

    Talk soon!

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