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    Having the clearest and most concise search options for Valencia homes for sale with pools is important to our real estate clients.

    When wanting to sell or buy a Valencia pool home, there are many different decisions that are very different for these two types of the “real estate interested”.

    Valencia homes for sale with pools – Buyers

    As a real estate buyer, if you want to buy a Valencia home a pool, you will want to have the conversation with you and yours about whether or not it’s going to be a private pool or a community pool, or both.

    I’ll start with the both. Most HOA supplied, paid by you, neighborhood or housing tract pools are heated throughout the year. Most also have equipment that is maintained, and pool service experts that take care of the chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance of these pools.

    Some people want that type of pool in addition to a pool of their own. The reason is to heat a pool a few degrees in the winter can be expensive and take multiple days. Therefore, it can be “easier” and more cost effective to take a jaunt to the local HOA pool and go for a quick dip.

    Of course, defeating the purpose of having your very own private pool, but it is a reason that has been expressed by my Valencia home buyers that want a private pool with a community HOA pool.

    Regarding those Valencia buyers that want their own private pool, your inspection when in escrow on the home with a private pool is going to be critical.

    You will want to make sure you have the pool inspected by a professional. All of the equipment needs to be activated, if the seller verifies there are no issues with it, and ran for a time so the Valencia pool inspector can give you a good read on its functionality, exposure and performance. They will also be able to convey to you if any of the pool equipment will be needing replacement in the near future and if it has been maintained properly or neglected.

    Valencia pools are expensive to own and maintain

    Why is all this such a big deal? Because pool equipment is expensive. Pool maintenance is expensive. And owning a private pool is expensive.

    Most times home inspectors will tell you they can also conduct a pool equipment inspection, not want to be offensive, I don’t believe this to be true after all of the inspections I have accompanied my buyers on.

    Home inspectors are a great and very necessary resource for the home itself and to do their investigations regarding the internal systems, including HVAC, water, plumbing, fixtures, electrical panels, attics, roof’s, foundations, all things visible in a home they should test them, pull permits and check into warranty issues. But Pools – they are a truly different aminal.

    The pool filter needs to be checked for leaks and whether it has been maintained. The pool pump(s) are going to have to be inspected. The “remote” devices and safety for the electrical that services the pool equipment needs to be investigated. The pool heater, if so equipped, needs to be activated and observed for functionality and performance with regard to the pool/spa increasing in temperature.

    The spa, if equipped, needs to have the jets activated and temperature observed for performance. The pool lighting needs to be activated and also explored to ensure it’s up to code or if not what it will take to have it repaired.

    As you can see, electrical meeting a body of water can be deadly. Home inspectors will say they have you covered – I’d feel better-having someone that only takes care of pools to investigate something that can be thousands of dollars to repair and maintain.

    Other Valencia Pool Safety to consider

    Safety, in the sense I’m about to speak about, does not only apply to the pool electrical being in great shape and having the proper seals, grounds and GFI outlets.

    Safety has to do with the pool being protected against non-authorized access.

    Not by your “way too” friendly neighbors, but by children. Children have a way of finding bodies of water and having tragic consequences arise as a result.

    These could be your children or the children that used to frequent the pool before you bought the home. Sometimes kids think the home is still under the same ownership, make their way into the backyard, where they had carte blanche in the past to swim, only to discover the home is under new ownership.

    There are rules with regard to having a private pool and these are about access. How is the private pool accessed? Are there locked gates with latches? Are there door alarms that activate when someone leaves the home and enters the pool area? What about the exterior gates, do they have locks? How about an internal pool fence, is the pool so equipped and what type of lock is on that fabric/mesh gate frame?

    Doggy doors and pools are a bad combination. This is especially true if you have children that can fit through a doggy door. Make sure you acknowledge if the home with a pool has one and make sure it’s secured so kids cannot gain unwanted access to the swimming pool.

    Personal experiences to share

    Before I speak about the Valencia Sellers in relationship to us selling their Valencia CA pool home, I want to talk about issues that came about when we bought our most recent home in Valencia CA.

    The home inspector was great, and I broke my own rule about having a different pool inspector – one that only deals with the maintenance, service, and inspections of in-ground pools.

    Nothing that occurred later could I blame on the home inspector, for your information. BTW, I’m not trying to make myself feel better either 🙂

    Between the last time, we looked at the home and the time we moved in, the pool had become a bit “green”. That was algae that started to grow in the warm October weather.

    I called around and found a pool servicer that specialized in Valencia homes with pools. He did a fine job. His price was not the cheapest, but he did service my pool, the spa and made suggestions as to how I can improve the equipment from it’s dated age.

    We were out of town for a couple of weeks, we still work when out of town – FYI, and upon returning I was pretty upset when I saw that both the main pool and the splash pool were green with algae.

    The pool person had failed me and said he had serviced our pool, but he was going to be moving to another California City, therefore he would not be able to continue to provide me pool services.

    When I reviewed our video camera footage, I found that he had not been here. He did not come for 2 weeks and also lied about the extra charge to replace chemicals. He said he did this one of the occasions he said he was here where I have proof he wasn’t.

    If you don’t know the cost, to bring a swimming pool from algae ridden to clear is not cheap. Especially when it’s really green and when it’s hot outside.

    Then you have the damage done to the filter which was dirty, then you have the dirty water being pushed through it, damage can occur easily.

    A non-maintained pool is worse than a long termed parked car – both cause a bunch of damage by negligence and non-use.

    Then I looked on yelp and we hired another company. A local Santa Clarita – Valencia pool service. This fella was priceless. When interviewing he told me that our pool heater was shot, although it worked still. He stated it was past technology and It’s going to cost me a lot more to heat my pool than if I let him put in a new one. I declined and told him that I would be in touch.

    I did not like his vibe. A couple of days later I get a ping from one of my cameras where the pool equipment is and low and behold, he was there working on the pool filter.

    I called him, while watching him on the camera, and asked him what he was doing. He said that I said in the text that he was hired and he was starting the service.

    I send him a screenshot of the text message, that he was wrong, and asked him to leave most stringently.

    He complied, but without exposing his arrogance by asking for me to pay for this service call.

    Before I continue. Home Warranties that also include pool coverage are very important. When you are buying a Valencia Home with a Pool make sure your real estate agent asks for enough money from the seller that will also cover a Pool Policy. Most agents’ don’t’ think ahead. You can call any of the Home Warranty companies and ask. Most savvy real estate agents will have their own Home Warranty people and should be able to provide that for you. If they aren’t viewing you as just a number!”

    My Valencia home with a pool story continues. Of course, while the pool was getting greener, the pump went out. It did not turn on. I called the home warranty company, they said they would grant me some money to have it replaced, but to fix would only band-aid it. I thought that was fair, so I hired a pool servicing and repair company. The sales person came out, he was able to get me a rebate from So. Cal Edison for having a more efficient pump installed and was able to apply for the home warranty credit. My out of pocket was not that bad.

    He mentioned the heater being $4000.00 to replace, as an aside. I asked what type of heater he was offering and he gave me the name. I then did a quick Amazon Search – that pool heater was $1300.00.

    I was confused, so I called him and asked him to itemize the job of replacing my pool heater with a new one. I don’t understand the intricacies of pool heater replacement, for all I knew there could have been other items that would have been needed replacement, plus the labor. When I asked my simple questions in order to understand better, he quipped, “I don’t itemize anything for any once I’m doing work for!”

    He was upset, so I chose another pool person to do the job.

    Moises Galvez – he is our current Valencia CA pool person and he is remarkable. He shows up, works hard and takes great care of our Valencia swimming pool. If you need his services, let me know and I’ll make the introduction.

    Sellers with a Valencia CA Pool Home

    When we are working to sell a Seller’s home that has a Pool, I offer them to purchase a seller’s home warranty that covers, not only the pool but the other main systems of the home while it’s being sold.

    It seems to always be at times when people are selling and buying when things break. Seller’s home warranties are very inexpensive and work well. Ask your real estate professional about them. If you are working with us, you will know what they are about and how much they cost.

    Forethought – If you are a home seller, and if you are using me to sell your Valencia pool home, you will have been talked to and know how I want your pool servicer to prepare a document, introducing yourself and talking about the condition of the swimming pool.

    This can be given to the home buyer of your Valencia pool home, making them feel awesome about the pool’s condition. Of course, the current pool servicer also gets the opportunity to meet the home buyers and offer his services to them.

    This does not negate the buyer’s responsibility to have the pool inspection by a professional of their choosing. By all means, they should. This does, however, make all parties to the transaction a bit more at ease with something with so many moving parts.

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I want to be your Valencia Pool Home Realtor. Of course, I want to also be your Realtor if you are buying or selling real estate without pools being involved.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this complete posting about the Valencia Homes with Pools. I’ll be here when you are ready. Be Awesome!